Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Plagiarism? Clare McCaldin #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Slovakia, Somebody Stole Our Blog!

I was advised to "Pick Your Battles".
Here's the problem with that.
Every time I spend years building something, someone comes along n steals it from me.
Is that ever acceptable?

Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott are using the title of this blog "Notes From The Asylum" for there new album.
I created Notes From The Asylum in August of 2015.
To verify my claim to the name Notes From The Asylum you only have to do a google search.
Not to mention the current 216 posts, which does not including the hundreds I've deleted.

Years ago I took great care in selecting the name Notes From The Asylum n made sure in a google search that it did not exist prior to August of 2015.
I do not pay for placement in google searches so it was important that the title of this blog be unique.
Before the Clare McCaldin album if you searched Notes From The Asylum you got my blog, now there is no mention of my blog, only there album.

The fact that there album has replaced my blog in search results are the Damages to my work.
I respect the work of Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott, I just wish they'd respect almost 2yrs of my work.

My writing good or bad that it might be is my work n my ART, which deserves the same respect you expect for yours.
I'm always hearing about Artists wanting the rights of there work protected.
What about the rights of my work?

Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott, in your album it would appear that you are trying to give voice to crazy people.
I am one of those crazy people fighting the good fight for sanity.
My blog Notes From The Asylum has been the most important therapy I've found in my 65yrs to understand this life.
Then you Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott come along n just rip my work out of my hands like I'm nothing.

Do you Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott not do exactly the opposite of your albums stated goals by taking Notes From The Asylum from me.
I can tell you this much Clare McCaldin, Libby Burgess n Catriona Scott mentally I had a very bad day yesterday.
A voice in my head caught traction yesterday saying, What's the point of continuing this fight 
for sanity. 

Clare McCaldin, in 65yrs of struggle Notes From The Asylum is the most important thing I've ever done.
My hopes even if unrealistic have been that Notes From The Asylum might be a book with my name on it one day.
Can you imagine the joy of redemption that turning my struggle with sanity into a book would give me.

To have created something of value with Notes From The Asylum, something others value.
I can't help feeling a callous disregard by you for the real crazies out here that you profess to champion with the songs on this album.      

How do you miss that somebody is already using a title like Notes From The Asylum with 415,000 views.
I post mercilessly from NFTA Daily. 
Forgive me but I'm just getting so tired of the rich n powerful taking anything they want from the rest of us like we are nothing.  

Feels like someone is taking something from me, again.see Pez Outlaw Diary

Subject of my concern below.

Notes from the Asylum
Album by Catriona Scott, Clare McCaldin, and Libby Burgess

Notes from the Asylum - McCaldin ArtsMcCaldin Arts
Notes From The Asylum, Clare McCaldin's second solo CD recording with Champs Hill Records is released on 29 April 2016.
After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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