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We Dream Of More #pezoutlaw #hollywood

One word, Roseanne.
Who wouldn't go see a likeable Outlaw that pokes a finger in the eye of a Big Rich Ole International Corporation?
What part of that scenario do you think wouldn't tickle poor n middle class folks to there bone?
Pez Outlaw does in real life what most poor n middle class folks wish they could do.

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Last night n this morning a thought kept churning around in my mind.
That thought is how the Pez Outlaw story is actually a  story of the same struggle n aspirations of all working middle class n poor in America.

The middle class n poor of America all yearn for a shot, there shot at something better for there families. 
We all dream of making our big play n winning.

Why do you think Survivor, American Idol, The Voice n state Lotteries are so popular?
People dream of something better. 

It's my fault for not writing Pez Outlaw Diary better, but I think it is the story of that dream.
My yearning while working in the shop was no different than yours.

My attempt at something better for my family is the same thing you work hard for every day.
I just wish that I'd written it better so that that was more obvious.

I believe that had there been or if there was a Pez Outlaw Movie n it focused on the fight our fight for something better, that movie would find a big audience in Middle America.
They'd delight in watching one of there own make a big international corporation go NUTS. 

Putting a finger in the eye of power n who doesn't like that?
THEY is a euphemism frequently used by the working class for an unseen, unnameable entity that it's perceived to keep the working class down.

A likeable Outlaw is very appealing to working middle class n poor.
Think I'm Nut's, OK why do so many TV shows have the word Outlaw in the Title?

The rise n eventual fall of Pez Outlaw would not be disheartening if the refusal to give up or give in afterwords was also shown.
I believe people would find a hero in one of them who fought on after losing most everything, yet still refused to give up.

The Pez Outlaw fall was at the same time more or less as there fall during the housing crisis.
When they were losing there homes I came within inches of losing mine.

Everybody in Middle America knows someone close that lost there home.
I was just to stupid to let it go, which is why I'm still fighting to keep my home.

That spirit to fight on is your spirit, you don't give up, you keep fighting.
There will be plenty of time to rest when we're dead.

The Movie itself if there was one would be a victory for every person who gets up each day n just keeps on fighting for something better.
That's why I think a great opening shot for a movie would be an OLD Pez Outlaw in a dark corner of the movie set watching his movie being made, reflecting on the life that led him to that moment. 

That moment of watching the Pez Outlaw Movie being made is the Money Shot, it is the victory of Middle America n everything that they believe. 

You don't need to change the story.
Just add another dimension to the story you have.

People are different n each should be able to walk out of the movie with an aspect that touched them personally.
Of course show n run with the Crazy, that's where the fun of it comes in.

I would also employ The Irving Thalberg formula.
Show Pez Outlaw being mistreated early on to gain sympathy n forgiveness for some of the things he does because it's crucial movie goers like n root for the character to win.

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Pez Outlaw Diary

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