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4My BFF Scott McWhinnie, The Pez Color War #pezoutlaw #hollywood

"Best Friends Forever"!

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noun informal
noun: BFF; plural noun: BFFs. a girl's best friend.
made me  laugh

Scott McWhinnie the ex-president of Pez USA may have won the Pez Color War, but our history will be linked forever n I know that torments him.  
To the contrary this gives me comfort.  
Scott McWhinnie may have gotten a better retirement package than me but I'll be a part of his life till the day he dies.
I may have gotten a life sentence of poverty but Scott McWhinnie will never shake our history.
Recently a friend was shocked that I'm on twitter, I have to in order to stay in touch with my BFF Scott McWhinnie. 

Let's look at this from another angle.
Were it not for Pez Outlaw n The Pez Color War, would Scott McWhinnies rein at Pez USA be remembered at all?
Scott McWhinnies record would read X-amount of sales, X-amount of Pez USA growth n success then totally forgotten n forgettable.
But Scott McWhinnie vs Pez Outlaw in the Pez Color War, That will be remembered.
We each played our roles in a story worth retelling, not a boring balance sheet followed by a Gold Watch.
You're Welcome Scott.

The offer is off the Table.
The Pez Color War. 
This phrase represents a 3 to 5 year period (approx end of 1998 to early 2003) where my life as  Pez Outlaw became an open conflict with Pez USA. 

Yes I took on an International Corporation, I still am.
Though a go fund me or kick start thingy would help.

Scott McWhinnie was the guy who ran Pez USA at that time. For years I had been a thorn in Pez USAs back side, just out of reach for them to remove. It was not until I contracted with Pez Austria/Haas for just under 20 exclusive special Pez color variations and approx 8 different Crystal Pez. That Pez USA finally saw there opening. The Pez Color War began when I first received these dispensers and started selling them. Followed by Pez USA reproducing most of them for sale on the NEW Pez USA website. The Pez Color Wars refers to the clash of that product in the collector arena. It was the Holiday Colors, my product vs The Misfits, Scotts product. Approximately 200,000 Pez Dispensers were involved in this conflict on my side alone.

Scott McWhinnie "retired" very very soon after the Pez Color War ended. I mean real soon after.   I've always believed he got squeezed out after the Pez Color War ended. He ordered then had to liquidate a very large amount of Pez (the Misfits). I also hear that Scott McWhinnie has not spoken to anyone in 10 years. Whoa! That's worse than me.

When I bought the Holiday Colors it was my attempt to move on from all the smuggling & intrigue that had built my company. I wanted to put all that behind me n start new with legit product bought from Pez International. Unfortunately Scott McWhinnie was not of a same mind, rather than begin anew by leaving the past behind, he wanted revenge.

By ordering such a large group of Pez dispensers from Pez Austria at a very high price per dispenser. I handed Scott McWhinnie President of Pez USA the opening for the revenge he desperately desired. Like they say, when you seek revenge dig two holes first, because truth be told when all was said & done, we were both dead.

The Holiday Colors project tied up all the cash I had, plus all I could borrow. All Scott McWhinnie at Pez USA had to do was, get samples of my product. Then send them to Pez Austria Haas and place the order to seal my destruction.

By the time the Pez Color War ended, I was broke.  I was allowed to rise as long as it suited various individuals at Pez Corporation. Then destroyed because of envy n greed. My actions wrote the script for Scott McWhinnies revenge.

for more, see Chapter 1. "The Legend Of Pez Outlaw." #pezoutlaw ...

The Charges
Under Scott McWhinnie's Pez Corporation, the following was done.
Pez Corporation Committed a $250,000.00 Fraud through Breach of implied Contract.
Pez Corporation used a clients ideas to destroy that clients business.
Pez Corporation used there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation sold then devalued there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation initiated a smear campaign against there own product once a client bought that product.
Pez Corporation manipulated the price n value of there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation destroyed a client then used that clients ideas for 2 decades of profit.

