Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Duffluffagus #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Pez Outlaw Duffel Bag Sells For $881.00 In Charity Auction
Lacey Ash was the very generous winner.
I look forward to meeting you in person Lacey Ash
Jim Blaine said he was going to bring you by.
Lacy when you come by I'm going to give you one of the black cargo bags I used transporting Pez From Europe as a bonus.
Lacy Ash, please bring by whatever you would like signed, it would be my pleasure to sign whatever you like absolutely free. 

Thank You Jim Blaine.The rest of the Pez Outlaw Duffel and Cargo bags are now safely tucked away in rubber maid containers.

facebook Pez Outlaw aka Steve Glew 
These are the Duffel bags that Lacy Ash, Frank Mountford, Chris Wiley and Jim Blaine have.

OK, my tractor is still broke & I waited a month, an eternity to me.
If you would like to buy one of these Duffel Bags I used to bring Pez Dispensers in from Europe as Pez Outlaw.
The Price Is $215.00 signed and delivered to you.
Glass display case not included, though I will throw in one of the locks (whole locks as both cut locks are now gone) I used to use to secure the bags during shipping.
This offer is for 1 loose not framed open top duffel bag and 1 lock only.

I'm Budgeting $1,500.00 to repair my tractor drive shaft & loose front end plus misc.
I've been working without my tractor for over 2 weeks and I'm not getting any younger. 

Signed Pez Outlaw Open top Duffel Bag + Lock $215.00
Signed Pez Outlaw Side zip Duffel Bag                $165.00
Signed Pez Outlaw Cargo bag Black or Blue       $165.00

Spread the word, tell a friend, they will thank you later.

All would be signed Pez Outlaw & Steven J Glew near address written on outside of bag.
These bags were used to transport approx 800,000 pez into the USA by Pez Outlaw.
facebook Pez Outlaw aka Steve Glew 

Almost Forgot, I will send you via facebook messenger 2 pictures of me signing your Pez Outlaw Bag.

Pay $215.00 to below paypal link and message me your address.
Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

Brief background on these Duffel Bags used by Pez Outlaw to hand carry 6 to 800,000 Pez Dispensers into the USA from other countries. As Pez Outlaw I sold roughly 2 Million Pez Dispenser and earned 4.5 Million dollars in 11 years. These Duffel Bags played a very big role in transporting/smuggling all these pez.

These Duffel Bags were used as my primary means of transporting the Pez Dispensers I purchased in my over 100 trips abroad. Countries visited to buy Pez were Austria, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, and South Africa.

In each trip I transported on average 6 to 8,000 pez dispensers, coming to a total of 600,000 on the low side and 800,000 pez on the high side. All hand carried across international borders in these Duffel Bags.

Step one was to put every Pez Dispenser into a 3 by 6 inch clear or made in Hungary zip lock bag. As required by US Customs, every pez dispenser had to have country of origin, so if it had it on stem, clear bag, if not made in Hungary bag.

The next step was to double bag the Duffel bags one in side the other, then line with cardboard.
Step 3 was to dump 3 to 5 cases of pez in each Duffel Bag. Depending on the size of Duffel or Cargo bag, each bag contained on average 1,200 pez dispensers.

On each trip I brought back between 6 and 8 Duffel/Cargo Bags. This required 2 large freight carts at airport curb @ $50.00 per cart in porter tips. Extra luggage back then was $100 to $120 per bag. To transport the Swedish haul to the airport it took 2 Taxi Cabs plus my rental car to haul it all and that was not unusual. 

You want to know a sight that will really break your heart. Several times while waiting to get off a plane, I was able to watch my luggage being removed from the cargo hold. I sat looking out the window of the plane to see my duffel bags tossed from the hatch down onto the tarmac. At least an eight or ten foot drop. Now that will break your heart.

black bags, green bags, springs. In my early travels I used standard military type green duffel bags for transporting Pez dispensers. Not the little ones you see slung over one shoulder with ease. No, I used the ones that hunch you over and when full weigh about 100 pounds. You see the goal was 1200 pez dispensers per bag. A few years in I switched to a very large black canvas cargo type bag that zipped across the top for transporting Pez dispensers. I always lined the exterior with 1 layer of cardboard and individually zip lock bagged each pez dispenser. 

Over a 10 year period I spent well over 1/2 million Dollars cash on Pez dispensers in Hungary alone. At least $250,000.00 of that was in the form of bribes, or money skimmed off the top for services rendered. Everybody got a piece of the Pez Money.

Now For the Fun Stuff

In the beginning of my travels abroad I used to paddle-lock all of my Duffel/Cargo Bags closed.
The pictures below will give you an idea how that went over with US Customs Officials.


US Customs Officials cut all the locks off whenever my luggage was lost. Which happened a lot, though in my over 100 trips I never lost a bag forever. Though on one occasion I did lose my luggage for approximately 10 days. Usually I just unlocked the bags for customs inspection, but when my bags were flying solo the locks got cut. I found these 2 cut locks And this slip of paper in the bags when I got them out for re-storage.

You ever hear the stories about the Japanese soldiers on Islands 20 years after WW2 that didn't know the war was over? Well you'll never guess or maybe you will. After 2 decades I found these 2 sole survivor Pez Dispensers in my old Duffel/Cargo Bags when I got them out for re-storage.


