Thursday, March 30, 2017

Own Who You Are. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Own Who or What You Are. Be The Writer Of How The World Views You

When you clicked on this you opened the door to the Asylum.
So if you made a mistake, I will pause for a moment while you run for your sanity.

OK, we're back.

Notes from the Asylum is about the Twisty turns of the mind, picking up discarded things from the floor of your mind. Dusting them off n looking at them. that's the intent part.

The interpretation part is what you the reader are bringing to the table as you read this.
Well now that I've put us both down this rabbit hole, how do I get us out of here?

I guess I'm saying that the Asylum is a thought experiment. 
Playing with the mind in public.
Oh Yeah n it amuses me.

Your interpretation might be different, fair enough.
Last night I was watching something on tv n it involved crazy.
I got feeling kinda bad for some people who are trying to deal with crazy n not winning.
I've sorta found a middle ground with crazy, one I think I'm coping with.

I've decided to use crazy as a skill set, instead of letting it use me.
65yrs n it doesn't look like crazy is going away any time soon.
So I can either be a victim or figure out how to make crazy carry it's share of the work.
I'm not afflicted by crazy, crazy is an integral part of who I am.
The crazy in me is what makes me unique.
Crazy is what gives me a very different perspective on life n living it.

You can try for a lifetime to outrun crazy n never win.
You can give up, medicate n be crazies victim.
I choose to find the good in something I can not escape.
Each part of crazy has it's own unique assets if you look hard enough.

I've tried a lifetime to imitate others, be like you.
Guess what, it made me miserable n I failed to be like you.
Well if I can't outrun this Bastard then maybe I'd better do my best to make peace with him.
When you try to outrun crazy you just give him more power over you.
I've decided to meet with crazy n allow him to share my voice.
Keep your enemies close, so you can keep a better eye on them.

It took almost 30 years. Others aren't as lucky.
I make lite of it cause it's part of the coping.
I do not make lite of the struggle others are facing n do not suggest what works for me would work for anyone else.
Hopefully though some might find encouragement in the things I write.
I also want to remove the stigma attached to crazy.
We are unique n I don't mean special like that.
I mean sincerely that we bring a rare unique view with different approaches to things.

Own Who or What You Are. Be The Writer Of How The World Views You.
Which is why I avoid mirrors. I do not want any physical representation in what I project as who I am.

Below is a post that failed to get the required # of views to stand on it's own.
I put it here though because it contains info that might be useful.

Jeff Maysh #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Jeff Maysh seemed disappointed when my thoughts regarding my youth for the Pez Outlaw book were at best my disinterest.
Here's my reason.
I have a very strong dislike of my past, I don't like who I was at all.
You name the time period, all I have for it is regret n sadness.

I find thinking about my past very unsettling mentally.
I've worked very hard every day of my life to be better than who I was yesterday.
Memories of who I was only get in the way of who I want to be.

I've got what I think is a really good solution to this obstacle.
As we know everybody colors there memories of the past so that they can live with themselves.
Therefore a lot of Biographies seem a bit self serving.

A more accurate version of who we were is in the eyes of those around us at the time.
Which brings me to my idea.
I think Jeff should use his recorder on my 4 brothers n get them to tell it.
The way my brothers saw me would I feel tell the story more accurately.

If it's written from my point of view it will just be self serving.
My youth as seen by my brothers, I think might tell a more interesting story.
I can live with the way they saw it.

I don't fear the truth of my past.
I just don't want to relive it.
My only thoughts are of today n tomorrow.
I block out as much of my past as I can.
If a memory of the past creeps into my mind, I go into overdrive to push it out.

In the 1990s I listened to motivational speakers on tape.
Part of the reason I was able to even be Pez Outlaw.
The motivational guy I liked best referred to bad memories you dredge up to sabotage yourself as weeds.

Here's the thing for me about thinking about the past. 
I'm good for a few seconds but then my mind segues to the worst thought it can, just to screw with me.
Being aware that this is how my mind works I just head the whole process off by not thinking about the past at all.

So let my brothers tell it n that way I don't have to think about it.
I'm good with who my brothers saw me as.
You can include Doug Wallet for my drinking n drug years.

My battle with the demons in my head were not seen by most.
Only Kathy knows.
It's always been in my head, rarely seen by the world around me. 

Which is also why recent entreaties to relive old angers n hatreds seem trivial.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Larry the cat n a dog named 8o8 #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Squirrel's n Slinky's 

There's a video of a squirrel trying to climb the post of a Bird feeder. 
The human attached a slinky to the bottom of the bird feeder that continues down over the top half of the pole.
The squirrel gets halfway up then gets on the slinky n back down to the ground he goes.
No animals were harmed in this video.

Got me thinking about words that are just funny all by themselves.
Squirrel, Slinky n a cat named Larry fall in this category.

A Cat named Larry

I've recently started watching Modern Family. Last nights episode dealt with the little girls cat who had been missing for 3 days. Being a comedy they no doubt spent a lot of time deciding what the funniest name for her cat would be.
It's not making fun of the name Larry to think that the name Larry for a cat is hilarious.

From the cat's point of view I'm sure he would say.

You can call me Larry, as long as I get paid.

For the record, I once had a dog named BoB.
BoB, liked to play with yo yo's.

Every Bull Mastiff I've ever had was a clepto.
They'd steal anything they could reach.
Cell Phones, car keys, tissue boxes n T-P are favorites.

There was one dog though that was a specialist.
A Blue Heeler named Jake that only stole money n he'd take it straight to Kathy.
He always seemed very disappointed when we'd return the money.

