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Mind Games #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Would I give up today for a different yesterday?
I admit, There are days that if I knew how to hack the Pez Corp Website n put the Pez Outlaw image on it, I'd do it.
But I don't n if somebody does, I had nothing to do with it.
My computer'd probably have an aneurysm if I tried.

You might be thinking that I'm trying to put ideas in somebodies head.
Hell, I'd have a stroke if somebody put the pez outlaw image on Pez Corps website.
No, I'm just hustling views, as per usual.

A better question is.
Is anybody out there a Life Hacker, because I want to Hack my life.
Change the code.
Pez Outlaw Head Games
Pez Outlaw is the biggest thing that ever hit PEZ. PERIOD!

You might be surprised to hear that the advice I got from my contacts most in Europe back in the 90s was "Quiet Please".
Please stop talking about the Pez we are selling you.
Please stop advertising the Pez we are selling you.
Generally, Please buy from us, Cash please n often as you can, but don't sell it.

The problem with there requests was, if I didn't sell I couldn't continue to buy.
This was a continuous problem that was never resolved.
Back then as today there were n are others that bought from Europe, but they played the game of quiet.
I did not.

Flamboyant, Huckster, possibly even the P.T. Barnum of Pez.
Guilty as charged.
Over 70 trips to Hungary alone n that doesn't even count Austria, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, etc.

Pez Outlaw played the Game very big n on a world stage.
Truthfully that fact was the precise problem.
The strategy was great for building the Legend of Pez Outlaw but suicide for me.

Had Pez Outlaw played it in obscurity like others, you'd have never heard of him.
Truth is I had no choice, it was always about the money.
To continue I needed it n the only way to get it was to play the game BIG.

I came from the shop/factory, meaning my financial abilities were modest.
My first Trip to Slovenia was financed by a very modest investment of $4,000.00.
Which meant from the start that I needed to start tripling every dollar.
1 for the investment, 1 for operations n 1 for reinvesting.
In short, that 1st 4,000 had to become 8,000 free n clear to go again.

My modest roots n background also came into play.
I became drunk with the success.
I enjoyed the success albeit brief.
When I'm having fun, I like everybody around me to be having fun.
Truth is that for 10yrs I believe we did all have fun.

The Roaring 90s of Pez never would have happened if I'd played it the way my contacts in Europe wanted me to.
On the other hand if I had, I'd probably still be quietly selling Pez.
No Pez Outlaw though.

Would No Pez Outlaw have been a good thing?
I don't know and probably to soon to tell anyway.

Now in my senior years, would I miss Pez Outlaw had he never existed?
Where would I be at today if I'd never met Pez Outlaw?
Would my life today be better had there never been a Pez Outlaw?
I did live very large for a decade but was that worth the last near 2 decades of grief?

Brings it back to the old question.
If you had it to do over again, would you do things different?


The Golden Age Of Pez

Most of the stories you've heard or read about Pez Outlaw are true, not all but most.
Truthfully most of it's so bizarre, nobody would believe you if you made it up.
Sometimes in the middle of offhandedly telling parts of the Pez Outlaw story to someone unaware I catch the look in there eyes or expression on there face.
At that moment I realize exactly how unbelievable n crazy the Pez Outlaw story truly is.

The Golden age of Pez was from 1950s to 1989.
The Golden age of collecting pez though was the 1990s, which is a completely different thing.
The reason I say this isn't only because the 1990s was the era of Pez Outlaw.
There were 3 other players David Welch, Johann Patek n John Laspina.

I will say this though David, Johann n John were 1 factor, Pez Outlaw without reservation was the other.
Back that up Dude, OK I sold MILLIONS of Pez from 1994 to 2001.
If you collected Pez in the 1990s, your collection had a significant # of Pez Outlaw Pez in it.
The reason is I didn't just sell my pez by myself, I also wholesaled to many dealers across the USA. 

The 1990s was that magic moment in the history of collecting Pez.As a dealer you could easily reach back a decade for product.
1980s was kinda easy.
1970s a good degree more difficult but not impossible.

The 1990s was a the time when I could gin up the enthusiasm of a hobby that had been moving at a snails pace for decades.
With the increased interest people started hunting for n finding sizable amounts of older no-feet product, which fed the enthusiasm even more.

Another reason that the 1990s was the Golden Age of Pez collecting is that there was a known achievable Universe of Pez to collect.
In the 1990s there were approx 1,000? known Pez Dispensers, unlike today where I'd estimate that Universe of Pez to have tripled, especially if you consider all the variations. 

