Saturday, February 18, 2017

Edumacated #pezoutlaw #hollywood

One day you wake to happiness.
That doesn't change the misery of the day before.
All is forgiven, The Happy Lie.


Hold your thoughts close
Scared of what you want

The Truth
Another's perception

Eternity, a moment in time
Light or Darkness

Choose the dream
Scorn the reality

Understanding nothing
Caring less

The Dream

Get to what matters.
A life worth writing about.

Pricing the heart.
Renowned, some say expert.

Fix the machine.
Connect to the future.

Eat obscurityً, morn it's loss.
Be Self-proclaimed.

The one thing that causes me pause about my own sanity is my unbelievable optimism in Pez Outlaw.

Be very careful talking with your hands when your eyes are closed, no telling what you'll run into. 


Urban Dictionary: Edicate
Edicate is when you're not edumacated enough to spell etiquette!

I'd like to let you in on a secret.
When writing here in Notes From The Asylum I google words all the time.
Before I started writing in NFTA I was a spoken word kinda guy.
I used all sorts of words in conversation.

It's one thing to use words talking n generally know the usage of a word.
When you start writing you gotta spell that shit n you dam sure better use it correctly.
So I look em up.

I used the reference above as my perfect illustration of that point because it was spot on.
I did try to use Etiquette by spelling it Edicate.
I found the search information delightfully humorous.
So much so that I built this post around it.

Did you notice I said built not wrote.
Kinda interesting slip, huh.

Does that mean I actually look at writing like Building n words are tools?

Like one of my many heroes Groucho Marx I'm a self educated 65yr old man who tries to never stop learning.
At age 43 I doubt I'd ever read a whole book due to dyslexia.
By the age of 52 I'd read several hundred books.
At age 52 I'd never really written anything.
Now at age 65 I've written Pez Outlaw Diary albeit poorly n Notes From The Asylum, much better.

During my decade as Pez Outlaw I was computer illiterate.
Now I do everything on the computer.
Change, learn n improve.
Not bad for a guy who in High School was in the slow kids class (Dyslexia, wasn't understood back then).

The Remington Diet #pezoutlaw #hollywood
Body By Remington.

You may have figured out from my posts here that I killed my riding mower.
I'm trying to figure out what you'd call that, maybe Lawn Mowercide?

Here's the thing n you know that's always the case, ie that there's a thing about almost everything.
I treat lawn mowers rough.
I've been on this piece of land 42 yrs n I've never managed to have a decent yard year to year.
By the nature of my life, every year I start over when it comes to my yard.
10 to 12 inch ruts from taking hay round, people park in n turn around in my yard.
Oh yeah n horses walk everywhere.
I long ago gave up on having a lawn like my neighbor Tod.

So every year I start out new.
My mower hits rocks limbs twigs n gravel on a regular basis.
My tires get poked by thorn apple needles so I fill them with goop.
My last riding mower was a Cub Cadet, bought it new n it lasted 5 seasons.
Cause of death, mower deck is shot n so is the pneumatic drive. 

The Cub Cadet didn't even finish it's 5th yr, so Kathy at my request bought me a $350 Remington walk behind mower.
My yard took 4hrs to mow on a riding mower n now takes roughly 7.5 hrs to mow walking.
I break this task up into 4 segments on 4 different days.

The good news is that because I'm now mowing my yard with a self-propelled walk behind mower instead of sitting on a riding mower, I've lost 1 inch on my waist.

The bad news is that that little bastard drags me all over the place n is wearing me out.

So far I've had 2 very kind friends (Susan n Laurie) offer to let me use there riding mowers.
I tell them, you do realize that my riding mower did not die a natural death.
I killed it, I always do.
I'm a cereal/serial Killer of lawn mowers.
As a matter of fact I kill any type of gas powered engine.
Just a fact, not something I'm proud of.

I will say this though.
I had a Scott garden tractor that lasted almost 12yrs with even worse treatment.
The cub cadet lasted 4.8yrs.

This post was supposed to be about the virtues of exercise n walking instead of sitting n riding.
I'm getting in decent shape for a 66yr old n I'm always going on to folks about "the Remington Diet".

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After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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