The point besides just being funny

After the article came out, Kathy asked. 
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? 
Have you read this? April 2015 Playboy "the Pez Outlaw"
You realize you come off fairly cray-cray.

real simple answers, not in order. 
If I get paid, no I do not care.

In life we all become what or who we need to be to get paid. 
We become Doctors, lawyers, factory workers, salesmen or in my case Pez Outlaw.

Don't you care at all what people think of or about you? 
answer, no I do not. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, March 13, 2017

What The Hell Bárbara Ayuso? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

What the hell n where did this come from?
It reminds me of how you start a story at one end of a chain of 100 people whispered one to another, this story is the 100th person at the end of whisper chain.

This article/story has to many errors n inaccuracies to even start to rebut it.
2 notes.
Next person who wants to write something on my story, maybe you at least talk to me.
I write at least 3 posts a week in Notes From The Asylum Notes From The Asylum #pezoutlaw #hollywood

For the record, I have between 12 n 20 blogs not just 1 with over a million views.
What self respecting crazy person only has 1 blog.
Do your research, don't just make stuff up.
Notes from the Asylum alone has over 200 posts n 385,000 views.
Add to that number approx 90,000 impressions per month on my tweets.

I gotta tell ya the thing that bothered me most about this story was the disdain n judgement by the writer toward Pez Outlaw.
Almost like poor n middle class Americans shouldn't aspire for a better life because we don't deserve it or something.
Please read, We Dream Of More #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Because you wrote about me without asking or consulting in any fashion I feel free to repost it. 

Question, Have you finally made it when people start writing really crazy shit about you?
Is that when you are a legend when myth n lies run parallel to truth.

Oh yeah, You say redneck in the title like it's a bad thing.
But YES, I'M A REDNECK n very proud of it, thank you very much n "Bless Your Heart".
You gotta be redneck to get the meaning of the "quote". 

A Couple of notes here on etiquette
Rednecks can say Redneck, you can't or it's a slur.
Crazy people can talk about being crazy as in schizophrenic, compulsive obsessive, etc or the word crazy. Outsiders can't or it's a slur.
Yes there are rules about crazy.

You ever hear the one about how you should never pick a fight with media because they buy ink by the barrel.
I wonder, I'm just saying is that old saying voided if the protagonist is crazy.
(protagonist, meaning 'player of the first part, chief actor', the main character in any story, such as a literary work or drama) forgive me I love doing that.

Cage Match - crazy person vs ink by the barrel.
Who Wins?

Story Under the Fold.

Let's be honest about something though, you thought you were attacking some rube, redneck, hillbilly.
To your surprise you got me.
This is the Pez Outlaw way.

Here's the honest bit.
Your actions in writing this piece betray your words.
The fact that you chose to spend your precious time writing about Pez Outlaw only proves it has merit n value.

Writers only choose topics of value to write about.
If there is no challenge or revealing, why waste the brain cells on it.
Writers only challenge things of merit or high visibility, otherwise, what's the upside.
You can't look superior if you choose something of no value.

You don't write about dirt, do you.
Why because not everybody can't make dirt interesting or funny.
I can n have but I'd challenge you to try.

My work is all original in concept of thought.
I do not try to ride someone else's wave.
I write because it's the only way I can get the thought's out of my head.

You should have visited Notes From The Asylum before you wrote your piece on Pez Outlaw.
I've grown a great deal since writing Pez Outlaw Diary.
My writing style, the layout of my blog suites me, it's not meant to suit you.
People that come to Pez Outlaw or Notes From The Asylum either get my work or they don't.

My work is not meant for everybody.
If you bring bias or preconceived notions to it, you're never going to see it's value.
To be honest in that case it was never was meant for you.
I believe completely in my work n believe others will see it's value someday. 

I thank you sincerely though.
Your story provide me this opportunity n I kinda like how this turned out.
Hey, I got 2,000 views outa it, so Thank you.
Thought is sparked not created from a void. 

I would also like to note that all comments or attempts to rebut this story by me have been blocked to date.
So let me get this right.
You write a story about me without contacting me.
Once published I'm further not allowed to comment on a story about me.

I'm not positive, but I don't think that that's how it's supposed to work, at least not to this Redneck.
Just the same, All the best n "bless your heart".

OK, I said all that, now I'll let you in on a secret.
I really don't care what people write about me.
In truth this story doesn't anger me in the slightest.
This post is just an exorcise in correcting the record, not emotional.
I wish no one ill, especially Barbara Ayuso, in fact I invite her to write another story, possibly on Notes From The Asylum. 
One last thing for the record Barbara, I sold both of my Banana Frosted Flakes cereal boxes to pay bills.

Now I'm really confused.
How am I supposed to know what's right from wrong if the staff here at the Asylum tell me that what I'm doing is Okay.
Man I can't lose an argument no matter how hard I try. 
Well Whatever, got my crayons out n gonna have some fun.
Yes to a crazy person this is fun.

For The record.
Jeff Maysh n only Jeff Maysh has the rights to write about Pez Outlaw.
Unless permission is granted.

Jeff Maysh only, can say anything he likes about me, we shook on it. 
A handshake has no expiration date.

Bárbara Ayuso, you wrote that I had 1 blog like it was pitiful.
Here's a partial list of my blogs
Notes From The Asylum
Pez Outlaw Diary
The Cereal Box Price Guide
Redneckology The Barrel Book
The Legend of Ghost Dog
Used Dogs intro
All are concepts for proposed books.
Remember I'm only crazy if it doesn't work, then seriously who cares.

If you've been following me n my writing here at Notes From The Asylum at all, you really gotta read this article.

The article below was written in Spanish n translated using google translate.
Otherwise it is shown here as written.

Link to the Spanish Article.

