Saturday, May 27, 2017

That's my story n I'm stickin to it. #hollywood #pezoutlaw #NFTA

Brain Freeze is a real thing.
You try scratching an itch while in a straight jacket.

I love living in the country.
I can't imagine buying my water or paying for a sewer from the city.
The real reason I rarely leave my property is that everything I want is right here.

For the first 18yrs of my life I lived in Lansing with houses one on top of the other.
Every time you turned around you had to deal with somebody n there particular issue.
Here in the country I keep to myself n so do my neighbors.

I like the peace n quiet, though over the last 40yrs things have gotten busier.
Traffic is busier, probably a half dozen cars go by per hour.
More city folk live out here now.

City folk in the country are people who bring city thinking into the country.
They get all wound up about there lawns.
I grow quack grass/whatever grows is my lawn.

Dogs poop on my lawn n horses walk on it.
The city folk that live out here now have a fit if that happens on there's.
Moriah actually had to go over to the neighbors n pick up Milo's poop.

N heaven forbid a horse gets loose n walks on there lawn.
One neighbor actually had to give another a couple hundred bucks so he'd quit bitching about the horse that walked on his lawn.
Seriously, What the hell.  #WildHorsePosse

Times change though n nothing stays the same.
Just wish I owned 2 or 3 x the acreage that I do.
The more I could keep others away, the happier I'd be.

Told the kids, I'd love to buy both of the neighbors houses n just knock them down, turn it back to pasture.
Billionaire's, What would you do if?
Buy the hundred acres in front of me behind me n to the left n right of me.

All that though is just stuff, I love it out here.
The real bitch are the winters.
Weather in the teens n the wind whipping up the hill.

It's great when I'm in the warehouse or the Arena.
Unfortunately I have to be out in it about 4-5hrs per day.
This comes up because you guessed it, temp is in the teens n the wind is goin pretty good n it's time to get out there to do chores. 

Taking a break after 2.5hrs
Wind gusts 25mph n snowing til 4am. 
4 more inches expected.

Break over.
Oh yah n wind chill 2 degrees.

Weather in the teens.
Outside over 8hrs doin hay.

n repeat.

We're having a heat wave, the porchometer says 21 degrees.
About the Porchometer.
Southern exposure n house + addition block the wind.
So the Porchometer is kinda a feel good optimistic reflection of the true temp.
Me I'll take it, good news is good news even if it is fake news.
Lah, lah, lah, can't hear you.
don't wanna hear the real Temp 

So told Kathy n she promptly said it's 15 degrees out.
Aw Man. I said I didn't wanna know. 
Brain Freeze
Kathy said it's not a real thing.
Well, That's my story n I'm stickin to it.

After 5hrs outside yesterday temp in low teens I got Brain Freeze.
The processor in my head began to malfunction. 
Made a poor decision with ramifications.

Couldn't understand words spoken to me, had to concentrate. 
That's somewhat normal cause I do not listen to people.
Once yesterday though I was listening, Wah Wah Wah, no comprehension.

OK unbelievers, What happens when you freeze to death?
Your brain goes to sleep.
Argument over, I win. 

Brain Freeze is a real thing.

5 inches of snow, more coming tonight
gotta go. tractor, plow, drive, hrs.
my guess same thing tomorrow

took 5 hrs to clear the snow from Friday nights storm


I wanted to write a post about Global Warming today.
I was told by the people that run the Asylum that I should not.
Seems unfair, because we're in the middle of a Polar Vortex. 
Temps in the lower teens, wind chills in single digits.
All that n the staff here at the Asylum will not let me RANT about Global Warming. 
The good News, it's Jello day.

Irony is, this post was supposed to die in a few days.
Instead, it will have 1,000 views in 1 week.
It had a pretty rocky start.
Shows ta Go ya.
Other stuff

The boredom of each day feels like being on a runaway train going 100 mph.
You want to slow it down but can't no matter how hard you try. 
The points of reflection are when I get in bed n when I get up.
2yrs. 18yrs. 65yrs. That moment was yesterday.

