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The Adventures of Pez Outlaw #pezoutlaw #hollywood

24 years ago at the age of 44 I began the decade that in a lot of ways will define my life.

The Pez Outlaw story is the best n most entertaining story in the entire history of Pez.
Let me be very clear. Nothing in the entire history of Pez is as interesting as the Pez Outlaw Story. 
The History of Pez is a complete snooze fest without the Pez Outlaw story. 
I state this fact without hesitation.

Even the story of how n why Edward Haas created Pez kinda sucks compared to
The Adventures of Pez Outlaw. It's interesting but by comparison only a trivia fact.

To critics or offended by statements so far. 
You have to step forward in life if you want to be counted.
If you won't proudly state your case, Trust Me, nobody else is gonna do it for you.

A few years ago a guy on ebay innocently decided to make his user name Pez Outlaw.
People on ebay hounded him about the infraction until I receive an unsolicited apology from him
saying he had no idea n that he would change it immediately.
I was totally unaware of the situation till he contacted me.
Interesting fact. My ebay user name is sj glew, I don't even use Pez Outlaw there.

There is only ONE Pez Outlaw.
Unlike say pezdude 1 thru 300.
The story defines the name n vise versa.
If this is not your story then you are not Pez Outlaw, it's a simple as that.
The story so clearly defines the name Pez Outlaw that if you try to use it, you are acting as an impostor.

Here's the thing the above statements are where we are now n we aren't done yet.
Please Understand, Pez Outlaw is a character that houses a significant portion of my life.My job now is to manage him. 

Hookers n Pez

Probably my 3rd or 4th trip to Europe out of over 70.
All told Josh probably came to Europe with me buying Pez 4 to 5 times + 1 solo trip of his own.
Josh was in college at the time, I needed to quit leaning on him n start doing this on my own.

This trip was intended to be a quick trip of just a few days. In n out just to get more truck pez dispensers. As I said they sold out in just a few days, which shocked me. The rest of the pez dispensers I bought on my first meet with Gunther were hard to find but I had had them before from Canada. The pez trucks though were unknown at the time as they were exclusive to Hungary. They had been created at Pez Gyoroplaste when the old C class pez truck molds had been reused to start up the factory.

I flew in n out of the Budapest airport. On this trip Gunther sold me appox 3,000 of the C class truck Pez dispensers. Orange, yellow n pink cabs with black stem Pez dispensers. Man was this exciting, early days, a really rare Pez dispenser n they sold very fast. This was also the first time I stayed at the Raba. something Scott McWhinnie would have killed to know.  I kept the Raba Hotel a closely guarded secret until well after my trips to Europe buying pez had ended.

 I bagged the truck Pez dispensers, checked out of the hotel n drove from Gyor to the Budapest Airport. Turned my car in n went to the gate to check my bags. This is where things went horribly wrong. 

This is where I credit determination as what saved the day. That n I have never yielded in the face of authority. You say I must, my first response is always, no I don't think I will. I will find a way. A lot of people have tried to break me in this life or tried to tell me who's boss, it never works. I will eat dirt first.

At check in Budapest airport I was greeted by a cold war throwback customs inspector. He wanted to see my bill of sale, though what I realized the next day was he really wanted a bribe. Problem was I never got a bill of sale from Gunther, again that whole gray area of business thingy. Boris says to me after a long conversation, " well just check in take your flight n your bags will follow later". Yeah right Boris I don't think so. Delta offered to rebook me tomorrow same time no extra cost. Great, got my car back, took my bags n drove back to the pez yellow house. Luckily Gunther was in Austria so I was able to talk an underling into writing me up a bill of sale for the Pez dispensers.

Not wanting to fool around with the hotel for just one night. Cost of room plus tips to get the duffel bags up n down from the room. I decided to just spend the night in the McDonals parking lot, as I had noticed earlier that truckers used it. What I had not realized was that a lively trade went on all night also by prostitutes. I'm all for free enterprise but early in the morning a group of them n there pimp woke me up. Business for the night had died down n I think it was time for another type of business. Doors locked I was out of there n at the airport in record time to spend the rest of the night.

Next morning at check in n no Boris. I mean no customs guy at all. There I stood with a difficultly acquired bill of sale n nobody wanted to see it. I showed it to Delta n they could have cared less. On my way to the gate I spotted ole Boris watching me from around a corner wishing for the good old days. Boris, pimps, prostitutes n Mickey Ds. Just a quick trip in n out that I would never forget.

I never flew through Budapest airport again. My business had a steep learning curve, learn it n don't repeat it.