Arte y Letras, Historia, Sociedad

The other story of the PEZ candy or the legend of a redneck

Published by Bárbara Ayuso

Pez Outlaw Diary.Steve Glew wanted to be a legend, but he only has one blog. Like most, it updates little. The log is just one more fish
Of the school of Internet, with a disjointed and uncomfortable design. Pure rudiment. Maybe it's all that could be expected from the blog of a guy from Michigan who barely makes it to the end of the month and writes interspersing lowercase and capital letters without any concert. But this redneck, as he himself defines himself, continues to shed his existence by chapters in that virtuality
Ignota, sustained by a certain stimulus: his life will end up being a movie. It's just a matter of time. It's not vain hope. Steve Glew is so convinced that for a decade he lived for posterity, which has put it on sale. Press
The F5 hoping that one day, any Hollywood director or producer will stop with the Amazon page where he offers all he has left: "Diario del Pez Outlaw: Book and Film Rights". An authentic bargain and also a real bargain: two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the policy of a history of spies, action, villains and heroes, war of the Balkans, contraband, millions of dollars and PEZ candy.
Steve does not fantasize who he will play on the screen, but he has carefully selected what should be the first sequences of overproduction; Which would offer a juicy glimpse of how an ex-addict came to win four and a half million dollars in just ten years, shaking one of the most powerful companies in North America.
January 1994. Border between Austria and Hungary. Between the thick snow that covers the checkpoint, one of the guards gives the stop to a small vehicle, driven by a man of about forty years of leafy beard and dark glasses. In the passenger's seat his son sleeps, in his twenties. The driver climbs trembling, dressed in a long raincoat, a blue velvet tracksuit and running shoes. They are two Americans, the Glew, who according to their passport have crossed a newly divided Yugoslavia after landing in Slovenia without luggage. What the document does not say is that the couple had thousands of dollars stuck under their clothes. The guard peers a military sack in the back seat, and points it with his semiautomatic rifle: "Hold him! Quick!
The guard is not in the mood. With their feet in an Eastern Europe recently devastated after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, they are not the first to cross the border loaded with grenades or machine guns. The rest of the military come to surround the vehicle, while the driver says in a trembling voice that his son needs an aspirin. The merchandise they carry in the military bag spills out when they pull it out of the back seat. They are not weapons. Hundreds of PEZ candy dispensers have been scattered over the snow, carpeted in children's colored plastic that become unexpectedly sordid on that stage. The guard picks up one of a smiling Santa Claus and scans him trying to figure out what's going on.
Although fascinated by this bizarre scene, Steve prefers the film to start with another piece of his story, after a black screen with mysterious white letters: "Kolinska." The word that caused it to end on that border between Hungary and Austria; And everything that happened later. A magic word, that of the "fairy tale that changed my life forever," he says.
It was 1993 and Steve was setting up his booth at a toy convention in Michigan, where he laid out rows and rows of PEZ candy containers unheard of in the United States. Steve-jasper barbed, narrow jaw, waistband trimming his prominent waist-had been addicted to this addiction for two years Compulsive disorder diagnosed as a syndrome of repetitive acquisition, which had replaced the former (collecting toys from cereal boxes), which in turn had also replaced the former (drugs and alcohol). When the need tightened even more and in his family farm without light and heating began to shorten also the food, sold everything and focused in those molds of Candies with heads of famous people. Collectors traveled miles and miles to get odd editions, for which they paid increasingly large numbers. So Steve started making inroads into Canada to collect those pieces of plastic that were already part of popular culture, and then sold them and mailed eccentrics from around the country. Profits were more than 500%. He could have stayed like this in an embryonic black market, but at that Michigan convention his way crossed a woman carrying the Holy Grail: an unusual and unique candy container called Silver Glow PEZ.
"Where did you get that?" Steve asked, hypnotized. "All you need to know is" Kolinska, "she replied.
It turned out that its yellow tile path did not end in the enigmatic Kolinska (a packaging plant in Slovenia) but a few kilometers and a lot of altercations beyond. His particular Oz was in Ormož, near the border with Croatia, immersed in a bloody war. So far Steve and his son Joshua moved, taking the first plane of his life that would take them out of the country for the first time. In that factory, an old building of the KGB, they made with the first shipment of dispensers PEZ, of extravagant forms and colors. Thanks to a factory worker nicknamed Elvis, father and son achieved models rejected by the company, leaving the magín of the Slovenian, which defied every limit. Steve remembers especially the pang of emotion when contemplating that black Santa Claus that later would be quoted in the North American market above the thousand dollars. Before, they should have crossed that border of the Austro-Hungarian border, stringing blackmail, episodes with prostitutes, trips to and from Budapest and lies in bulk.
It was the first of many incursions in Eastern Europe of father and son. After Slovenia came Hungary, barely two weeks later, and the finding of the Jánossomorja factory, where the manager of the PEZ headquarters in the country (a guy whom Steve called Geppetto) gave them free way to get all the dispensers that They could carry, at a ridiculous price. Over time, he ended up making exclusive dispensers for them - and, of course, outside the company - multiplying the visits of the Glew to his installation. They got out of there with bags full of Bugs Bunny or Coyote heads, which back in Michigan translated into twenty thousand dollars tax-free.
The boom lasted nearly a decade, where Steve sold more than two million PEZ dispensers, paid over $ 100,000 in bribes, and forgot about the light and heating problems of his farm, where he could build up a stable of horses. The profits surpassed four million dollars. The infrastructure seemed so solid and the illicit business so prosperous that an office with five workers was needed to orchestrate everything. Collective fury and political turmoil had built up his empire.Illustration: relajaelcoco.
But Bernard Shaw already said that there is no man who can live on the highest summits for a long time and it was Steve himself who took down the slope. Sick of ambition and a bipolar disorder he refused to deal with, he began to unravel. "I will not medicate myself at all, I have finally found a use for my madness!" He bellowed, dynamiting without knowing the wizards of an illegal business based on discretion. The PEZ Outlaw starred recklessly in the conventions, boasting of its power and its millions. He threw dispensers from the window of his Jeep and showed up at meetings dressed up as a bear. A bear that was taken for invincible, owner and lord of a Brand that did not really belong to him. The noise surpassed the recommended decibels when a collector, the Austrian Johann Patek, refused to sell to Steve the valuable editions of dispensers he owned. The American smuggler showed up at his house to steal them, with a beard and an anger to Charles Manson and a single objective: to eliminate him from his territory. The thing ended with a chase in car of Steve to Patek by all Austria, of which the first one left airing bribing to the traffic guards with PEZ dispensers filled with dollars.
The villain the story of Steve Glew promised is not the Austrian collector, but the owner of the PEZ corporation, Scott McWhinnie, who liked to be called "Pezident" in a pun of originality. From the official franchise they stopped being alien to the millions of illegal dispensers that already circulated throughout Europe and the United States, and they chose to face it with the only possible alternative. The smuggler had to be crushed. Steve checked it on the spot in 1997 during one of his visits to the factories of Jánossomorja: it had ceased to be the Fish in command and the pleitosia disappeared. Geppetto, Elvis and the rest of his associates had received strict instructions from the top of the company and could not provide him with more dispensers. The molds had been destroyed.
So he played it all to a letter. Dead the contraband route, was launched to the manufacture. He invested a large part of his fortune in creating the dispensers himself. It was not enough and he borrowed to the absurd, to create out of nowhere 134,000 copies of exclusive design that came to Michigan in a huge container in April 1998. Steve believed that would be the definitive blow that would make millions at the Cleveland Convention.
But PEZ had already stopped looking the other way and, on the very day of the inauguration, issued a statement that directly affected the waterline of Steve's business: "Those copies are fakes," the company said. The collectors then fled the product that Steve had made so costly, who returned to his farm with two tons of plastic and a bankruptcy guessing under the beard. PEZ had killed him financially. In the aftermath of the fall of the contrabandistic empire, the PEZ company also allowed itself to boast of its victory. Steve discovered it surfing the internet, after being forced to sell all his belongings and return to a
Misery that looked a lot like the place where it started. A new section called "Misfit Dispenders" had been incorporated on the official website of the franchise, where the corporation released strange dispensers, copies of which Steve Glew had manufactured. I had lost everything, even that. He reduced his specimens to ashes and buried them in his backyard, next to his failure.
"This story is all I have," Steve announces with thick red letters on his blog. "But it's not entirely true. A year ago the rights to its history are no longer available on Amazon. According to some unofficial sources, producer David Klawans (who one day read a story about six Americans escaping from the Iranian embassy and later turning it into the Oscar-nominated Argo) got them. Before, he called his friend journalist Jeff Maysh, who published a piece of Steve's incredible story in Playboy magazine. Since then, redneck has stopped updating his blog.
Now, Steve Glew has something else: an imprecise hope. And also a plan B hidden in the basement, in the form of dozens of boxes of cereals, of strange editions, between which counts a prized "Kellog's Bannan Frosted Flakes" that the most dedicated collectors ambition. Maybe Steve, after all, ends up being a legend. My name is Pez outlaw. For eleven years I lived a life that was more a fantasy than a reality. In those eleven years I gained about 4.5 million dollars. World looking PEZ dispensers. My opponent in this venture was the president of PEZ Corporation, Scott McWhinnie.