Ebay keeps sending me all kinds of messages.
It's the cyber version of junk mail.
Delete, Delete, Delete.

I need to correct a misconception.
I'm an Anarchist. 
Not like the Anarchist youth you see in the streets behaving violently.
My Anarchy is simple, You say Yes, I say NO!
Whatever the conventional Wisdom is, I take the opposing view with passion n dedication.
Yah Yah Yah Contrarian Blah Blah Blah.

Picking n Scratching, we are at our Primordial Best.
Instinctively nothing is more deeply encoded in our DNA.

HOOEY! Yup n it cost you nothing. 
Sometimes it just feels good to take a self-righteous stand on a self proclaimed statement of fact. 

Proclamations n Defiant Statements are fun, they feel good.
It's like with one sweeping statement you fixed something. 

Truth is it's just dirty laundry.
Next day comes the verbal hangover.

Last night a TV show Host commented on Wet Wipes, indicating I raise this not for me but a friend of mine.
He was kidding I know, but that aside aren't wet wipes/butt wipes for everybody that actually wants to be clean.

The acceptance of butt wipes for adult use was a defining moment in my life.
Being obsessive, prior to butt wipes I used way to much TP n never was satisfied with my cleanliness.

Pre butt wipes was like the Darkages in personal hygiene.
I for one don't understand any reluctance by adults on this subject. 

Brent Johnson I'll chime in on this and will also attach an article. Butt wipes are the enemy of wastewater treatment plants, major cause of sanitary sewer overflows, and are quite misleading to the consumer. Yes, they are flushable which makes the average consumer think it's ok when it's not. Yes they flush but they do not break down. Like dental floss. You can flush it and it remains a solid. A credit card will also flush, it remains a solid. I worked in the wastewater industry for a long time, was injured in the industry, and forced to retire due to said injuries and surgeries. To anyone reading this: Please don't flush if connected to city sewer, just like feminine hygiene products. If you're on septic, do what you want since it's yours to maintain. End of rant.

Steve Glew
Steve Glew  how I would never be on public sewer or water n will always have my own is a whole other rant.
Brent Johnson Perhaps a new topic to rant about?
Steve Glew
Steve Glew I never buy bottled water but I do take pop bottles filled with my well water everywhere I go.

I wouldn't like being connected to a public sewer because I would hate to be judged by 

Last nights local news reported some folks here in Michigan are paying the equivalent of a car or house payment for city water.

Yesterdays post here was a bit to honest so all but a tiny bit is now gone.
Surprisingly even in it's original form it hit the minimum of  300+ views.

Original Post, What's left of it anyway.

Dude, you're gonna give yourself an Ulcer.
Wait a minute, I thought everybody had one.

You carry things around with you each day.
Pushing down the things you shouldn't think about or talk about.
Then each day around 4pm your stomack starts hurting.
This crazy shit is real not an amusing persona. 
One day you're good n in a few days hounded by Demons

Sometimes as hard as it is, you just have to walk away.
Shovel as much dirt as you can on it.
Just close your eyes n do what you do. 

Buy something on ebay, buy the Old Man a bale of Hay.
#hollywood #buytheoldmanabaleofhay
Christmas is not my favorite time of year.
I've been thinking about it lately.
I think this is based on a feeling of inadequacy.
The relentless barrage of Christmas songs, just a painful reminder.


After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Incident at the Asylum #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Break Room

Yesterday an incident occurred, that I would like to apologize for on behalf of the staff n management of Notes From The Asylum.
I'm not going to name names, Skuttlebut LaBelle, but I'm very disappointed.
Yes, we are considering management changes at the top.
We were about to celebrate that my Tweets have earned 95,793 impressions over the last 28 days. That's when a troll came out of the darkness n grabbed the keyboard. It almost destroyed everything we had worked so hard for.
The incident report.
Witness #1. Ice cream. I was in charge of ice cream. We were gonna celebrate a very big day.

Witness #2. Cake. I was in charge of cake. All I remember is that laugh. It was maniacal, I'll never forget it.