Prostitutes. Being from the Midwest, until I started traveling in the old Eastern block countries buying Pez dispensers. I had no experience with Prostitutes, let alone aggressive ones. My first exposure to this was Josh n my first trip into Hungary. At that time approximately 1994 there were nearly 3 miles of roadside stands along the main drag before you got to Gyor. These stands were open 24 hours selling clothing, stuffed animals, fruits, vegetables, pop, garden gnomes, just all kinds of stuff. The stands were frequented by travelers n long haul truckers. Before they cracked down it was also one of the main areas of prostitution n let me tell you it was not subtle. If you stopped n got out of your car you were approached by at least by 3 different women.

Later once the new freeway opened n killed the roadside stands, the girls moved to just outside city limits of Gyor on the main road. In the summer it got pretty interesting, thin material slacks that were more like black panty hoes, very tightly worn. Out n out flashing by lifting there tops as you drove by to get your attention. This was the case outside a lot of the bigger cities in the old eastern block countries we traveled in, in the early days of my travels. Not to mention nightly activities at Micky Ds on the highway to Budapest. There was also a Gypsy woman (Gypsies are looked down on by most Hungarians) that had a group of girls in downtown Gyor who always approached me on the way to Pizza Hut. Sometimes it was like running a gauntlet.

I never cheated on Kathy in any way shape or form. Though being male n not dead I did find it interesting. The single most interesting encounter was while walking to supper. I was approached by an absolute stunner of a woman. Who asked for a cigarette & invited me in the bar to buy her a drink. If ever I was truly tempted that was the time. Quickly though I heard Kathy's warnings in my head, how THINGS would shrivel n die if I did. I quickly gave n lit her cigarette, then almost ran to the restaurant. Besides I had strict rules about dealing with people on the streets in Europe, that was not to at all. To the point of if approached, actually telling one person to get away from me. Never robbed even though quite often I had almost $10,000.00 cash, in my trouser pockets. By keeping strictly to myself n protecting my personal space, I really never had any problems.

About driving around in Hungary. I never learned any of the names of roads or addresses. Once I left the airport in Vienna I just knew where to go. To this day it would all be from memory, which highway east, where to get off. How to get to the middle man & the Raba. I have no idea what the names of any of the roads are, I just know how to get there.

One very strong memory of Hungary is driving through Movar (a town with a really long name that people who live there just call Movar) at night on my way to Gyor. The air was filled with the smell of coal burning to heat homes. The two lane road lit up by street lights. Houses n businesses all right next to the sidewalk, so much so that it seemed everything was crowding the street. Listening to a tape of Enigma as I drove. That first night is my most vivid memory of Hungary, it all had a very 1950s feel to it. The weather in Gyor is very much like the weather here in Michigan.


Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
On one trip Gunther Leitner sold me aprox 50 boxes of Silver glow Pez dispensers. If I remember correct each box contained 24 carded Silver glow Pez dispensers. At this point Josh n I were staying in Austria so back to our hotel we went. At the Austria Hungary border the Austrian guards required a bond on the 50 boxes of Pez dispensers to be refunded when items were checked in at the airport. So we went back to the hotel n down packed the 50 boxes of pez into 3 large boxes of pez. When we got to the airport customs refused to refund my bond, saying 3 boxes is not 50. Where are the other 47 boxes of pez? The scene escalated till what the Delta airlines rep saw when he walked into the room was. An American with a pony tail & long beard screaming at officials. Two machine gun armed Austrian border guards looking on at the ready n Josh petrified at the whole scene. Delta walked in calmed everybody down, gave Josh a couple aspirin & mediated the whole situation. I flew Delta Airlines from then on, they never failed to stand up for me in any situation.

Here's the fantasy segment I would inserted at the peak of the previous heated discussion.
This Fantasy insert to be placed at the peak of tension.
Viewed as a 60 second sequence where I mentally pause from reality for a few seconds, scene runs, return to reality.

At the beginning of the Fight scene dream sequence have my action hero doppelganger say to the camera. "Cool I also speak French".
Then during the fight have him saying the stupidest stuff imaginable, like where's the bathroom I have to pee.
Have the actor really sell the lines like they are Fight type trash talk.
Use subtitles to let the audience in on the stupidity of me thinking my hero side can actually speak french.
You know cause I'm just that cool in my imagination.
Also have one of the Austrian guards mention that this fight scene was in his last movie.
My alter ego says "yeah he just saw the movie n it's kinda stuck in his head.
The fight scene should look cool n the actor needs to deliver the lines like the toughest guy walking the earth. 