This post n the last weeks use of it is known in certain circles as the Pez Outlaw treatment.
For Pez Corporation it lasted almost 2 decades.

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, March 6, 2017

FREAK SHOW! REDUX #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

adjective: redux
brought back; revived.

Step right up..................
Cease fool, you already did that.

FREAK SHOW! 1 thin dime

The Rest Of The Story

The other night I watched a really interesting documentary about Frank Zappa.
For all the far out behavior, he started out clean cut on a Steve Allen show n ended adapting his work to Symphony Orchestras in Europe.

Zappa like Pez Outlaw was very popular in Eastern Europe.
Zappa Czechoslovakia, Pez Outlaw Slovakia.
What's the attraction of Freaks to old Eastern Block countries.

I say Freaks for the following reason.
Zappa in the documentary pointed out that he'd always been a Freak never a Hippie.
I remember that distinction, many of us made it with pride in the 1960s. 

The particular group I ran with also made that distinction, we were Freaks not Hippies.
Freaks were the Hippies that could think or were more outside the box.
Believe it or not Hippies were conformists that spouted a uniform philosophy n even had a Hippie uniform.

Hippies, Peace, Love you man etc.
Hippies spouted n played by the script.
Freaks were screw you n screw your concept of the world.
Freaks wanted to find a different path or in Zappa's case, tell a new n different story.

Did we succeed, For most of us no.
Zappa succeeded in his quest to tell a unique story.
Zappa's body of work speaks for itself.
You don't have to like Zappa's music to know it was great anymore than you do with say Miles Davis.
Pez Outlaw, time will tell, the end is yet to be written.

As Pez Outlaw I lived a unique life n now am attempting to tell a unique story through Pez outlaw Diary n Notes From The Asylum.
I took the world as I found it and hunted for every loophole I could find.
My Pez Outlaw years were nothing more than exploiting a loophole in the systems structure created by Pez Corporation.

Now as the biographer of Pez Outlaw's life I'm again exploiting a loophole.
If you write the history when no one else will, then you write what becomes the History of that time. 
Pez Outlaw Diary is the record of what happened.
Notes From The Asylum is the peak behind the curtain into the mind of Pez Outlaw.

I write Notes From The Asylum with an eye to Frank Zappa n Andy Warhol.
Both are kinda my Heroes.
I don't have to get or understand everything they did to appreciate the body of the accomplishment.

Zappa once said that the body of his work was one continuous story not a group of fragments.
To me both Zappa n Warhols work should be viewed as a body of work not in pieces.
In the same vain that life is a long act of performance art I include Pez Outlaw.
If you want to say to a lesser extent, I will live with that.
Though like I said, The end of the Pez Outlaw story is not written yet, there are many players including myself still writing it.

1967 was a very important year in my young life.
I turned 16 n these 2 albums were released that year n helped shape the direction of my life.
Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles n Absolutely Free by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention.

1967 was also probably my last year of innocence.
16 was approx the year my demons arrived.
the next 40yrs were going to be my trial by fire.

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Friday, March 3, 2017

Oedipus, NFTA75k #pezoutlaw #hollywood

4sale 75k Notes From The Asylum by Pez Outlaw

The Son Becomes The Father, but not the other thing.

After the last office party we had here at the Asylum I was very reluctant to allow another.
When Notes From The Asylum hit 400,000 views I had no choice but to allow it.
All the voices in my head were there, making for a very raucous event indeed.
There was Cake.

I sorta get it.
I mentioned this milestone to several people from the outside world n got nothing.
The problem is I was reluctant to spell out why it's so significant, so now I will.

Pez Outlaw Diary has been up for approx a decade n I've been actually working on it for 15yrs.
In that decade Pez Outlaw Diary has received roughly 366,000 views.
Notes From The Asylum will have been up 2yrs in the coming August.
Meaning in less than 2yrs NFTA has exceeded a decades work on Pez Outlaw Diary.

I was reluctant to spell this out because I worried this revelation might hurt Pez Outlaw Diary.
This morning I decided that since Notes From The Asylum was created to help illuminate the mind of Pez Outlaw, so why not.
When I signed the original contracts for Pez Outlaw I knew that a lot of waiting was next.
Meaning I needed something to stay busy n pass the time.

Initially I created NFTA to provide details about how the mind of Pez Outlaw works for the scriptwriter.
Nobody asked for it but I figured it couldn't hurt.
I believe I was right because I've been told, "keep doing what you're doing".

What I never counted on was that this side-venture into the workings of my mind would surpass what it was created from/for.
Notes From The Asylum has been very illuminating.
Because of NFTA I've finally moved on from 15yrs of anger n obsession with Pez Outlaw Diary.

When Notes From The Asylum started showing me that it was going to pass Pez Outlaw Diary in 1/5 the time, I was kinda shocked.
How was it that busy work was becoming more successful than where it sprang from.
The answer is easy.
Pez Outlaw Diary is confined to the parameter of the Pez Outlaw story.
Notes From the Asylum has no boundaries it can go anywhere n be about anything.

I hope this share passes muster.
There would be no Notes From The Asylum without Pez Outlaw Diary.
So NFTA's crazy success should not diminish the value of it's predecessor.

I'm sorta over the moon about the success of Notes From The Asylum.
Thank you for all the views n I especially thank Slovakia for almost half of those 368,000 views.

Management released the following statement.
Trust me, I'm out here in the trenches every day.
This is significant. 

last 24hrs
Slovakia      1229

United States

no idea why NFTA resonates so strong in Slovakia
I'm just grateful.

The new goal of 1million views for Notes From The Asylum begins today.

4sale 75k Notes From The Asylum by Pez Outlaw

I've assemble the top 50 posts on Notes From The Asylum as rated by views as a sampler.
This offer includes all posts in Notes From The Asylum.
I'm offering the publishing rights to Notes From The Asylum for $75,000.00
Plus industry norm per book royalties.

This offer is only for the book publishing right nothing else.
I retain all other Trademarks and rights.
Movie n other rights are not included in this offer.

Top 50 n most recent posts. as rated by views.

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Another Day in Paradise #pezoutlaw #hollywood.

for the record. yesterday was the worst day of the year. 
weather wise. even smokey horse had to come in. 
weeks of rain n mud climaxing in rain, snow, wind, cold n mud.
Smokey Horse /old stumpy had had enough n was shivering.
When old stumpy is shivering, it's bad.
Of course he came in to a dry stall for the night then promptly redecorated everything by morning.
1st day in several years that Smokey gave in n had to come in, that says a lot about how terrible the weather was yesterday.

No news. 
Days keep ticking down.
Nothing to show for it.

My thoughts betray me. 
I'm outa sink with reality. 
How do I reconcile belief.

It was the view from the Asylum.
The struggle, a path not chosen.
Failure, lack of imagination.

Simplicity not introspective.
Run to safety.
Mediocrities shines dimly.

Words spoken but never asked.
Blinded to what could have been.
Acceptance is all that's left.

Catch the pony.
Ride the dream.
Tomorrow shines Bright.

Sorta tired today.
Not sure I've got much to add.
Not in tip top form.

About every other week I think that I've written about everything I could possibly have to say.
Then life hands me a new post.

The Asylum in Notes From The Asylum is about being diminished/relegated to the purgatory of my own mind.
The Notes are thoughts I smuggle out of the prison of my mind.

This process is very odd for others to watch.
Know me long n you know my words are chosen, not random.
My words have purpose, especially when I seem to be rambling.
Other times my words are just building walls to keep people out or placate.
I call that Verbal Wallpaper or just wallpapering. 

The other day in answer to a question I was told.
Keep doing what you're doing.
That I can do. 


