Friday, September 25, 2015

We're Doooooomed! #pezoutlaw #hollywood

This 1'LL Never Make-it 
DOOMED, I tell ya. DOOMED!
Doomed as Doomed can be.

I believe computers are Ageist.
Kathy says that's not a word.
I stand by it 123%.

You know how on TV shows the young kids look up or find answers to anything in seconds on the internet.
As an old person I gotta tell ya, not my experience.

Searches are cluttered with useless info.
Actual clicks are usually dead ends that you have to close the window to get out of.

Why do computers look so easy n useful when the kids do it on TV?
Most every search I've ever tried ends up abandoned in frustration.

Oh yeah n where's that cool screen you see on TV shows that's b&w with just pure data search info.
I tell ya, I feel like I'm being excluded from some exclusive club that only the cool kids get in.

Then there's the weekly great update that my computer forces me to endure.
Seriously children every little cool idea you have is kinda a useless pain in the ass.

Just once I'd love to tell one of those updates, nope I'm good, have a nice day though.
I have a big problem with all the useless time consuming mandates that the internet imposes on my computer.

My computer has been telling me for weeks that I'm in breach of some apps required to continue.
Computer, I don't want any apps, don't use them or really know what they are.

N The Kicker.
My computer decided I needed another update again last night.
I mean, REALLY! What was that spite.

I'm beginning to fear that my computer wants to control me.
The real pornado on the internet is all the crapp my computer n the internet force me to do.

Seriously, I wish my computer would just leave me alone to work on my stuff unmolested.
I do not use a cell phone n one day It's my dream to walk away from my computer forever.

Well ain't that somethin.
Call me Sally, this post made it.
611 views in 72hrs.
Shows ta go ya. 

NFTA has over 310,000 views to date.
Hey what do I know, I just work here.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


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