Friday, December 30, 2016

Why Do I keep Doin That? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I wrote this post in the hope that by shining a light on a problem I might just get rid of it.
Nope, it didn't work, day after day I just keep on clicking that little red button.

Every few minutes I have a red button I'm not supposed to click.
The urge to click it is overpowering.
Half the time I click it, I just can't stop myself.

Then in my minds eye I see all sorts of engineers running around like a nuclear plant meltdown.

It doesn't help that every other button must be clicked.
But, mustn't click the Red Button.

If you click the red button n I did.
Then you must reset n again not click the red button.
Being compulsive obsessive this is very confusing.

Life just keeps on refusing to conform to my way of thinking.
How do you conform to a world that for the most part makes no sense to you?
It's the imitation game, Don't think about it, count if you must.

Everybody's Got There Own Shit, so yours had better be entertaining or nobody really wants to hear it.I recently had an AGRO salesman pull in the drive. 
It was raining for the third day in a row.
The mud is about 3 inches deep in the horse pens n yup you guessed it, I'm the guy that has to go in each one every day.

So the AGRO guy pulls in n there I stand soaking wet trying to do chores.
On reflection I thought that I was kinda course to him at first.
I ask him, how is it being a drummer out here?
The Agro guy said I was one of the nicest people he'd met.
Man his day musta been shitty for that to be true.

I tried at that point to be a bit nicer.
Told him, I'm Eb (Green Acres reference) so you know, I'm not the guy but I will pass along the info.
Of course I then went on in the rain for 20 minutes about horses etc.
That guy will never get that 20 minutes back, it's gone forever.

To my surprise  Kathy told me that she hate's talking to those guys.
Well I think like ole Newt I just invented myself a job.
Told Kathy if that's true, just give them to me.
I'll talk there ears off for 20 minutes n they will be begging to leave.

Strays from the point, yet actually makes the point?
Everybody's Got There Own Shit so I try to make mine interesting n at a minimum entertaining.
A good deal of my life is spent in a fantasy world of my creation.
Translating that world n my perspective on life is what I try to do here.
My hope is that I offer a unique point of view.

The real problem in life is if you expect others to ignore there shit n give yours the floor. 
If you expect that they would or should, you are delusional.
I do not expect that people listen or care about my DRAMA.
I just go ahead n do it anyway, because? 
Yes you guessed it, it amuses me to do it.

Do people tire of us or do we push them away? 
People think they wanna know you then they realize, OH OH That Was A Bad Idea.
Crazy is only fun n cool on TV or in Movies. 
Were I not a Hermit, this might be a problem.
I know, kinda a knotty sentence. 


Did you know that of the posts here from The Asylum, crazy/abstract posts do far better than a reasoned out post.
Since my mind has a natural inclination to the crazy or abstract this actually works out fine.Kinda puts the kibosh on my attempts to seem normal or sane though.

I'm lucky.
My wife Kathryn Ann has always allowed me to indulge in things that make me happy, no matter how crazy they appear to others.
For me this is the biggest gift one person can give another.

Pez Outlaw has now taken up 15yrs of Kathryn Ann n my life.
Yet she still gives me the room to do what I must.
Kathryn Ann understands that I really have no choice, I must push the red button.


You ever notice how sometimes you run out of words.
The other day I had to have words with Billy Dog.
At that moment I had none, so I just used made up words n plunged ahead.
Can you imagine being Billy Dog, there she is trying to learn our language n I pull that crap on her.  

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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