Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fame for Pez Outlaw, obscurity for me #pezoutlaw #hollywood

My reward will be his success.

Whenever I want to move on from something I don't like or that was pointless, I throw dirt on it.
Throwing dirt on something is a figurative statement to me.
Throw dirt on it = bury it with an avalanche of posts. 

Recently I had a talk with a person from the past, as in my past life.
I had high hopes that this conversation, might be informative or at the very least controversial.
Even bad press is press n notoriety is or can be forward motion.

No other way to say it, It was a disappointment. 
To be honest I'm not clear what the person was searching for.
Either way it deviated from my prime objective, which is the promotion of Pez Outlaw.

I steal 2-3hrs of every day to push my agenda.
I know how awful that sounds, but I set this goal over a decade ago n I refuse to deviate until I succeed. 
So when a pursuit/conversation cuts to deeply into that 2-3hrs without any visible gain I just can't afford it.

I've told you that I have zero money, which means time is my currency.
None of us are truly poor, we just have different assets.
When I lost everything n could not buy a solution to my predicament I realized my new asset/weapon was the Internet n that time was what I had to spend to achieve my goals.

I just can't get bogged down in long trips down memory lane unless they move the Pez Outlaw agenda forward.
I didn't come to the Internet to find relationships, I came here to give Pez Outlaw a voice.
So what appears interesting to others is sometimes only a waste of my most precious commodity, Time. 

Look, I've told you I'm a Hermit n this is not gonna change.
Truth is even after I achieve my goals, this is actually only gonna get worse.
My dream is fame for Pez Outlaw n obscurity for myself.

Johanne said "You like to sell fast, I like to sell slow. We will see who wins."
To that I say, "He who writes the history of the event wins."
I'm very single minded in my goals, you would be correct to say I have tunnel vision on my goals to the exclusion of everything else. Everything.

Branded with personal defects as deficits that I now use as my strengths.
I'm an alphabet soup of crazy: schizophrenic, bipolar, ADD, compulsive obsessive etc.
These are my assets now, I have focused these flaws into my goal of making Pez Outlaw a success.

A week ago the news was not good n I think you could tell I was no longer on my game.
Well that's over, no matter what the news is at any step of my journey, as long as I have breath I will not stop in my pursuit of promoting the Pez Outlaw story.

I have no choice but success.
Once Pez Outlaw is finished, then I can rest.
Hopefully that rest includes a mountain of Bank Run/dirt with stones n my tractor.

I seek obscurity but I want Pez Outlaw to have his Fame.
I'm schizophrenic, so of course this is possible.
It wouldn't be the first time that I threw someone outa my mind.
I do it all the time, the real problem is keeping them out. 

That friends is how you throw dirt on something.
Meanwhile, I've got $4.37 in my account, but I'm rich with time. 
Yes I keep score, if I didn't Rudy/dog would haunt me. 

Which answers your other question.
Do you care what anyone thinks of you.
Yes, I care what my dogs think of me. 

To all the folks on twitter trying to sell me services.
I've got $4.37 in my account.
Poor, you've sunk a dry hole. 

Take a really good look at my profile pic.
Twitter folks, Do you really think you can manage that?
The Best have tried. 

Each day being compulsive obsessive there are 3 goal, goals within goals.
1. view count for opening post.
2. daily view count 1,000-1,500.
3. Lifetime view count must pass the next thousand.

Sorry for going on.
A post must open at 200 views.
We're good now. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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