Today's a very big day which required a very big push.
In less than 2yrs Notes From The Asylum has passed all other endeavors.
The success of NFTA has been at a near rate of 10x.
Very proud today. 

"Notes From The Asylum" Done, mission accomplished. NFTA Now Rules The Universe. #pezoutlaw #hollywood.



The process of getting back to basics as a person is essential to survival when life gets rough.
People around me may have money but I will never carry money again in my life.
I just want to securely maintain my little world n meander around within it.
I'm at peace with that. 

Of all the things I've built or created over the last 20yrs I'm proudest of this building.
This project was the perfect exercise of finding the good within the bad.
I created a silk purse out of a sows ear by taking a building that was a total eyesore n turning it into a tight building.
Truly proud of it n never tire of looking at it.
If you know the whole story, This building represents the best of who I am now.
see  Fence Post, post. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw...

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Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wha-cha Doin? #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

This is actually something my Daughter inlaw says to me or her kids when we are doing something squirrely. 
No excuse, I used it here just because I wanted to.
So much of what I do here in the Asylum would fall under the question, Whatcha Doin?

"Whatcha Doin" is meant as a polite if not humorous call from reality to return.
The choice to return to reality is up to you. 
Personally I've got a bit more to do here before I can return.

Unfortunately, just this morning I was Told "Keep doing what you're doing".
So you can see, I have no choice but to play here a while.
Then there'd be the next thing n you know this guys the only person for that.

Which in the end means I probably won't be returning.
It's like a Mars mission, a one way trip.
The trick n it's always been that way is to separate them.

Pez Outlaw is the character that that life is poured into.
The writer here in the Asylum is the sought out conscious require for this task.
Then there is me, the Hermit that wants none of what those other 2 guys are up to. 

Full circle, "Whatcha Doin"?
It's complicated.
Not sure even I understand.
I just know it's what I need to do.


Everybody says you should take precautions, so you do. Somehow the unwelcome guest shows up anyway.

Slowly the dominoes fall over the whole family.

Who started this anyway?
Kathy says, better not to know, wouldn't want to harbor ill will.

Seriously though, any day, any day.
Wanding every visitor for hidden objects.

5 days now n like fish it's beginning to smell.
Beginning to wear on me mentally.

Dude, what in God's name are you whining about?
Got the Flu for Christmas at a family gathering.

Wanted dirt, got the flu. Santa's a real kidder. 
Luckily we have a porta john for outside work. 

Better after 5 days of torment.
Went through a historic amount of TP.

I think what's got me today is mild depression.
Hey, Flu with a chaser of depression. Livin Large.

I hardly ever get sick because I have little contact with the outside world.
Unfortunately the Holidays present unavoidable exposure.

Just heard this morning. Josh, Heidie n Ri caught it in the last day or so. 
Kathy said, Don't you dare write one about vomiting n diarrhea.
We all knew I would though, didn't we.

Happy Face Icon.

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Pez Outlaw Diary

Talkin Outa Turn #pezoutlaw #hollywood

This post has been censored by my editor, Kathryn Ann.
I might add that there has been a larger than normal amount of censorship in my life lately.
I've gotten the hook, fingers across the throat to cut, strong suggestions to remove dialog n erges to tone it down in general.
My wife says NO, then it's no.

The title of this post very easily could've been, "They keep sneaking in on us".

A couple of the gals from Cindy's horse boarding facility down the road stopped by yesterday.
Told one of the gals a new horse was coming today.
She was commenting on how many boarders we have, which prompted me to say "Yeah they keep sneaking in on us".

There are 18 to 20 horses here at the moment, 1/2 are boarders n 1/2 are rescues of one type or another.
That's a bit fast but generally the situation.

We allow a very small number of folks to board here out of friendship.
We are not a boarding facility n do not want to be one.
Problem is, New Boarders keep sneaking in on us.

My n I hope our dream is to transform the farm into a horse rescue facility.
If by some miracle they make the Movie n Jeff n I write the book, that's the end game.
Get ourselves into a financial situation that we can just take care of horses that need a home.
There are just to many horses out there that need a good home or a place to live out there retirement.

The Old Man had been at several farms in his life, when he got to us he just needed his Gold Watch.

Johnny Cash - people thought they wanted him but as he was leaving (he stopped here as a transition point) he looked at me n I could very clearly hear him saying "I want to stay here"
A week later Johnny came back n that was the end of it.

Red - people paid good money for him, then he hurt himself n had a pretty bad eye injury.
Red came here to rest n be treated, we have a very good friend who helps, Dr. Katie Collier.
Red got back to 100%, then Kathy asked me if red had asked to stay yet, well that's pretty much all he'd been talking about so yeah he asked.
Why, Red's people don't want him back n asked if we'd take him.
Well Red's here now n that's the end of that.

Cowboy/Smokey/Boy n Dunkin/Dub are 2 more. 
I mean talk about great horses, Boy n Dub are Rockey Mountain Horses.
It kinda don't get better than Rockies.
Old story, Lady had 15 horses n ran completely outa money.
She did the honorable thing n just immediately gave away $2,000+ horses as fast as she could.
Unfortunately Dub n Boy had been on the short end of 15 horses n not much food.
Lots of food n years later n both Boy n Dub are magnificent.
Smokey Boy is our resident Rastafarian, He loves his dreads, rolls in mud to get them.

Tricksie - she's our little miracle worker.
We got a Boarder horse that can't make friends.
She asked Tricksie if she'd be her friend n of course tiny little tricksie she is, she said sure.
Now if you wanna bring in the big show horse, you just get Tricksie n she follows.
Ponies like Tricksie lose there homes real quick because kids outgrow them real fast.