Witness #3. I didn't see anything just heard how horrible it was later.

Skuttlebut LaBelle, This is a frame job by Pez Outlaw. He never wanted or supported me as editor in chief of Notes From The Asylum. I refuse to resign, he'll have to fire me if he wants to get rid of me.

management is keeping a tight eye on Skuttlebut LaBelle. There will be no repeats of yesterdays cock-up.

I know I make a big deal about these #, but to me they are a big deal. I've been working a decade for these kinds of #s

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, May 22, 2017

What's My True Role? #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

My blog posts have received well over 1 million views.
People are actually reading my posts.
Who Knew.

I had no idea people were actually reading the posts.I thought maybe, come for a giggle then move on kinda thing.

This presents a dilemma. 

I asked for talking points?
If I had an idea of where it's going, it sure would be easier to stay on script.

Do I need to be more careful about certain subjects Like Politics?
One of my biggest beefs about Movie Stars n Singing artists is when they start telling regular folks what they should think or how they should live there lives.

Movie Stars n Singers are Big Fish in Big Ponds.
Pez Outlaw is for now a small fish in a small pond.
The same question remains, "What's My True Role"?

Has Pez Outlaw here in the Asylum reached the point where he needs to heed his own advice?
Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.
These are the presidents of my time so far here on Earth.

I give you the list to show perspective.
Politicians Come, Politicians go, the human condition n struggle continues.
Which is my answer.

My job here at the Asylum is to comment on the struggle of life itself not the Politics. 
That's your business not mine, there's a curtain on that booth for a reason.
So best I can I'm gonna leave all that Polaticy Stuff to the Paid Professionals. 

I'm gonna stick to what I know.
What Crazy People Think about Life n trying to live it day to day.

I have a grandson who is cursed with my brain type.
I told him that it will be a challenge ( I was flunked in 2nd grade, had to repeat it n put in the "SLOW" kids class in 9th grade, in both cases for being a poor reader. Dyslexia ) but this unique brain we share is also the key.
Most people view life in pretty much the same way, we offer a unique perspective n point of view.

On TV you're always hearing, "think outside the box".
My grandson n I live outside that box, shit we couldn't get in that box with a hall pass.
We look like you n sound like you because we work very hard at it, but in our minds we live completely outside that box.

Our challenge is to bring interesting things to the window for you to view.
I walk on that delicate line of crazy without so far falling off.
It's actually a very blessed place to be, if you view it right.

One of my jobs is to show my grandson the good of what he n I share n not to accept other folks views of it.
I need to teach him the internal strength of conviction required to believe in yourself when you are a crowd of one.
My grandson needs to learn to embrace his inner self n view it as his strength not the weakness others try to brand it.

I am a Crazy Person, I embrace it n I own it.
I hope that there is a Pez Outlaw Movie, because it would be a win n a validation of Crazy People hiding among you.

Which part of Crazy Did You Not Understand?
Party of One, Your Table Is ready. 
I am Pez Outlaw, The Asylum is my home.

I love the Asylum, I find myself spending more n more time here. It soothes the beast. The Asylum has been hitting  5, 6 n 700 views per day over the last week or so.
I suppose that's because, if you enjoy something, others can see it.

I wish I understood how this # thing works.
Don't bother trying to explain it to me. Several already have, my eyes just got glassy n all I heard was mwwwa mwwwa # mwwwwa mwwwa. To Old, don't get it. probably never will.

Jeff, I guess you could say I checked myself into the Asylum while I wait.

Crapp, just noticed that #asylum and #theasylum are taken. I had to change it to #notesfromtheasylum
Yes, I spell crapp with 2 p's. I just think crapp should have 2 p's.
Like I've mentioned sometimes my poor grammar is intentional.
So don't automatically think that I'm iggorant. Even if you might be correct in your assumption.

#notesfromtheasylum  Like I said, I have no idea how this # thing works.

That said, I've had 1,400 combined views already today. By the end of day it should be 1500. 

Well there you go, That's Today. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary