Monday, January 2, 2017

☑️ Stonecrete #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Kathy asked me, Why the tomb stones?
She thought the image kinda grim.
No reason, I just like the pic.

One night while walking on the dark n lonely road that leads to Stonecrete Asylum, something that can't be explained happened.
I saw a bright light coming towards me from the woods behind the Asylum cemetery.
I'd heard the stories of Old Sparky.
Whispers late in the night by children to scare each other.

Old Sparky approached dragging a lightning bolt along the ground.
Using the lightning bolt like a sigh to destroy everything in his path. 
The perverse joy in his heart while working was spellbinding.
To my horror by morning I knew The Legend of Old Sparky was true.

Old Sparky was first sighted in the worst lightning storm of the 1800s.
Lightning so severe that it ripped a hole in our reality to pull Old Sparky through.
Sentenced to roam the night whenever lightning strikes searching for a way home.
Time a bitter reminder n Humanity an annoyance to be swatted.

Old Sparky just wandered around the wilderness for the first century lonely n confused.
In the 1950s he started getting angry at the encroachment of humanity on the purgatory he had been condemned to.
1951 was the first recorded event of Old Sparky.
All his previous activities were written off to bad storms n stories for children.

June of 1951 the headline read "Stonecrete Asylum, 21 Slain" in the worst lightning storm seen in 2 centuries.
Stories conflicted because the deaths took place at The Old Stonecrete Asylum.
The only surviving witnesses had been in Stonecrete Asylum so long that there account of what happened was considered unreliable.
Problem was what happened had no other explanation.

Inmates saw Old Sparky walk into the Stonecrete cemetery then seem to vanish as the last bolt of lightning struck.

Who knows maybe it's an elevator pitch?

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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