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Dead in a Ditch #WildHorsePosse Milo n Ri #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Dead in a Ditch

Got another ear worm on Friday.
The only way I know to get rid of it is to write it.

Watched a comedy on TV called the Real Oneals.
The dad's explaining the pitfalls of poor choices to his 12 year old daughter.
After each example of a poor choice she might make he sums up each as resulting in "Dead in a Ditch".
As a tie in at the end of the show, the 12 year old girl repeatedly throws her older football type brother to the ground exclaiming "Dead in a Ditch" after each toss.

Fridays offering was 4 episodes.
I loved Dead in a Ditch, the rest not so much.
My biggest bummer was that the husband n wife were divorcing, yet he was living in the basement.
The couple got along great, seemed to even to like each other, yet for modern reasons of wanting?????????? were getting a divorce.
Jesus people make an effort!

Love is not the Heat of Sex.
Love is the other 23hrs 50m of the day.

Kathy n I have been together for over 45 years.
Folks I'm gonna tell you this, you can not get to the good part if you give up n don't put the time in.
I would do anything for Kathy, she requests or mentions n it's yes mam.
She's my best friend n the person I trust.

So not a big fan of The Real ONeals, but I loved the episode I call "Dead In A Ditch".
Jesus I hope that got rid of the EarWorm. 


Yesterday the #WildHorsePosse was called into action once again.

pic by Moriah, me far left orange hat, big ass coat

After action report.
Beth one of Cindy's boarders calls Kathy.
Somebodies horses are loose, running in the woods behind Cindy's.

Kathy comes into the office, put your boots on some horses are loose.
Yes mam, even if puzzled.
Off we go in the truck, neck ropes, halters n leads in tow.

Met up with Moriah/Ri, Beth n some others about a mile away.
A meeting was held n things were decided.
Somewhere along the way we picked up the horses owner.

Strategy in place we all headed another mile north where we spotted the horses.
Joe n Mac were in the woods a bit just standing there.
Everybody had a bucket of grain, but when they got close the horses just moved further away.

Here's the way I see it.
Horses on a run are in a Hyper state of excitement n fear.
They love the freedom because somewhere deep down it feels natural yet scary because it's no longer how they live.

Human Voices tend to be a bit to high n excited to them in that state.
I walked into the woods as quietly as I could, avoiding breaking branches on the ground or flinging low hanging limbs.
I spoke to them in the lowest calming voice I could n still be heard.

Joe/horse rewarded me by walking up to me from 6r8 ft away.
I'm not gonna lie to you, it's a really good feeling when an animal that you've never met decides to trust you when they're sorta scared.
I walked him over to his owner n he got a mouthful of grain for being a good boy.
Mac/horse was no problem after that.

The owner lady n I walked the horse the half 3/4 of a mile home, me in the orange hat  n big ass coat.
The lady was very thankful, told her, just being neighborly.
City folk who live in the country don't understand so all us horse people need to help each other when horses get out.

The lady n her husband asked my name???????
Now things get tricky.
Kinda like this, if I gotta say it, it's steve, but I don't like it.

My name is Hey or Pez Outlaw if you must.
Maybe I should just quit telling people my given name is steve n just start responding Pez Outlaw. 
The name steve makes me squirm, that guy died a long long time ago.

The short version.
By using my name, I become him, I prefer to be me.
Look, it's a whole thing, so maybe stop reading here.

The lady thought I might like a different name??????
Sorry not so much, Truth be told I don't want to be referred to by any name at all. 
You know how you talk to someone when you can't remember there name by avoiding it at all costs, that's exactly the way I like it. 
No name. You know that guy over there with the long white beard that has horses.

I prefer to not be referred to by a label or designated.
A steve is a steve, I refuse be boxed in or categorized by that name or any other.
If you want to talk to me, just talk to me.
You want to talk to a steve, go find one, I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you.

For the record, I also don't like being labeled as a bigot, racist, homophobe or anti-Islamist.
New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc, nasty labels for people with a different point of view is just lazy.

If you designate or label me, you can dismiss ME.
Without them you are forced to see me.
If you want to call me crazy, I can live with that but all that other stuff is just mean.
If you want to talk to me, do it, but don't try to talk to me through the filter of a label or name.

