Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Saw An Old Friend In My Dreams Last Night #pezoutlaw #hollywood

An old friend visited me in my dreams last night n I gotta admit it made me cry in my dream to see her.
The old friend was Boomie/dog.
It chokes me up even to write n tell you this. 

Chica Boom aka Boomie

People always ask me, What is that?
Referring to what I call Boomie's Castle, a ten foot tower on the trails.
I just say, that's where Boomie is buried.

Kathy asked me, How was she?
Babe, she was great running n playing with other dogs like she did before the Cancer.
Did I get a momentary glimpse into Heaven? 
I don't know, I like to think that I did.

I've rattled on about the best decade of my life as Pez Outlaw in the 1990s.
Well Boomie was my copilot in those years.
Boomie n I traveled all over in the vans n Dumbo (big box truck).
I put a Bean bag chair in the hole on the passenger seat n Boomie rode shotgun. 
On the road we ate pizza n hamburgers, equal portions each.

Boomie waited by the door for me to get back from one of my last trips to Europe, then she passed away.
There were a lot of factors that made it possible for someone who rarely leaves home now to travel the world like I did.
Boomie was a big factor, her quiet strength gave me strength.

After Boomie passed the whole Pez Outlaw thing went to shit.
My Angel was gone.

Rudie dog came along in the aftermath of my Pez years to help me pick up the pieces.
Rudie also passed from Cancer a few years ago.

Luckily though Rudie had been training Po for a couple years before she left me.
Po has been telling me lately that I need to go find Gabby Dog so she has a few years to get her trained.
Told Po probably later in 2017.

Boomie raised Soupie

Soupie trained Rudie trained Po will train Gabbie

My Heart is Heavy Today, I Saw An Old Friend In My Dreams Last Night. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

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