On the Business channel today they were talking about the widespread corruption in Hungary.
I always thought of it as a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit. Why else do you think I spent over a decade traveling to n buying Pez There. I love Hungary.
Pez Outlaw always felt very much at home in Hungary.

Be Honest, You thought for sure that with this kind of a buildup I wouldn't be able to resist doing the obvious. Because let's be honest restraint is not my nature. I can't explain it, but for now I'm not gonna do it.

Well that's today, we'll talk again soon.

signing bag for Frank
signing bag for Chris. it was very hot n I was losing my mind.
signing a Pez Bank for a customer. Pez Outlaw Long may he live.

Recording the podcast at noon on 9-9-2018.
Hope it turns out OK.

Open Offer.
To anyone who has inventory of MISFITS or Bubble Boys etc.

I will sign 2 Misfits for every Misfit that you give me.
I will sign 1 Bubble Boy for every Bubble boy that you give me.
Note; I introduced & named Bubble boy, had I not you wouldn't know he existed for 20yrs.
I will sign 1 crystal or glow in the dark pez for each one you give me.
Note; I invented the Crystals and Gitd so they are my ideas to sign, I also came up with the name CRYSTALS that you now call them.
For the rest of the pez you might want signed that I sold as Pez Outlaw
$5.00 value, I sign one, you give me one.
$10.00 value or more I sign 2 and you give me one. 

You send me 30 Misfits, I will sign 200 of the MISFITS for you to sell and ship those 20 back to you on my dime.
This offer could cover any and all pez dispensers I sold as Pez Outlaw.

Almost Forgot, I will send you via facebook messenger 1 picture (for providence) of me signing each of your Pez Outlaw Pez dispensers.
If you send me a lot, could you send a PNY 4GB card 15/16 by 1 1/4 card to put on n send back to you with signed pez. 


After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.



Friday, September 14, 2018

Bubble Rock #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Ok sure you achieved every young boys dream, a story about you was in Playboy Magazine.
All of your Dreams though aren't possible.

Pez Outlaw on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

The Inquisition
I don't know what to think of a life borrowed.
You spoke to the wrong person & went in the wrong direction.

Barbarians at the Gate.
Ill served by Spoon fed wisdom.
Truth is not handed to you, it must be sought.

Speak with clarity as you walk to your execution.
Do so prematurely only hastens the inevitable.
We speak as Nostradamus taught us. 

Morning frustration turns to music for peace.
And people think I'm crazy because I prefer talking to animals.
Humans make a lot of noise, animals speak from there souls.

Yes I talk a lot also.
My intent though is to use stories to build Walls that protect me.

Horse Progress Report, Louise/Weezy/Wild Child is starting to make friendly gestures after a year of patience.

Some days you just move the ball forward an inch or two and accept that that is all you can do.

I tell myself every day.
There will always be limits on what is possible each day, but you still should do everything you can.
You will always wish that you could've done more but you did what you could.
Dreams can at times be painful, irregardless you must still do the work.
Never allow what seems unattainable to impede your efforts.

Over the last 40yrs I've sold a lot of different items, my favorite by far is/was these Alien/UFO umbrellas.
I must have had over 3,000 of these Alien Umbrellas to begin with and sold the last 2,000 of them to a mysterious individual a few months ago.
I will admit that my fondness for these Alien umbrellas caused me to hold back 30 of them for my own amusement.

I have my theory on my mystery man.

AlienCon 2018AlienCon 2018 - AlienCon 2018 : Pasadena & Baltimore
On that subject.
Recently on an episode of Ancient Aliens, the History channel Fridays.
The theory that Asteroids brought initial life to earth was posited.
Further it was suggested that this delivery system by asteroid of life to earth was intentional by life somewhere else in the Universe.

I mean, it's possible I guess.
I can only follow logic here.
Earth after the collision of rock in the Universe was a molten bubbling mass, so obviously all microbes etc were destroyed leaving just a big pure rock when it cooled. 
To me then, initial life in its most basic form did arrive on asteroids that came to earth after this purification process.

There you go the Bubbling Rock Theory.
Was this just an excuse to show a picture of my favorite Alien Umbrellas?
Also, Did you know that the TV show & movie Stargate follows quite close an awful lot of the Ancient Alien Theories.
Both are my favorite TV shows, they make you think.

Is there life besides us in the Universe.
Of course there is, it would be impossible for there not to be.
I've always thought it very egotistical of humans to think that we are the only life forms in the Universe.
The term "Get Over Yourselves" was possibly meant to cover that very question.

I don't know one way or the other about Climate Change, but I do know that that light up in the sky has an expiration date.
One truth comes from that fact, if we want humanity to continue, we gotta get off this rock before that happens. 

Did you ever play Hot Lava when you were a kid?
My personal favorite was to make a raft out of blankets in front of the TV n pretend I was stranded in the ocean.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Jail Cell to Vietnam #pezoutlaw #hollywood

If you were in the Military but after 9 months they decide that the Vietnam war would be better without your participation, Are You A Veteran?
I've wondered about this a lot lately.

How do I explain the price to a mind in desperation. 
What appears of unique value had a cost of decades.

