Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taboo #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I say Taboo because we all share this collective illusion of immortality.
It's the don't ask, don't tell of life itself.
We all act out each day like this isn't temporary, my Mother in Law knew different.

I remember how for the last decade of my mother in laws life she started doing things to prepare for her death.
She wanted to get things ready so she wouldn't be a burden on her children.
I remember thinking that it was kinda odd behavior.
I've always tried to have a rule that you do not give death 1 second of life, death will get it's own.

Now I find myself signing Pez Outlaw on as many pez as I can so my family will have them if they need them n I'm no longer here to sign them.
I gotta tell ya, I don't even like admitting to this.
The thing that gets you thinking this way is all the celebrities near my age that died in 2016.
Hopefully that's not how this plays out, because I'd sure like to be here n see it happen.

Actually there are 2 sides to everything I've done over the last 2 decades.

Pez Outlaw Diary.
Yes I'd love it to become a movie n a book, but I also want a record of all this in my own hand for my grandchildren.

Notes From The Asylum
That's a tougher nut to crack.
On one hand I wanted it to flesh out Pez Outlaw.
The Diary says what happened, The Asylum fleshes out the person.

N we get back to my mother in law.
With Pez Outlaw Diary n Notes From The Asylum I've tried to leave enough information behind if it's needed.

Father Mulcahy, Princess Leia, Mork.
With each death it's getting harder n harder to maintain my illusion of immortality.
That I know of I'm not going anywhere at the moment but my mother in law's behavior is creeping in.
Until that day I'll keep running for president, writing in Notes From The Asylum n signing pez dispensers.

Yesterday I mentioned to Kathy that I hadn't seen anything on facebook from someone in a very long time.
The person seemed very depressed last I heard.
Why don't I just ask? 
Really because If, I don't want to know.
2016 had enough sadness, I don't want anymore.

The above post is exactly why I play in a partially fantasy world most of the time.

In reality I find to much sadness.

I find joy in my fantasy world.
Moriah said the coolest funny thing yesterday.
Somebody asked her something about the social life of the Horses.
Moriah told them, I'll have to ask Dad n get the latest horse gossip.

That's me, out there talking to the horses and dogs n them talking back to me.
You would not believe the stuff they say.

For the record Milo/dog doesn't even try to hide from humans that he's talking to them.
Most animals are very subtle about speaking to humans but not ole Milo.
I'm sure he's breaking some animal rule by doing it.

With most animals there talking, but you only hear them if you're listening.
Though, thinking about it, it might be a crazy person thing.
Potato, Potato.

Back to signing pez in case the kids need them.
Takes a while for the ink to dry.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

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