If anyone has the stats of the known Universe of Pez dispensers including all variations at the moment?
Please provide the # for this post.
Also if you can come up withe that same exact known universe of Pez dispensers in 1999, I'd appreciate that # also.

some stats
In my years as Pez Outlaw I bought n sold well over 2 Million Pez Dispensers.
I earned $30,000.00 in one weekend at 1 Pez Convention.
My best day of sales Mail order was $15,000.00 in 1 freaking day.
In my Pez Outlaw Decade I earned 4.5 Million Dollars.
I traveled to Europe in excess of 70 times in 1 decade, + Australia n South Africa.
Pez Outlaw created The California Pez Convention n immediately GAVE IT AWAY.

In the 1990s a major cable channel contacted Pez Outlaw thinking I was Pez Corporation. 
I can't stress the significance of that enough, my activities were so "SO HUGE" at that time, they got confused.

Most of what you've heard or read about Pez Outlaw is true as remarkable as that might seem.
Looking back I even find it unbelievable. 


Fun While It Lasted

25 years ago at the age of 41 I began the decade that in a lot of ways will define my life.
In that 11 years I earned well over 4.5 million dollars.
To me this is the story of a very average middle class person who tried to achieve the American dream. When I was a very small child in the 1950s n 1960s there was a show on TV called The Millionaire if I remember that right. Each week a wealthy benefactor gave a million dollars to somebody n we got to watch how it changed that persons life.

My entire adult working life we scratched by paycheck to paycheck. Even though money was tight Kathy always tried to support my dreams. Most of my habits could have easily been described as collecting obsessively, possibly even hoarding. Then by accident I hit on the thing that would change our lives. PEZ.

At toy shows while collecting I noticed people selling Pez for crazy high prices. Then on a trip to Canada buying cereal boxes, I noticed at a Zellers that those very same PEZ were on the racks for sale at approximately $1.25. These were the same PEZ people were selling in the US at toy shows for up to $25.00 each. Even a crazy person can do that math, so I cleared the rack of everything I thought was any good.

What a lot of people might not know is that before I started my decade long adventure of traveling to Europe buying Pez n all the crazy adventures that went along with that is that for a bit over a year my adventures were traveling all over Canada scooping up everything I could find. Canada was the training ground for my next decade.

While all this was starting I was still employed as a Machinist, the trade I'd been working in for a bit over 2 decades. The company I worked for had been seeing hard times for a very long time, so as my adventures n independence picked up I told them to always lay me off first n that I would not apply for unemployment. In roughly 1994 I left the shop n became independent. 
I have to tell you that I was probably the worst employee ever. I actually yelled at the owner of the company once. Another time after a performance review I was told to sign the review, I told the foreman that he could shove it, that that was never gonna happen. I was a loner, I ate alone n did not hang with the other workers. I used to just do my job n stare at the windows dreaming of the life I wanted. All that said on my last day working there I shocked the hell out of the owner of the company by going into his office n thanking him for helping me take care of my family until I could do it on my own. I'm very proud of that moment.

My trips to Europe buying PEZ had already started before I left the shop. As the good stuff that was available in Canada was drying up a lady told me the story of "Kolinska". see chapter named Kolinska. This is when the decade that change my life began.

So far for reasons I'm not at liberty to discuss my story has been written to be about that decade, the decade of my trips n the adventures in Europe n around the world searching for Pez. With an emphasis on the father son story and of course the crazy.
Me, I just don't care, whatever sells. That decade is very important n very entertaining,  But I also feel that the next decade is very important. The first decade is about the rise, the adventure and yes the fall. The second decade is about the struggle, the sense of loss n failure. Then the fight, the belief in the ability of one insignificant person's ability to fight back. 
I started writing Pez Outlaw Diary in about 2005. Part therapy, part defiance, born of the belief that I could right the wrong I believe Pez Corporation perpetrated on my company and my family. Do you have any idea how lonely it is to fight something alone, when you are the only one that thinks what you are doing has a prayer in hell. I know that after the Playboy article and maybe a movie, people will think "wow lucky him". What nobody can see is the over a decade of work n believing in myself that it took to get here.

I believe that there will be a Pez Outlaw Movie (contractually I'm not allowed to say it any different). It really is a damn good story. Then there we go again, just like that show from when I was a kid "The Millionaire" we get to watch how a benefactors interest in someone changes there life. What you won't see is the pain, struggle and a persons belief in himself that after a decades hard work got us here.

The pictures actually say it all.
Think about it, at one time this was my life.
These 3 piles represent approx 1 trip to Europe n only half of what I had of each item.
Multiply the 3 piles by over 70 n you still are thinking only by Halves.
The red pile is the best example, I had Hundreds of piles like the red one of different character Pez Dispensers.

My joy was always in the possession of the piles of Pez, not the money.
Shipping containers filled with pez were the biggest rush.
I'm an obsessive compulsive n lots, does it for me.

Notes From The Asylum is about to cross the 300,000 views milestone.
A special thanks to the Nation of Slovakia for over 120,000 of those views.
Pez Outlaw is VERY BIG in Slovakia.
Or is Notes From The Asylum BIG in Slovakia?

Thank You.
Pez Outlaw. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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