The pain is well hidden but should be cherished.
Wisdom is gained through the survival of adversity.

Treat what you are labeled with by others as your tool box.
Your view of this world is unique, a perspective unattainable by others.

Cherish who you are, don't allow others to define you.

The story I'm about to tell had a very deep cost.
I slept with the light on for about a year following all this n it took about 20yrs to bounce back from the damage to me mentally.

So here is the hitch hiking story.
This all happened near the end of my time in the Marine Corp.  

In 1968 I decided one weekend to hitch hike my way home to see my girlfriend. A rather normal thing. Except on the way back to Quantico Virginia I was arrested for hitch hiking on the Ohio turnpike. I spent the next 30 days in county jail because I had also forgotten to get permission from the Marines. In short I did not have a pass. Being detached to the US ARMY at the time for schooling as a Cartographic draftsman. A map maker. It took the Marines a month to realize I was gone.

Fact is I could have cared less. Going through a crazy period, I had a great time. My status was AWOL, absent without leave. This gets you a private room, Maximum security in county lockup. So for the next few weeks I spent my time sleeping or messing with the guards. Here is an example of what I thought was fun at the time. The maximum security cell I was in had walls on 3 sides. The only side that had bars was the front. For me personally having your toilet in plain sight for all to see was less than modest. One morning I decided to do something about it. I used my Sunday newspaper to build a fourth wall, by weaving it through the bars. Ah privacy at last. Which I promptly took advantage of. Once I had relieved myself, the guards discovered my renovations. The guards were not pleased at all with my gesture of defiance. They promptly took it all down. Like I said crazy is easy.

Other than that I read books and slept. Until I was informed one day that a mass murderer of some kind had arrived. The State of Ohio needed my cell to house him. So off to general population I went. Not pleased at all with this turn of events.  I took the first opportunity to object, when meal time rolled around.  I took the tin tray of food being handed to me through the bars and tossed it on the closest guards.

Food fights on TV are a great source of humor. In county lockup not so much. I was placed in the hole. The hole in this jail was a 4 foot by 4 foot metal closet.  Inside The Hole was a small metal stool fixed to the floor in the middle of the room. The stool was meant to complicate an already small space. After a few hours the guard came by and said. We will let you out, if you promise to behave. I asked him. Can I go back to maximum security? He said nope, general population. I told him. I like the hole just fine. After all, it was a private room. For days they kept asking and I kept answering. No thank you, I liked it here in the hole. Finally after a few days the mass murderer was transferred out of county. So the hitch hiker was moved back to maximum security. Crazy is easy.

The rest of the Hitch Hiking story. Before I tell this part of the story I want to establish a few things. I love and respect the US Marine Corp. I also have the greatest admiration for the men and women who serve in it. The Marine Corp didn't fail me. I fail the United States Marines. I was only a Marine for nine months. That being said. The things I learned have been with me throughout my life. The Marines, Kathy and my mother each had a hand in establishing my moral compass. I haven't always measured up to it, but it is how I try to live.

I joined the Marines to escape my life of drug use and drinking since I was 15 years old. I came to the Marines already damaged goods. Also remember.  I was 17, then just turned 18 years old when this all happened. Please also remember that this was roughly 1969 during the Vietnam war. When I said warts and all I meant it. Even the parts I would rather forget. Problem is if I don't tell the whole story, you won't understand who I am. Why things that don't seem normal to you, seem very normal to me. We are all the sum and total of our life experiences.

Finally after about 30 days maximum security in the county jail of Ohio, I was escorted to my transportation back to the Marine Corp. You see my mother had been burning up the phone lines with the Marines to gain my release. When I arrived back at Quantico, I had to stand before my commanding officer. He told me my mother had assured him that I was a good boy. That he was going to handle everything administratively. Basically he was embarrassed. Nobody even knew I was gone. Having been detached to the army for training. Nobody had actually been keeping track of where I was. I had fallen through the cracks for over a month. Resulting in my 30 days of county lockup in Ohio.

Having missed my training as a map maker. 

I now had a "ONE WAY" ticket to Vietnam. 

I had one tiny problem with this. I knew if the Viet-cong didn't get me, someone from my own team might. I did not fit in anymore. My team player skills have always sucked. I'm not good with authority.  The indoctrination from boot camp, had worn off. I was again thinking independently and challenging everybody. In Vietnam this would have been a liability that would have gotten other people killed. Not being totally gone, even I knew what being fragged was. So when my commanding officer asked me if I had anything to say. Not wanting to die at 18 years old.  I indeed had a lot to say. After all why should now be different. I always had something to say or at least an opinion.

For the next 15 minutes, I had a lot to say. I told him that while on leave after boot camp I had taken LSD and shot Heroin. He asked if I had done LSD before joining the Marine Corp? I told him I had. Truth was, I had used LSD many, many times. There was one time period alone, when I had approximately 12 tabs of some blue concoction called purple haze or something. I remember vividly, it being rolled in paper like a pack of Necko's candy. Yes, I used most all of them. This was just one time period, not counting Mescaline/peyote. Sheets of paper with dozens of drops of LSD on it. Along with many other colors in tablet form. Yes sir, I had done a lot of LSD. Including freaking out twice, which back then was defined as a bad trip. Like I said I had also shot Heroin for the first time while on leave after boot camp.