Then you've got your old soldiers like Tenney.
Ten was a husband horse.
Husband Horses are safe horses to keep hubby happy so mamma can go riding.
Husbands move on in one fashion or another, meaning husband horses need a new home.

Honey B. - the family just moved on n horses were no longer in the plan.
Honey is just amazing, put any misfit you want in with her n she'll straighten it out within days.
Honey can be a shrew with the Wild Bunch but you bring her out n saddle her up n she then becomes the absolute best kids horse you could get.
Pen life vs arena life, two very different things.

I went through all that n that's not everybody, to illustrate the need for a home for unwanted really good horses.
I used to rebel at the thought of how many horses we had that weren't paying.
Something has happened over the last month or so though, I've made peace with reality.

My friends are these Horses n Dogs, I like them n I like talking to them.
Of course to answer your question, the horses n dogs talk to me.
I'll illustrate.

Yesterday Bo had been giving me a hard time for about n hour.
Kathy n the new gal were standin there n I said look at him starin at me.
Plain as day Bo was saying, Dude quit jackin your jaw n get on with it.
A minute or two later that potlicker started treating me like I was kinda slow.
Bo'd walk a dozen foot toward his manger then look back at me, walk another dozen foot n look at me again.

Well hell son, I ain't that slow.
So I got on with it.
You wanna hear animals talk, Pay Attention to Them.
That's it no trick, just make an effort n listen
Animals are talking to us all the time problem is that we aren't listening.
You gotta let your shit go n give them a chance to get a word in edgeways.

A lot of times when an animal starts acting out it's exactly because you are refusing to listen to there side of the story or needs.
Before you ride a horse you need to ask them how they're feelin today.
Are they sore, are there feet OK, does that gear suit ya?
Poor choice of bit, horses will tell ya what works best for them.
Saddle Fit, Dang that ones important.
Then your horse acts out n nimrod you are you blame them.

I can't tell you the number of times I've asked the following question.
Somebody will be havin a dickens of a time with there horse.
I ask them, Are you talking to him/her?

When I rode I preferred bareback, never a bit, just a halter n 1 lead rope.
We got along just fine.
Then I realized, I preferred walking in the company of a horse more than riding.
Now I just meander about n talk to them.
Folks always look funny at me.
Like, Who's he talkin to? 

Out East one time, Kathy n friends decided to go riding.
The people at the stable actually took the horse away from me because I wouldn't ride it.
I kept getting off n just walking the horse.
For some reason they got really pissed. 
Fair enough, because to be honest there stupidity really pissed me off.

So like I said These animals are my friends.
I enjoy talking to them n doin for them.
I'll tell ya what also.
You get in a corner with a horse n he'll give ya the benefit of the doubt in a pinch.

Yesterday I had to open a pen n prep it for that new horse that was sneakin in.
When I got ready to leave, there I was 30ft from the open gate on the tractor.
Old Busta came charging at me n that open gate.
Cover your ears I curse sometimes, hey why not they/horse curse at me.
No violence but we do curse.

"God Dam You Busta, You Owe Me".
I put one finger up in the air after cursing him out n he stopped right there.
Not that one. 
Busta said "Just Screwin with ya Dude, I know I Owe ya".

Here's the thing about me saying that a horse owes me.
I do for these horses every day n I ask nothing.
Except if a horse n I get in a corner, I expect they lean a bit in my favor.
I expect that they all see that as a fair exchange for my labor.
Any horse that can't see or get that is gone in 24hrs.

My hope is that they make the movie n we write the book so that we can turn this place into a Horse rescue for all my friends n the friends I've yet to meet.
Let's leave the horse boarding to Cindy n Brad, folks that like that sorta thing.

Now that don't mean people can't come here n enjoy the Horse arena or the Trails.
N if we get real lucky some surprises, visitin folks would really enjoy. 
"VISIT" means you n your horse go home, no more sneakin in n boarding.

That's the plan anyway, God Willin. 
I love Tellin Animal's stories. 

That new gal that was here yesterday thought she had to hurry up cause Kathy was goin out to supper with folks.
She said I better get goin so you all can get to supper.
Told her I wasn't goin anywhere, that I really don't leave the farm.
New gal looked puzzled, I really didn't go into it.
Just said, everything I want is here, the world holds nothin for me anymore beyond this farm.

That's it for today.
Gotta build a new Haynet feeder for the New Appy Baby.

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Pez Outlaw Diary

We Dream Of More #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Last night n this morning a thought kept churning around in my mind.
That thought is how the Pez Outlaw story is actually a  story of the same struggle n aspirations of all working middle class n poor in America.

The middle class n poor of America all yearn for a shot, there shot at something better for there families. 
We all dream of making our big play n winning.

Why do you think Survivor, American Idol, The Voice n state Lotteries are so popular?
People dream of something better. 

It's my fault for not writing Pez Outlaw Diary better, but I think it is the story of that dream.
My yearning while working in the shop was no different than yours.

My attempt at something better for my family is the same thing you work hard for every day.
I just wish that I'd written it better so that that was more obvious.

I believe that had there been or if there was a Pez Outlaw Movie n it focused on the fight our fight for something better, that movie would find a big audience in Middle America.
They'd delight in watching one of there own make a big international corporation go NUTS. 

Putting a finger in the eye of power n who doesn't like that?
THEY is a euphemism frequently used by the working class for an unseen, unnameable entity that it's perceived to keep the working class down.

A likeable Outlaw is very appealing to working middle class n poor.
Think I'm Nut's, OK why do so many TV shows have the word Outlaw in the Title?