OOOH! Light Bulb.
Have Guards n customs officials transformed into Zombies for Dream Fight sequence.
Hey it's my fantasy, I can make whatever subtle statements I want.

The insert has my alter ego kicking everybody in the rooms ass except Delta n josh.
Josh n I take our money n leave.
It's a big Martial Arts fight scene by a guy that looks nothing like me.
Then fantasy over you come back to real me n crazy.
Delta saves the day.

I have to be honest, Hero me appears in an awful lot of the scenarios I seem compelled to run.

To my mind my alter ego is part of the genetic makeup of men, the provider, the hunter, the protector that down deep all men yearn to be.

In the fantasy movie of my life, my alter ego appears a lot, it's a more satisfying way for things to have happened.

Yes Emilien you are who I see in my mind to play fantasy me.
Reason, the starker the contrast between real me n fantasy me the better.
Without permission, respect for your privacy n out of gratitude for the appreciation you've shown for my posts, I will refrain from name dropping.

Below pics are from when I took delivery of the Silver glows in Hungary.


If you look carefully at the boxes the guy is handing me, you can see that its 3 boxes.  
Gives you an idea of how small each of the50 boxes I bought was.
To be honest I can't be certain but I think each box contained 12 or 24 Silver Glows mint on card. Josh n I found 3 carded Silver Glows could take up the same space as 1 in what we called "Down Packing".

Dead AL

Dead AL was one of the biggest liars I ever bought pez dispensers from and that is saying a lot when you factor in German Andre. Though in the end he was a harmless  n tragic figure. What will surprise you is I really liked this guy, he died of what I believe was a drug overdose of all things. I say of all things because Dead Al was the most accident prone guy I've ever known. 

Dead Al once used a Skill saw on a wall while remodeling with no regard for what might be in the wall or where it might be located. Catastrophic and predictable results ensued to his arm. This is only one example of many. I knew Dead Al for a year or two n every time I talked to him he had another story involving an injury to some part of his body from an ill conceived endeavor. 

I bought thousands of no foot Pez dispensers from Dead Al before he died and he always promised that this time it was everything. I can still hear his oath, "may god strike me dead if I'm Lying". He really said those words. It never was everything n God did strike him dead. 
I heard the news of his death from a relative on my last call to his store. 

I've told you that when I was young I abused drugs, which gives me an insight to read between the lines when people are cryptic in describing someones death. Add to that Dead Al mentioned his drug use.

All things said, I liked Dead AL, he was one of those characters that you meet once in a lifetime. Most people that repeatedly lie to you you end up disliking. Dead Al was different, his life was so tragic that you could not help feeling sorry for him. 

If somehow part of the Pez Outlaw legacy is that Dead Al is remembered, I'd like that very much. Dead Al in a very odd way was a friend, characters like him should be remembered. To that end I'd like to ask the person working on the script of the Pez Outlaw movie, please include at least a mention of Dead Al.

Nobody is paying attention to me so I'm probably OK saying that. 
To the powers that be, I'm going nuts out here waiting for news.

Total amount spent on 9,936 Pez dispensers bought from Dead Al was $32,667.00.

The 3 Stooges

On my first few trips to Europe (trips 1, 2 n 4) Joshua accompanied me. Then again later for my trip to Spain, I just couldn't do it without him. The reason is Joshua was in college at the time, so getting away for my adventures was a bit hard. After he graduated Josh was a broker for a while then he came to work for me n did a trip to Europe for me so I could stay home. After over 70 trips to Europe in 10 years I was getting kinda tired of it.

During those early trips with Josh a lot of European real-estate was covered. We drove all over in our little clown car. Here's the thing, in the USA you drive 2 hours usually your still in the same state, in Europe 2 hours n you are in another country. So we crossed a lot of borders.

The second thing about those first few trips in Europe was. Much as I had in Canada we did a lot of buying in stores retail as we traveled. Which could n did make all those border crossings interesting.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe Joshua n I drove up to a border crossing as we had many times before.  As we pulled up to the booth,  I swear to god these three eastern European border guards were in the booth hitting each other. Finally one stepped out and he was not happy with all the bags of pez dispensers. He made us dump them all out and show cash receipts. By the way these guys were carrying machine guns. 

I noticed when bagging it all up that some of the Pez dispensers had vanished, but you usually don't argue with machine gun toting eastern European military. Austrian gun toting military ok, but not eastern European, especially not in 1994 only a few years after the wall came down. Old military habits and points of view die very hard. Anyway we were again on our way, though not before they said don't do this again. We did of course, but not ever again at that crossing.

After the first few trips I stopped buying in countries other than Hungary or Slovenia.

Just a few samples
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After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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