All this rocked him back a bit. Thing is, I hadn't even gotten to the good part yet. Not wanting to leave my C.O. hanging I launched into the rest of the story. This part of the story is also true. What can I say. I had problems. I also was a major knuckle head.

I told my C.O. that I had been getting drunk and trying to cut my toes off. He asked me if I was telling the truth? Yes sir it is the truth. With what? A hatchet I bought at a hardware store. Where is this hatchet? In my locker. I was immediately placed under guard outside his office while two Marines went through my locker. After they found the hatchet, another guard was added to my detail which immediately escorted me to the base Psychiatrist.

The part I didn't tell him was, I had also tried on several occasions to get a friend to drive his car over my ankle. Honestly at a certain point there is such a thing as to much crazy. Rubber room or freedom. Skip the car part.

The shrink thought they had over reacted. After hearing my story he asked me. Do you still want to cut your toes off? I answered with a question. Do you think I will be discharged from the Marine Corp? His answer was very clear. Yes, you will definitely be discharged. Then no, my toes will survive. I was diagnosed Schizophrenic with masochistic tenancies. Today it would be called obsessive compulsive with a pinch of bipolar. Over the next month while I waited to go home my locker was inspected a couple more times. Not wanting to disappoint. I tried to make sure to have a hatchet in the locker for them to find. Which they would promptly take. Only to have it replaced with another. At this point, I was just screwing with them. Making them crazy was my new hobby.

Making them crazy was my new hobby. Isn't it funny how history repeats itself. Again now it's my job to make Pez Corporation nuts, by screwing with them as much as possible. Note, this is not a full time job, I only do what I can in my spare time, now that Pez Outlaw Diary is basically done.
After a while the Marine just let me leave. I hitch hiked home, while they handled my discharge. Believe it or not. Thanks to Jimmy Carter and the Red Cross. I now have a General discharge from the Marine Corps. That's like a "B" in school grades. Since all I ever got in school were "Cs". I guess it"s not so bad.

I left the Marines with a GED and an arm that aches, when the weather changes. You see, while being detached to the US Army I dislocated my elbow. This happened while I was doing the Armies obstacle course. My elbow was dislocated bad enough to require traction in the hospital for about a week. The Army enjoyed messing with the Marines detached to them for schooling. I always figured it was some kind of an inferiority complex.

Another quick story. Shortly after getting home I joined the Lansing chapter of the White Panthers or as I fondly remember them The Lansing Cocaine Club. Activities seemed to center around, staring out windows and mistaking Mailmen for FBI Agents. The result of Cocaine induced paranoia. Luckily I got bored and moved on after about a week.

This all must seem unbelievable, truth be told this isn't even everything.
There are still parts of this story that I've never shared.
Trigger words; Hot shower n Boots.
What can I say.  I led the charmed life of an imbecile.

Every day now it seems someone is being exposed n past behavior being revealed.
Precisely why I decided to tell you myself.
I will not live in fear of a past that made me who I am.

new profile pic captures my essence


Pez Outlaw Diary
for the rest of the story

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Pez Outlaw Podcast #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I talk a lot of poo about Pez Outlaw, but truth be told I hide inside of him.
Pez Outlaw shields me in a world that I find uncomfortable.
He can do the things that I can not.

my biggest problem whenever I put on his skin (pez outlaw) it truly feels like having a split personality. Pez Outlaw is like a squatter when I allow him in, I have to call the Sheriff to get him out again.

Andrea Smith-Gage, Justin Lazerwolfe Hansen spring Pez Outlaw for few hours to interview him.

Yesterday   9/10/18
Do you ever have days that just confuse the hell out of you?
I'll just lay it at Post-Podcast-Depression.
Or you know Him n Me Syndrome.

Here's how a crazy person views it.
You let your ID (pez outlaw) out.
Knowing full well that this step out of your comfort zone won't sprinkle pixie dust over your life.
Yet, still depressed when tomorrow comes n life remains the same.

Add to that, a Justin Bieber twitter page just followed me.

Zero hour is noon for the Pez Outlaw Podcast.
All I keep thinking is that I could still run away.

My anxiety level is very high.
I'm having to really n truly step out of my comfort zone to do this.
I decided to do this podcast because to be honest as a blogger I'm about a decade out of step.

11:21 I'm running about a half hour early, I want to do the podcast but I really wish it was over. 
I think I'm gonna tell Andrea that she should edit out a Pez Outlaw Knucklehead reel as an early teaser to the podcast.

If I can I will do updates during the recording of the podcast.
11:30 a half hour to go.
During the podcast recording I will leave this screen open and just refresh if I get the chance to add something.

I just hope that I can hold it together and not suck.
I really would like this to be a good Pez Outlaw Podcast.
Last time someone pointed a camera at me I froze.
You may not know but this type of thing was why at age 15 I started drinking then later doing drugs.
I panic in group settings and just want to run away, my years as Pez Outlaw were the anomaly.

11:50 just heard from justin and andrea looks like I'm not getting out of it.
1:57 we just finished, I think/hope it went well. 

