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The Adventures of PEZ OUTLAW - SUPER HERO!

tell a Pez Outlaw story that makes people wish they could be him n live the decade he lived

Minsky the Fargo Android Robot aka Unit MNSKY. Season 3 on FX ...
May 8, 2017 - Uploaded by netvelocityinc
... Minsky is the lovable Android Robot on FX's Fargo Season 3, Episode 3. ... Minsky the Fargo Android ...

"I can help"
This episode of Fargo was pure genius.
The writing wasn't just clever, it was some of the best writing I've ever seen on TV.
How the story of Minsky was interwoven throughout the episode was delightful.
The Minsky episode will be a reference point on how good TV can be for the rest of my life.

Mega block Busters yeah sure big bucks, the rest not so much.
By The Way, Who decide that Pez Outlaw wasn't a Super Hero?

Pez Outlaw is a story of hope for n to the middle class n poor of the Middle of this country.
Pez Outlaw connects with the portion of America you are not reaching anymore.

Data point.
Notes from the Asylum is a window into the mind of Pez Outlaw.
The overwhelming # of views are from Czechia, Slovakia n Russia the other less than half are from Fly over country USA.

Pez Outlaw is a story of the American dream, the possibility n of adventure beyond our poor n middle class dreams.
You need to tell a Pez Outlaw story that makes everybody wish they could be him n live the decade he lived.

Remember, Pez Outlaws happy ending could be him sitting in the shadows watching his movie being made during the closing credits.
That to the mentioner is "everything I ever wanted", WELL n a Pez Outlaw Book.

Just my albeit biased opinion. 
I get it I'm nobody n how could I possibly have this right?
Then again' Quentin Tarantino was a video store clerk.

It's like you've never even spoke to me about my actual story.
Oh yeah that's right, you never have.
What in the world have you got to lose by seeing what I think or my take.

You need customers who wish they could be Pez Outlaw. 
People buy Hope n dreams every day of the week, lottery tickets/scratch offs.
Pez Outlaw is the story of hope n dreams, if we win in the end..

The following is a personal opinion not the result of a few million dollar study.
Possible side affects are as follows.

The Magic 10

To me we the middle class n poor seem to follow a life pattern.
We work and or mess up about the first 45yrs of our lives on somebody else's goals.
My theory is that the 10yrs between ages 45 n 55 are our potential awakening years.

By age 45 we've watched long enough n some of us have a few ideas of our own by then.
To me this decade between 45 n 55yrs of age is our magic moment.
This decade is our peak time to apply the youthful energy we have left on a goal of our own before our bodies start to slow down.

At 45 we have energy, means n knowledge to try something of our own
The trick is not to screw the pooch, well ................ um, like I did.
Your moves need to be measured, thoughtful n on point.

Do not get carried away. 
Do not get caught up in whatever success you may have.
This is your window to advance your families life not to become Bill Gate's.
You missed that window at 20.

Stay focused like a laser on the core goal n idea.
You tell yourself, if I fail this won't be the only good idea I have.
Again buddy you're not Steve Job's, this one might be all you get, so play it smart.

In My Magic 10 I earned 4.5 million dollars.
By year 11 I had lost everything.
Shit that sucked.

My mistakes were as follows.

I liked how people treated me n started believing what they said.
I started believing, well a lot of bullshit that wasn't real. 
Mirror Mirror etc.

I lost focus on for me the core product.
I spent a God awful lot of money on tangential items/merchandise.
I shoulda stuck to just in this case pez dispensers n dispensers only.

No Flix, Topp's, Fun Flips, pins, pez promo items, bags, rafts, skateboards or t-shirts etc.
No starting the California Pez Con, Hell they don't even acknowledge that Josh n I started it. (cost to me personally over $10,000.00 to put on first California Convention,

I flew over 6 staffers out, rented rooms, food, ballroom, advertising n all the prizes donated by me. n that doesn't count Kathy n my expenses. Then I gave the CA. Con to those 2 guys as we packed to leave. What a collasal waste of money n time)
I also gave away to much product to existing conventions etc.

I should not have sold wholesale.
I should have bought all I could then taken the next 2 or 3 decades to sell it myself.
I should not have hired so many people in my company.
I should have hired just Josh n Ri, period.

My biggest mistake was at the end.
I shoulda folded, but I doubled down.
I trusted the very company I knew despised me.
Pez corporation turned that trust against me n stole every idea I gave them.
In short, I was a schmuck.

I knew better n yet I did it anyway.
Not the first time, hopefully the last.

see Pez Outlaw Diary
C1. The Case Against Pez Corporation #pezoutlaw #h... 

Kathy said yesterday that I always told her I had more than 1 good idea.
Truth is I've had 3ish so far, I'm just praying I have one last one.

Do not waste your Magic 10yrs, be smarter than I was.
It's not about you, mess up n your whole family will suffer.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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