Saturday, February 6, 2016

NAKED DREAM! #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I bet you thought I was gonna talk about ambition or Pez Outlaw after that title.
Nope, this is that old classic that plays out nightly around the world.
Though I doubt many of us have had the TV classic of Naked in front of our class.

Maybe not a lot but often enough.
We all have them, yes I'm talking about the dreams where you are naked.
Don't tell me I'm the only one who has naked dreams, slow n can't get to or catch something or someone or dreams where you fly.

Most of us, including myself watch our dreams passively.
We let these little buggers torment us at will.
Sometimes for me though, I step in n change the script.

I have an eject button I can push at any time I like when dreaming.
The unique thing is my dream conscious knows it. 
If I don't like a dream n want to end it, my character in the dream just closes his eyes real tight n I wake up.

Well last night I had a new one.
My character was walking along in a ditch of a construction site.
While walking I realized I was naked.
I remember thinking, Oh Hell No, Not this again.
I don't know how but I willed a pair of pants n put them on as I was climbing over the edge where people could see me.

Interesting thing was this, I think it took so much willpower to get that pair of pants that I woke up.
I think my subconscious threw me out of the dream for intruding on his domain. 
I'll tell you this though, I was just not in the mood to be humiliated by my subconscious once again last night.
Sometimes you just gotta say Bullshit, not this again, no thanks.

The Joke I guess is.
I even get kicked out of my own dreams because I refuse to just go along with the script as written.

Kathy said that that was an unusual dream, you know to take charge of a dream. 
I don't know about that, I don't think about things like that.
What I do know is that reality can suck n suck a lot, but to be also tormented at night in dreams.
Nope, I'd had enough.

I've been dealing with inner conflict my whole life.
In that conflict someone must take charge.
After a lifetime of this my mind has evolved to this.
That it might manifest in my dreams was admittedly unusual, but then again wouldn't it.

When your young you enjoy sex dreams, lie if you want but we know the truth.
At this age, if I can gain further control of my dreams, I would have more dreams where I fly.
I have flight dreams but nowhere near as often as I'd like.

In Dreams, I used to be able to just lift myself off the ground through a rise in my chest.
Once n only once, I shout like a bat outa hell into outer space, man I'd like to do more of that dream.
You know, dream about flying in space n traveling to the moon.
Walk around on other planets like strolling around the farm.

I can't control life, though through work I can improve my odds.
Dreams though should be under my domain of control.
If I can will a pair of pants in a naked dream, why shouldn't I be able to write more of the script in my dreams.

What I'm saying is that I've slowly gained a conscious foothold in my dream state.
I know I'm there watching while dreaming.
I can eject if I desire n I can will a pair of pants.
I need to raise my consciousness just a bit more in my dreams so I can do things I want to do.

I will admit a downside.
When I woke from that dream where I willed pants, it took a minute to trust reality. 
I've always had my doubts about reality but tin foil hatted that one away.

I believe that I could if I chose have a firmer grip on reality n walk with you more.
Problem is when I'm there I get terribly depressed.
So I choose to walk closer to imaginary than reality.
I choose to see things others don't.
I open up my reality to a perception that suites me. 

That's why things that boggle the minds of some folks don't bother me.
I don't need to understand why, all I need to understand is how to do it.
You do this, then you do that n you get what you want or need.
The why or how it works is just a waste of brain cells.

Anyway, yeah naked dreams, reality etc.
Just that old yarn.
Admittedly there is more to this, but that shit just bores the story. 

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.


Pez Outlaw Diary

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