I will update this post as I have links etc, it's gonna be a few weeks.
I think that there gonna do a blooper reel as a tease.
I want to thank Andrea and Justin, they were lovely to talk to.

Thank God Pez Outlaw showed up today and didn't leave me standing there like an idiot.
You do know that he does not always show up, he's very temperamental and undependable.
Yes in my opinion Pez Outlaw is a bit of a prima donna, but I never said that in fact "We never met and I don't know you". 

I will admit, that the 2hrs we (Justin & Andrea) shared doing the podcast wore me out physically and mentally. 
We all should blame him/pez outlaw, that guy wears everybody out.
Just ask Jeff Maysh.

I can't pay any attention to outside influences
Seeking approval is the first step to failure
Instinct must remain my compass
I do what I do, because I must
Choice has ceased to be an option

Recently various friends on facebook have mentioned how they are on twitter.
Heather Johnson, Andrea Smith-Gage, Justin Hansen etc, you all know who you are.
This morning I went out on twitter to find you all.
It was not easy at all, found Heather, did not find Andrea.
If you are on twitter, I would love to follow you.
My twitter address is

Pez Outlaw, sj glew


I follow back everyone on twitter that follows me.
I friend everyone who asks on facebook. 

Twitter tip.
Never follow twitter pages that show soccer images.
My experience is devout sports pages will follow you to get you to follow them, then real quick unfollow you. Just the way it seems to be.

I'm So Not A Sports Guy.
Until they make crazy an Olympic Sport, I'm Out.
The Ribbon thing doesn't count.

Don't feel bad if this stuff makes no sense to you.
Google has not added crazy in its translation app yet.
The only Rosetta Stone to crazy that exists to date is the life of Andy Warhol. 

I think that I will leave the story of how I introduced and named Bubble Boy to the podcast interview.
We can flesh it out more with the question and answer follow up podcast.
Didn't I mention that? Yes a follow up of taped questions for me to answer has been proposed.

The story of how I introduced & named Bubble boy is actually a kinda long story.

Scott McWhinnie never would have sold even 1 bubble boy if he hadn't hated me enough to do something he initially rejected.
Your welcome or I'm sorry.

Funny thing is Scott McWhinnie never gave a second thought to Johan Patek, David Welch or John Laspina.
Pez Outlaw though, the mere mention of my name sent him into a tantrum of seething rage and still to this day has the same effect.

They use to say about newspapers, never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.
Concerning Scott McWhinnie, never mistake an obsessive compulsive with tunnel vision for rest of the world that you bullied for 2 decades.

Yes I think of Scott McWhinnie as a bully.
Imagine the surprise on his face when I got back up off the ground after he demolished me, then slowly and methodically fought back for the next 20yrs.
That's the thing with Bullies, they get away with it so long that they think nobody will ever fight back.
Then they pull there crap on a crazy person.

Mind you I do not hate Scott McWhinnie, I have no emotion towards him one way or the other.
It's business not personal, right Scott, I'm sure those were your exact thoughts when you took me to the brink of bankruptcy, then used my ideas as if they were yours.
Misfits, Bubble Boy, Crystals and Glow in the dark pez all my ideas, used to profit for 2 decades now. 

20 years later and guess what Scott, this was just the warmup.

To those who might think I'm being a bit rough on poor ole Scott McWhinnie.
The rest of this story has still never been told.
Maybe one day it will be and possibly then you will understand.
I was never given the choice to just let it go and walk away.
I truly wish that I had had a choice.

Scott McWhinnie and Pez Outlaw remain adversaries, never enemies. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rocks Float #pezoutlaw #hollywood #WhyIJoinedTwitter

What an interesting n odd way to look at something.My guess is you clicked this post hunting for an enlightening metaphor. 
Of course there is one but not today, today it's about the other things that give me joy.

Yes rocks float, to clarify in dirt.
Have you ever noticed how rocks seem to work there way up to the surface.
There's a point to this. 

Over the last week I've been working on a kinda big project.
Moving a barn n creating a circle drive.
Barn was in a bog n smack in the middle of where I wanted to put the circle drive.

I'd put a large amount of rocks at the entrances to the barn.
Well if I'd left them there they'd have just work up n killed the mower.
So I dug them all out n used them as a base for the drive.

The project is going well, but it would go better if I had any money.
What I wouldn't give for 5 six inch 8ft fence posts, 6 of 12ft 4x4s n 6 sheets of 3/4 OSB.
Make do n increase the labor quotient.

Temp is about 80 now n the work has been brutal.
Chores, manure removal, getting hay, then the projects.
4 hrs to mow, then weed whacking, plus the gardens.

Yesterday was stump removal day, got 5 of them out, 3 to go.
Did I mention that I do this shit alone.
Well me the tractor n Billy Dog.

This morning I got up n to my surprise I felt pretty good.
Felt like crapp for about a week.
Just plain wore out.

When I was a child I played football in 9th n 10th grade.
Workouts began in August.
We're talking exercise till you puke workouts.

This spring has been that same kind of rough.
10 days ago I thought I was getting back in shape after winter.
Silly Rabbit.

The last week has been a whole new level of tired.
You push up to the line n hydrate.
Collapse n do it again the next day n the next day.