To explain the dollar amount confusion.
$250,000.00 was required to buy old stock n qualify for deal to make Holiday Colors/misfits.
$250,000.00 was the cost of the special order Holiday colors/misfits.
So 1/2 million total but the Breach of Contract was only on the portion that was known as Holiday Colors/misfits, meaning $250,000.00 was the loss.
If you factor in roll over n momentum which was at 4.5 million by that time, the loss was in the MILLIONS.

I'll lay it out in brief.

24 years ago at the age of 44 I began the decade that in a lot of ways will define my life.
It took me 25 years to get to the point in 1994 that I was ready to make my move.
Finally I had scraped together a few thousand dollars to begin my journey.
The next decade flew by at light speed, as I traveled the world buying Pez.
I had finally caught the wave.

Everything was built on the momentum of the previous success.
Flea markets, Good Will stores, Collectibles of every description, McDonalds premiums, cereal premiums and finally Pez.
Every success rolled into the next, all building to the decisions of 1998.

In 1998 I remortgaged my home ($125,000.00) and took out an additional line of credit loan for $125,000.00.
I put that borrowed $250,000.00 plus another $250,000.00 of earnings in 1998 on the biggest play I had ever made.
I made my play, a half million dollars pushed into the middle of the table.

In late 1998 I lost.
Everything I had worked a lifetime for ended.

Pez Corporation duplicated everything I created in that special order.

I have real problems with the choices made by Pez Corporation. First Pez Austria agrees to a special order of unique dispensers by me that I paid just under 1/2 million dollars to my broker for in 1998. Then Pez Austria goes back on the agreement by agreeing to duplicate that order. Knowing that the duplicated product will be used to destroy the value of the original pez dispensers they sold me. 

The biggest outrage is, The President of PEZ USA conceived and ruthlessly carried out his plan to reproduced my product with the sole intent of destroying my company. 

Intent is everything. Add to that Malice of Forethought. Pez USA planned this meticulously. 

It would not matter if I were the worst person on planet Earth, that fact would not excuse Pez Corporations actions or there intent by those actions.

Pez USA President Scott McWhinnie's first response to the Holiday Colors/Misfits was to start a rumor that these dispensers were not legitimate dispensers. Pez USA did this through PCN the Pez Collectors News letter. The second thing Pez USA did was to have a collector buy samples of the Holiday colors, so they could be sent to Pez Austria to be copied. Which when you think about it is kinda odd because Pez Austria authorized and made the original dispensers. My guess as to why samples were required is as follows. Pez Austria really disliked Scott McWhinnie so nobody in Europe was going to make anything easy for him. It is also possible that so little regard was given to the choices I made for the Holiday Colors, that no records were kept. My guess is both reasons were factors in why samples were required.

The copies were named the Misfits by Scott McWhinnie, he did all of this in his capacity as President of Pez USA. By the end of Pez USAs smear campaign through PCN, the Pez Corp copies were this shiny good thing and my originals were dubious at best. The name Holiday colors was jettisoned with remarkable speed and replaced with the name of the copies, MISFITS.  The Misfits were the copies. The individual names were; Diablo, Detys, VooDoo Mama, David W, Pinky, Mex-Tex, Jaundice Witch, Bear C, Bear D, Pal S, Pal J and Pal M etc.

Once Pez USA received the Misfits the retail was set at the price I paid wholesale to my broker Andre Zeich. Andre is the person who placed the order through Van Melles of Germany for the Holiday colors from Pez Austria Haas for me and handled all of the shipping arraignments.

I have to admit to you that I do hate Pez Corporation for what they stole from my family. Though to carry that hate every day would destroy me. I believe n hope that my hate of Pez Corporation is a passive emotion.  To be honest I rarely think of it anymore, but down deep it remains.

Every so often I'm required to remind myself why I'm doing all of this.
Scot McWhinnie, "Best Friends Forever"!

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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