The rise n eventual fall of Pez Outlaw would not be disheartening if the refusal to give up or give in afterwords was also shown.
I believe people would find a hero in one of them who fought on after losing most everything, yet still refused to give up.

The Pez Outlaw fall was at the same time more or less as there fall during the housing crisis.
When they were losing there homes I came within inches of losing mine.

Everybody in Middle America knows someone close that lost there home.
I was just to stupid to let it go, which is why I'm still fighting to keep my home.

That spirit to fight on is your spirit, you don't give up, you keep fighting.
There will be plenty of time to rest when we're dead.

The Movie itself if there was one would be a victory for every person who gets up each day n just keeps on fighting for something better.
That's why I think a great opening shot for a movie would be an OLD Pez Outlaw in a dark corner of the movie set watching his movie being made, reflecting on the life that led him to that moment. 

That moment of watching the Pez Outlaw Movie being made is the Money Shot, it is the victory of Middle America n everything that they believe. 

You don't need to change the story.
Just add another dimension to the story you have.

People are different n each should be able to walk out of the movie with an aspect that touched them personally.
Of course show n run with the Crazy, that's where the fun of it comes in.

I would also employ The Irving Thalberg formula.
Show Pez Outlaw being mistreated early on to gain sympathy n forgiveness for some of the things he does because it's crucial movie goers like n root for the character to win.

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Pez Outlaw Diary

Cage Match - Chaplin vs Stooges #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I've always felt that when Pez Outlaw walks off into the sunset, it will be under one of these Alien Umbrellas.
Homage to Chaplin's Little Tramp. For me there are a lot of similarities between Chaplin's Little Tramp n Pez Outlaw. Both stuck there fingers in the eyes of authority. Both are charming yet wicked. Both have very big hearts.

I just realized that it's been approx 100yrs since the heyday of Charlie Chaplin.
I believe he arrived on the scene in 1915.
By 1917ish he was setting up his own studio.
Unlike the 3 Stooges, Chaplin was able to get creative control of his film because he realized how successful his work was.
It wasn't until the advent of TV that the 3 stooges realized how popular they actually were.

There are people who would excoriate me for daring to even mention the 3 Stooges in the same sentence as Charlie Chaplin. So.
Yes Chaplin was the most recognizable face on the planet by 1920 n that lasted up through the 1950s.
BUT, the 3 Stooges started in about 1933 n theaters would only take some Columbia pictures if they got new 3 stooges shorts also.
Further, 3 Stooges shorts went into TV syndication in 1955ish n have never left.
So you tell me which had the bigger impact?

I've seen the entirety of Chaplin n the 3 Stooges work.
My personal favorite is the 3 Stooges, hands down.
I get the subtlety of Chaplin but like W.C. Fields said a glorified Ballet Dancer.
Chaplin may have figured out the value of his work n gained control over it but he also destroyed it in a sense by refusing to change in 1929 when talkies took over.

The Stooges on the other hand were blue collar actors turning out a continuous good product.
Did you know that when there studio finished a big budget picture before they broke down the set that they'd rush the Stooges onto it n shoot a short.
Also on a personal level Charlie Chaplin was a mess, Moe Howard on the other hand always had in mind what was good for his brothers n his working family.
Moe looked out for the best interests of a lot of people n even took care of a few till there death.
So yeah, the stooges.

For the record I do not look any of this shit up, I prefer to work from my memory of things.

I started selling things on ebay on Nov 1, 2001.
Of all the things I've ever sold on ebay this Alien umbrella is my favorite n that includes Pez.
I've had these Alien umbrellas pretty much since the beginning.
They sell at a slow regular pace, but still my favorite item.
Everything about this Alien umbrella appeals to me personally.

Just wanted to share.

Vintage 1950s RETRO UFO SciFi RED Alien Umbrella 1950s re... (301651700673)

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Pez Outlaw Diary

...................... is Pez Outlaw #pezoutlaw #hollywood

There, I said it out loud for the first time.
Would it be wrong to start a rumor that ................... is going to play Pez Outlaw in the Movie?

My dream actor to play Pez Outlaw in a movie would be .........................
The most common comment is "who would you like or think should play you".
Truth is, No idea at all, that's up to them. 

The first big deadline on this project closes today.
Meaning, we're house hunting starting Saturday, hoping to find a new home for Pez Outlaw.
So things have a ways to go.

Out of the blue yesterday Ri says, Yeah I think ??? would be a good choice to play you in the Pez Outlaw movie. I heard this once before from Jeff Maysh.
You may have noticed I removed the name n image of the specific actor.
Reason is, I do not won't to make anyone think I prefer this or that actor to play me in the movie.
Whomever, I'm good.

Whatever choice of actor to play Pez Outlaw they make is fine with me.

Same goes for whatever story they decide to tell, I will support any n all decisions.
The project is bigger than choices of actor or direction of story.

That said I decided to reflect on if it were ???.
Guy looks about right n I was 43 when it all started.
??? from my limited knowledge seems to be able to do crazy pretty good.
He also has that correct off look that seems to be me.

I have to say this though.
If it were ???, the crazy is key.
Napkin in my left hand as I write this. 
Obsessive compulsive habits.
That twist around look as to who might be following me.
Quick personality changes from hot to cold.
Out of nowhere finishing a thought from a week ago, like no time at all had lapsed.
Laying out chairs etc in hotel rooms to impede intruders.
Flushing fingernail clippings or hair from brushes.
N remember, these were the good years.

If they go into the decade of depression that followed when I wrote Pez Outlaw Diary.
That's another emotional side.
The journey is the story.
So ???, yeah sure why not.

I will tell you this, I'm going nuts waiting for news. 
Any news, motion is enough. 

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Pez Outlaw Diary