Monday, April 11, 2016

TV Wasteland #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Being in the Asylum I have a bit of time on my hands. 
We watch a lot of TV here at the Asylum.
It also goes without saying I have opinions on whatever you got.
So lets Bitch about TV today.
Why Not!

Criminal Minds
Serial Killer of the week.
Well that made me feel good.

Which brings up a point.
How does a TV show make you feel or in your opinion was that show good for you mentally?
Did the TV show put you in a good place or agitate your mind?

Great show, now old n tired.

No Tony, no show.
It lost it's heart.
Just a bunch of people from other shows I didn't watch.
4 new characters that I could care less about.
Fire them all n hire 2 great actors like Tony n Ziva.

Law n Order to Hospital shows, I'm over it.
Genius shows with really implausible plots, are a wasted hr.

Political dramas to Reality shows, no thanks.
We've got the best political drama/reality show playing out every day on the news. 

I watch most hour long shows in approx 1/2hr.
I fear that I've become to jaded n just plain hard to satisfy

For me a TV show needs 1 thing to make it good.
I need to care n actually like the characters. 

A TV show shouldn't have Really elaborate Mythology or more simply, no gobbledygook.
OH My God, Who Cares.

I like shows where the plot is just a device to allow character driven subplots.
Good characters n good character development.

2 more things I hate on TV.
Showing the predicament then backing up to show how we got here.
I also dislike, long drawn out story lines that cover a season.

So much of network TV is mmmmm, no thanks
I've been watching Barnwood Builders on DIY.
Barnwood Builders is the new Duck Dynasty, with one big difference.
It's not contrived n the guys are actually doing something.
I also love looking at the skeletal structure of Big Wood.

TV, stop pushing the boundaries of horrible things you can shock us with.
That sort of thing is just laziness, write better stories with terrific characters.

I'm a provocateur but even I have limits TV.
There are a lot of places though that even I won't go.
TV, you have desensitized yourself n your viewers to the point that at times I'm Horrified at how far you go.
The grisly depths you've reached on TV are just to much.

I have 2 firm rules about TV.
Involve children in your depravity, I change the channel immediately.
Hurt a dog or any animal, I change the channel immediately.

A year ago I watched all the episodes Of Murder She Wrote n enjoyed it very much.
How about doing Murder She Wrote over with Patricia Arquette as a new Jessica Fletcher.

The Best episodes of Murder She Wrote were the ones that centered on Cabot Cove her hometown.
My favorite character in Cabot Cove was Tom Bosley as Sheriff Amos Tupper.
There is no shame in finding a good character actor who can recreate the Tom Bosley role.

While we're at it let's redo Matlock with David Boreanaz as Matlock.I believe his natural acting style would be well suited to the character.

Shows like Murder She Wrote n Matlock were wonderful for how they used actors currently without a series that people remember fondly.

I'd also like to take a moment to show you something of a parallel.
You might think Matlock n Murder she wrote are just quaint old fogy shows. 
OK, Sherlock prior to it's resurrection by Steven Moffat n Mark Gatiss with Benedict Cumberbatch was a quaint old 1984 series with Jeremy Brett.
Sherlock is the reinvigorated update of very good stories worth a fresh look with good casting.

OH Hell, Why not.
N you kids, get off my lawn.
I get it n I will be 66 in a bit. 
Though might wanna keep in mind, Boomers are the biggest part of the TV viewing audience now. 

In my defense as an old out of touch person.
My Tweets have earned 77,443 impressions over the last 28 days.

I think that's pretty good? 
This post has had 285 views in 1hr n 650 views in 24hrs. 
Possibly my view here has some validity.  

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

by the way, this image would also or possibly be the 1st T-shirt


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