I know where the line is.
Muscles start cramping from fatigue.
You needed to stop half hr ago. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
I drink 48 oz of water in summer each day while I work.
I also drink 16 oz of Electric Lights liquid. 

Electric lights is intentional so no comments.
I'll live in my world, you live in yours.
My ways more fun.

Then you wake up one morning n you don't feel to bad.
Actually feel kinda good.
I like work, it keeps the mind busy.

Anyway, Rocks Float.

I just realized something.
I'm not invested in any particular post.
Me, just talking. 
I'm perfectly happy to let readers decide what they like.

here's what you think.

#WhyIJoinedTwitter To get Pez Outlaw Diary Published.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Big Fish Mystery #pezoutlaw #hollywood #WhyIJoinedTwitter

Most people in life are like a dog chasing the wrong car.
The Dogs and I just finished  barking at nothing in particular.
Tootsie said that it would be fun.

Be at peace with yourself.
Maintain a safe place in your mind as refuge.
Lift those around you when you can.

Keep dreaming, life without them is unthinkable.
Believe in yourself so others can.
Every day is a new chance to make your dreams reality.

Above all patience, it takes time.
Your contribution to tomorrows inevitability is what counts.
Eventually your efforts will be rewarded.

Overnight success require years of work.
Choose this path knowing the years ahead when only you believe your goal is possible.
I think that's the hardest part.

The years when you can see that nobody wants to hear it anymore.
This is the moment when your belief is truly tested.


Case File 19

15 years ago I was in Paris.
No idea what the future held.

Shadows fall.
How do I fit my dreams into this reality?

Don't tell people what you know is true.
Wear the face people expect to see. 

I keep going back to 51% Sane.
Are you ready for what's coming?

Bones in the crawl space? 
If not for crazy, reality would kill me. 

The shame of Time lost.
My Angel is gone.

Neglected past, unrecognized present.
Fantasy the last refuge.

The tears of a child for his future.
Is it yet to come?

I can't control how others see me.
Truth revealed itself.

Shame fell away.
Darkness claimed it's own.

Something interesting has been swirling around in my head the last few days.
Nothing is ever really new, history repeats over & over.

Back in the 1970s it was HBO that got all the movies etc and you could subscribe for say $30.
Then came Showtime, Starz, Epix etc and to see everything now cost over $100.
Next came NETFLIX, again you got everything for say $15.
Then came Hulu, Disney etc and guess what everything will now cost over $100.

Rinse and repeat.

You may know that I had some success and notoriety with Pez Dispensers 20yrs ago.
After my death as a Pez Dealer I moved on to cereal boxes.
Lately I've noticed the markers of this cycles start.
The movers & shakers are circling product hoping to grab up everything before the big day.
The difference is that I've seen this movie, I've waited 20yrs for cereals big day and I can wait another year or 2.

The "tell" is people that despise me are contacting me and buying product in quantity. Neither of us says anything, they just offer to buy and I sell without a word.

Cereal Box Price Guide by pez outlaw aka sj glew .


It's me, not you.
Those that can do.
Those that can't teach.
Those that have money do big things.
Those that don't write about big things.

Once thought to be the answer.
Now we should fear its presence.
The destroyer of Worlds.
I'm not allowed to talk about my dreams anymore.
It's complicated. 

Today's episode is brought to you by our sponsors @alpo
Did I say that right Johnny?

You know how if you look left while driving you start drifting left with the car. That very thing happened to me on the interweb. That's how I ended up on this page. HONEST!

Neal just mentioned how that guy keeps calling me Larry.
Teal'c told him that it's better than having to be called Murry.
Personally I prefer to be refereed to as Hey You or him.

22,000 followers on twitter.
Thank You all so very much.
The Goal is to raise Pez Outlaw visibility toward goals of the book and movie.

I'd like to share a thought.
Once you leave this Earth n a Thousand years go by.
Do you really think that belief you held to the point of Hatred matters as much as you thought once nobody even remembers you?

 twitter. Pez Outlaw, sj glew 

Champion, Rocks Float , 17,000 views.

Notes From The Asylum currently is at 625,000 views overall.
If you add in Pez Outlaw  Diary and Cereal Box Price Guide, it comes to 1,250,000. 
My twitter page has had approx 5million impressions.


"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas

Life is just the agreed upon version of crazy. 
My search is connect what we usually can't see.
Big Fish was a gift, that I'm very grateful for.

The title always comes first.
The words fall down underneath it.
The Universe in all its forms will speak to you if you are listening.

I have no use for the past n little for the present.
My interest is the moments in between.
Moments of clarity, a brief conversation with the unseen.

Reality is tedious, but moments of clarity are delicious.
I live each day in the hope of those brief moments.
I don't get them every day or even once a week, but often enough that I wait for each one.

That's why I'm so grateful for Big Fish.
The title is the key that unlocks the door.
Within is that which feeds my soul. 

Abstract thought is like dancing between raindrops n not getting wet.
The raindrops of the past, the present n the future.
What I want can only be found between the drops of rain.


I really like Big Fish Mystery.
In my attempts to create abstraction with words, to date it's my best.
I really hope that you agree. 

Big Fish is now at over 10,000 views n at the top of my A-List. 
When you love something it feels really good to see approval. 