Kinda got on a tangent there.
God, I hate names.
Anyway, #WildHorsePosse

Milo N Ri

This is something that makes me happy to my core. As many times per week as Milo and I can squeeze out we head to the trails at my parents' house. We walk and we run with a goal of getting at least two miles in and spending at least a half hour out there. I love being outdoors, with animals and moving my body.
Moriah Newman

Kathy n I moved to our 20 acre dream approx 41 years ago.
To be honest, we got kicked out of Lansing Michigan by a judge.
We ended up in court for having about 20 or 25 dogs.
The judge said if we moved to the country that he would dismiss the case.

Kathy n I found an old wrecked up farm on 20 acres.
Being sorta Hippie-ish, the place suited us just fine.
The land had been farmed to death, no worms.

After the last crop of corn had been harvested, we let the land go back to nature.
The one thing I did do was cut a maze of trails into the new brush. see Ri's pic.
When I cut those trails over 3 decades ago I couldn't have imagine what everything would look like today.

I've mowed n worked on these trails for 35 years.
We've planted flowers, Walnut n Pine trees. 
The project will never end.
I usually have 3 to 4 ongoing projects at any one time.

Remember how I said that the soil was dead when I began, no worms.
Well, the soil is now rich n teaming with life.
I use horse manure to augment almost every project.
I love watching horse manure go from road apples to coffee grounds.
The process takes 3 to 5 yrs.

By accident I've started a new project.
When I cut down n moved the last old building on the farm, there was a deep bogg that I needed to fill. see Fence Post, post. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw..
I dug out the dirt I needed from the side of a hill behind the Shop/Hay barn.
The plan was to fill that back in with manure.
Well a few months later I've discovered that what I actually created was the perfect place to cure manure for use as fertilizer on the farm.

Fresh manure is just to hot to put anywhere near plants.
Manure needs to drain n cure at a minimum for a few months to a year.
If manure is in a static situation it's a year.
Though this new thing I found by accident allows the manure to actually drain n if I only remove from say 1ft up, The manure becomes usable in half the time.
Granted, I like to dress new areas with manure in the fall which gives it an additional 1/2 year to cure.
All this moving around is good for manure also, it needs the rotation.

Back to the first subject, The Trails.
Ri, uses them a lot which I love.
I just wish more people would get back there n ride/walk them.
They truly are getting beautiful.

My big plans.
If I can get the seeds, I want to carpet bomb the trails with wild flowers.
Problem as always is money.
I've bought bulk lot wild flower seed, It doesn't seem to take.
What I find works are those fancy bags of annual n perennial mix with the green kitty litter in it.
Problem is to do things the way I'd like to I need about 100 bags of those store bought mixes.

Anyway that's on my wish/dream list. 

Ice Warning

This morning I had to help put the stalled Horses out after some icy weather.

Here's the thing about me n horses.
I do not ride horses, no interest.
I wanna ride something, I got a tractor.

What I do with Horses though is feed, water etc.
The horses know who I am, what I do n when.
I ask nothing in return except consideration from them on the occasions we do interact.

So we start with Marnie, strong willed, can get upset if conditions are wrong.
Not a problem in the world, very cautious on the ice n listened.

Tenny, my little soldier just walked very slow n matched my every step.
What a good boy.

OK Gotcha, nope a perfect lady.
Roz the scaredy cat, listened n went like silk.
N so it went.

To me it's all about payback.
I do for them n they know it, if I don't get consideration back from an animal when I need it.
That animal is going down the road.

Cracks me up, Ole Busta n Smokey both said, what's the big deal we've been out here in this all night.
Of course then Smokey asked for some Horse Crack.
Smokey is addicted to these dark colored horse treats n gets very excited to get some???????

To all our Horse Moms.
Every-bodies great n every last one of your babies were very good children.
I gave them all a sweet flake for breakfast.

You no doubt are noticing that I'm not even trying to write a post as good as Big Fish.
Big Fish type posts are rare, they happen when they happen.
To think you can write one every few days is just setting yourself up for failure n disappointment.
Instead I figure we'll just talk for a while.
It'll happen again when it's time.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.



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