Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another Day in Paradise #pezoutlaw #hollywood.

for the record. yesterday was the worst day of the year. 
weather wise. even smokey horse had to come in. 
weeks of rain n mud climaxing in rain, snow, wind, cold n mud.
Smokey Horse /old stumpy had had enough n was shivering.
When old stumpy is shivering, it's bad.
Of course he came in to a dry stall for the night then promptly redecorated everything by morning.
1st day in several years that Smokey gave in n had to come in, that says a lot about how terrible the weather was yesterday.

Days keep ticking down.
Nothing to show for it.

I'm outa sink with reality. 
How do I reconcile belief.

It was the view from the Asylum.
The struggle, a path not chosen.

Run to safety.
Mediocrities shines.

Words spoken but never asked.
Acceptance is all that's left.

Catch the pony.
Ride the dream.

Tomorrow shines Bright.

About every other week I think that I've written about everything I could possibly have to say.
Then life hands me a new post.

The Asylum in Notes From The Asylum is about being diminished/relegated to the purgatory of my own mind.
The Notes are thoughts I smuggle out of the prison of my mind.

This process is very odd for others to watch.
Know me long n you know my words are chosen, not random.
My words have purpose, especially when I seem to be rambling.
Other times my words are just building walls to keep people out or placate.
I call that Verbal Wallpaper or just wallpapering. 

The other day in answer to a question I was told.
Keep doing what you're doing.
That I can do. 


Today's a very big day which required a very big push.
In less than 2yrs Notes From The Asylum has passed all other endeavors.
The success of NFTA has been at a near rate of 10x.
Very proud today. 

"Notes From The Asylum" Done, mission accomplished. NFTA Now Rules The Universe. #pezoutlaw #hollywood.



The process of getting back to basics as a person is essential to survival when life gets rough.
People around me may have money but I will never carry money again in my life.
I just want to securely maintain my little world n meander around within it.
I'm at peace with that. 

Of all the things I've built or created over the last 20yrs I'm proudest of this building.
This project was the perfect exercise of finding the good within the bad.
I created a silk purse out of a sows ear by taking a building that was a total eyesore n turning it into a tight building.
Truly proud of it n never tire of looking at it.
If you know the whole story, This building represents the best of who I am now.
see  Fence Post, post. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw...

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