? some perspective might shed light.
I have cut approx 300 of the 520 posts I've written.
It used to be I cut a post if it only achieved 250 views in say 4 months.
Now posts with 500+ views get cut, I only want the best on Notes From The Asylum.
Very soon that bar will be any post with less than 1,000 views will get cut from NFTA.
Number of views are like ratings here at the Asylum, just like TV low ratings get cut.

Notes From The Asylum is just under 2yrs old.
It used to take 6months to a year for a post to hit 1,000 views.
Only 2 other posts have had this type of success out of the 500 posts I've written n the 194 that have survived on NFTA.
That said though over a dozen posts are now at over 4,000 views ea.
1 post is at over 7,000 views, 2020 ☑️ PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT #pezoutlaw #holly...

Of all the things I've done in my life, I would find the most gratification in Notes From The Asylum being published. 
NFTA is creation n I love that most of all.

Within the next 2 months Notes From The Asylum will reach a very big milestone.
Unfortunately, to broadcast it might not be something I should share.


To my knowledge Congress nor the President are going to pass a law giving Pez Outlaw success.

So Forgive me, I just feel if my life is gonna change, I gotta do it.
Various administrations come n they go, my destiny is up to me.
So Holidays etc, I continue to work. 

Other peoples good fortune is there's not mine.
I choose not to live through there success or failure.
To do so would diffuse my efforts. 

Congratulations n good luck but honestly it will not change my life.
Only my efforts can be mine or change my life.
That said we continue, I have daily goals that must be met. 


Today my mood like my Boots has a lot of mud on it.
Have you ever noticed how your mood reflects the weather?

Yesterday one of the gals had a really good day with her horse.
She was walking around on cloud 9 n didn't want the day to end.

It's all perspective isn't it.
I've been slogging around in 4 inches of mud for 4 days now, so my perspective is different.

It's all where you stand.
Nice hard ground n enclosed arena or out in the pens like me n the horses.

Of all the posts I've written in Notes From The Asylum, Big Fish n Secrets are my favorites. 

Totally off subject.
Recently I was made aware of a Blue Dog needing a home.
I just couldn't, I need a Big Red Dog.
Like Maggie Thatcher said, I'm getting Wobbly.
Big Red Dogs (Bull Mastiff's) are my Spirit Guides. 
Yes, I believe in that stuff with all my heart.
It's been to long.

Just dawned on me, maybe that's her name.

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

2020 ☑️ PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT #pezoutlaw #hollywood #WhyIJoinedTwitter

█▀░█▀█░█░░█░░█▀█░█░█░█ █▀░█▄█░█▄░█▄░█▄█░█▄█▄█

  100%  PEZ OUTLAW 100% 

If you elect me President of the United States, 
Everybody Gets A Puppy.

Could you possibly do worse?

VOTE Pez Outlaw for President

It's for the children.

A Vote For Pez Outlaw for President is a Vote For Freedom.

Who Better To Fight For The Poor Than An Actual Poor Person. Pez Outlaw For President Because I Live Your Pain.

I'll be spending ZERO Money on my Presidential run, This is purely a write in campaign.

I know you think, This Guys Gotta Be Kidding.
I'm not, I really do want your write in Vote For President.
Pez Outlaw 2020.

You Might Be Asking, What Party Is Pez Outlaw Running For President Under.
I'm Running For President Under The Outlaw Party.
Pez Outlaw 2020

Long Winded Truth, Bores Me To Tears.
Please Lie To Me, It's More Entertaining.
Pez Outlaw 2020

You Gotta Admit, "Pez Outlaw 2020" Has A Really Cool Ring To It.
Pez Outlaw 2020, Has A Good Beat, I Think I Can Dance To It.

President Pez Outlaw, What An Oh Shit Moment That Would Be.

Show your disgust with whatever Political WhooHa is sending you up the wall by giving your write in vote to PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020. I'd sure appreciate it.
The way I figure it is this, if you're gonna waste your vote on someone who is not gonna win, make that vote me.
I always wanted to be a US congressman or senator, but I'll settle for President.
I'm seriously asking you to write in Pez Outlaw as your vote for President in 2020.
How could you possibly do worse?

I figure if I can get the CRAZY vote  that I'm a shoe in for President in 2020.

I'm attempting to crowd fund your write in vote for Pez Outlaw for president as publicity to get a book published.

It's for the children

It's for the children, puppies n kittens.

I'm a Strong believer in nepotism, I Will fill as many positions as possible with family members.

the caliber of my appointees..

If elected President I only think it's fair to give you an idea of the caliber of my appointees..

All the "COOL KIDs" are writing in Pez Outlaw For President.
Why should Mickey Mouse n Bozo have all the fun.
Be Unique and original, Write in Pez Outlaw for President in 2020.

Every Dead person that can should get out n Vote Pez Outlaw for President


Presidential Qualifications
I shovel Horse Shit for a living.

Every Presidential election year a lot of Americans decide to not vote for any of the candidates for President on the ballot. These voters instead choose to write in a name of there own for President as a gesture of defiance concerning what is on offer. These write in votes are a right in our election process but unfortunately count very little in the end. My hope is that if you are going to write in a candidate for President that you make your protest in the name Pez Outlaw. If I can get enough people who write in a candidate for president to write in Pez Outlaw a secondary good will come from your act of protest. Your vote might also have the secondary effect of getting me a book deal. 

