Thursday, February 16, 2017

"When the highway goes through" #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Pez Outlaw

In my youth my entire family seemed to be struck by a phenomenon called "When the highway goes through".Kinda odd now that I think about it because the highway went through when I was in grade school.
More accurately it shoulda been when the road goes through.

At the heart of it was, when the road went through how the city would buy up a bunch of land/property n dreams would come true.
For over a decade everyone in my family pinned high hopes on this one big event.
In the end I believe only brother Lloyd actually sold 2 properties to the city.

Sometimes in life we pin to much hope on one life changing event to pull our fat outa the fire.
Never a good idea, but outa desperation we fall into the trap.
Probably one of the worst forms of setting ourselves up for disappointment.

I believe that I've fallen under the same spell n now must prepare myself for the worst.
Yesterday was a really tough day, for the first time in this journey it started dawning on me that this may not be happening.
I know, talk about an optimist in that yesterday was the first time I thought I might fail.

The option on my life rights runs out sometime before March 1, 2017.
Meaning if I'm gonna get news it will happen in the next 20 day or not at all.
A very bad omen has started, in old parlance my calls are no longer being returned.

I fear that I must start preparing myself for a failure.
I think that maybe the highway will not be going through.
That said I want to thank the parties concerned for there interest in my story.

In the eventuality that there is no Pez Outlaw Movie I only have the most vague of ideas on how I might proceed.
I believe that I will just continue work here in Notes From The Asylum.

For the past 2yrs the Asylum has helped me let go of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Maybe 15yrs of mourning for my old life was enough.
Notes From The Asylum might be the new chapter in my life.

Possibly it's now time to let Pez Outlaw Diary go.
I accept full responsibility for this failure, no one else can or should be blamed. 

The above statement will be all I have to say about this, I just felt I owed you this much.
I will not respond to inquiries about this any further. 


Don't let the title fool you, before I'm done you'll see that this is actually a very positive post.
Recently I mentioned that I fear the Pez Outlaw project has failed.
Yes failure Sucks, but I gotta tell ya, I'm not afraid to fail.

Two reasons.
1. you never know where failure might lead you.
2. ratio of no's to the inevitable yes.

In the 1980s I was on a McDonald's quest.
I found out while on that quest that there is always a ratio of no's to the eventual yes.
I don't care if it's 100 no's for that one yes, it's out there waiting for you.
The only way that you don't get that yes is if you give up.

I also realized on that McDonald's quest that sometimes what you think you are doing is not at all where you are headed.
I thought I was hunting for McDonald's toys, what I found out was that I was actually collecting Happy Meal Boxes.
The end result was that Joshua n I took 2 van loads of Happy Meal Boxes to a McDonald's Convention n SOLD OUT in the first night.

What I'm trying to take from this is this.
For 15yrs I've been banging on about Pez Outlaw Diary, there is evidence to suggest that I was actually working my way to Notes From The Asylum. 
Once I'm sure Pez Outlaw Diary has failed I will illustrate the evidence of this.

Do not fear failure.
Embrace your failure n own it.
Most of all, learn from the failure n make sure that it didn't lead you to something better.

Quitting is not an option, if I did I'd never find my yes at roads end.
Notes From The Asylum is already a better product than Pez Outlaw Diary.
In creativity alone, I believe this to be true.

I'd like to point out a NEW thing in my character.
Now when I fail, 1st thing I do is accept 100% responsibility for the failure.
No more blaming others.

That said Pez Outlaw Diary stays as it is, a raw primal scream from a past life.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

by the way, this image would also or possibly be the 1st T-shirt


Pez Outlaw Diary

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