Monday, December 26, 2016

Who Writes This Shit? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Gun on the table, "You're gonna rewrite this shit".
That's the pic n caption.
If I had the budget. 
My dreams are B shorts at best.

Due to budgetery restrictions all I can afford is this pic of Gabby Hayes King of Sidekicks #pezoutlaw #hollywoo..

How do you fit dreams into reality?
You try to describe them n come off as a nitwit.
My dogs listen, but real people merely indulge.

The problem with fitting dreams into reality are many.
For one it would appear that my mind will change architecture to fit the story.
Need a car to drive through a house, well jettison basements n foundations.

Of course once awake you find it troubling that the neighbors basement was omitted.
Let alone that your dream had them living west of you when in reality they live east.
Oh yeah n the neighbor was 20 years younger.
Seriously, Who Writes This Shit?

Next thing is people keep changing in my dreams.
After the car drove through the neighbors house a tall guy with short hair was standing there.
Wait just a damn minute, dream or not I'm putting my foot down.
This dream needs a rewrite.

In my dream I did just that, I called shenanigans.
The driver had long curly brown hair.
Where's that guy n who's in charge of continuity in this dream.

Immediately I told the tall guy with short hair to step over there.
My instincts in the dream were to call Kathy n tell her to bring Billy Dog.
Problem, even in the dream I knew I don't carry a phone, Time for the squiggle in the palm of my hand to the neighbor. (a gesture meant to tell someone to call someone)

Billy n I were gonna hunt down the person with long curly brown hair.
Surely they couldna got far n Billy was just the dog for the job.
Billy doesn't get a lot of respect for talents I see, But me I believe in me I believe in Billy Dog n we were goin huntin. 

So what, she ate a can of catfood again. 
It was worth it, Billy Dog says she'll do the time.
When young I also thought some things were worth the punishment.

That's when I woke up.
The dream had to many inconsistencies, my head was about to explode.
That's the problem with vivid just one more dream before I wake scenarios.   

Look I don't write this shit, I only report the dreams. 

For the record I also fly in my dreams, usually only 10 to 20 feet up.
Once though I shot like a bat outa hell into space.
That one was weird.

Also, if a dream bothers me, my character in every dream knows he can exit at will by just closing his eyes really tight.

Well, that's that.
See you all at nightfall.

My Hat's not Silly, It's Science.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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