Your write in vote will gain you nothing, so why not let it do some good for somebody else. ME! To address a concern you might have as to how good a writer I actually am. For this book I'm trying to get published with the help of you writing in Pez Outlaw for President. I'm already under contract with the ghost writer Jeff Maysh who wrote the April 2015 Playboy story The Pez Outlaw see-   which won 2 writing awards. see- Pez Outlaw Wins 2 Awards #pezoutlaw #hollywood    

So I'm asking you to Vote Pez Outlaw as a write in for President. You know that you are going to do it anyway, all I'm asking is that you let that act of protest have a secondary good by making your write in vote for president be Pez Outlaw.

I love this straight jacket pic.

Because there are so many voices/personalities in my head, my campaign is fully staffed.
Pez Outlaw for President.   

I plan to campaign sorta hard when I have time

I plan to campaign sorta hard when I have time #pezoutlaw #hollywood: VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT on Nov. 8, 2020

I want to recycle your write in protest vote for president into something new, a Pez Outlaw Book. Vote Pez Outlaw for President.

My philosophy on life is this. You never give up, never give in n never quit trying. Try everything no matter how foolish others might think you are for attempting it. That you do is what separates you from those who only wish for things. I have now spent almost 2 decades on this 1 project, that's the dedication to a dreams fulfillment that it takes.

I have zero money, but even that to me is no excuse. As always the trick is to find the loophole n exploit it. I have my story so for me this time that loophole is the great equalizer of the internet. With the internet I can without money pursue my dream of a Pez Outlaw book. If you write in Pez Outlaw for president this year, my dream of a book could come true.

At first glance I accept how crazy this idea seems, but if people who write in a vote for president choose Pez Outlaw, it will work.
That old thing, it's so crazy, it might just work.

Pez Outlaw For President, Recent campaign rally.

Donald trump might get 10,000 to 15,000 people at a rally, but look how many people we got in a phone booth.

Yes we held a campaign rally in a phone booth, it was the only place we could get, but we packed em in. 

Cabinet Meeting of my administration

I promise as President to do absolutely nothing except take pointless trips on Airforce 1 n play Golf.

From the big brain room

VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT has 8,000 views so far.  

In my reality, only my numbers are relevant.

I'm shamelessly seeking validation n approval, hence the following.

Google+ Followers, please give VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT post a G+1 positive feedback.

Within insanity, find good
Out of chaos, find purpose
Solutions are found in the most unlikely of places
To find answers, you must have eyes that can see
Faith n belief in yourself, will carry you  

This crazy pretend world I've created is where I find refuge from the harsh n painful realities of life. My dreams are what sustain me. All my crazy schemes give me hope.

Now, On With The Show

I'm campaigning for the Mickey Mouse, Evan McMullin, Gary Johnson n Jill Stein Vote. 

Why Not, could I possibly be worse?

America has a long n proud history of crazy people running for President.
My turn.

"As President, I Pez Outlaw couldn't possibly do worse."
Pez Outlaw for President yard sign.
Pez Outlaw for President, Better than Mickey Mouse. 

It's a race to the bottom for President, Vote Pez Outlaw for President because I'm it.
So if you're looking for the bottom of the barrel for President, look no further, Pez Outlaw. 
In a year of bad choices for President, Why not make the worst choice, Pez Outlaw.

Are you better off than you were 8yrs ago?
Things could be worse, Vote Pez Outlaw for President. 

A Vote for Pez Outlaw is a vote for ummmmmm yup change.

If elected I promise a 1957 Ford Truck in every garage.
You'll thank me later, after the pulse.

Pez Outlaw for President Campaign slogan.
My best friend has a favorite stick.
Though her favorite stick changes every few days, they wear out.

I  know a lot of folks are terribly conflicted this year n are gonna write in a crazy name in protest.
I'm here to ask for that vote.
Write in any other name is just a shameful waste. 
Make your write in vote PEZ OUTLAW for president because I might get a book deal out of it.
From my perspective that vote then would not have been wasted. 

Think of your write in vote of PEZ OUTLAW for president as crowd funding a book deal for me.

Every Presidential election year a significant number of people vote for Mickey Mouse.
I'm asking for the Mickey Mouse vote.
Let's make it Pez Outlaw this time.

I know a lot of people are ashamed to say who they are voting for right now.
Say PEZ OUTLAW for President with pride. 

If mistakenly elected President, I promise to only serve 90 days, just long enough to get a great retirement package.

As President I promise that all my speeches will be pointless rambling about nothing n made up stuff.
As president many of my speeches would simply be "Dude" then, he gone.

As President I would rent out every room in the White House like a bed n breakfast to raise money to pay down the National debt. 

As President I would turn the White House front lawn into a horse pasture for the Old Man n his Buds. 

As President all motorcades would include me on my tractor moving at a snails pace. 

As President besides doing nothing, I promise to also stand for nothing. 

I promise as President it would be like I wasn't even there. 

But Wait There's More, Act now n..........

Here's the book Pez Outlaw Diary 
It's FREE online to read, right now.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.