Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub #pezoutlaw #hollywood

 Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.
I think somebody has hacked my computer, because it won't turn off n is on when I come in in the morning.
Know what, Who Cares.
Maybe they will have better luck with my life. 

When reality sucks, I go elsewhere.
Not a clue what I'm doing, but why should that stop me.
Most things I do require a leap of faith.

Starting to feel like I'm allowed to speak as long as I remain Obscure. #youknow

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

Think of the above phrase like magic words, spoken before something amazing happens.
Not so amazingly.

Before you get all shirty on me, I am a redneck, so you know, I can say that. 
I've earned my redneck stripes over the last 15 years n a lifetime of making do.
Remember me, I'm the guy that makes stuff outa Barrels.
see- Redneckology, The Barrel Book
Oh yeah n I'm also that Pez Outlaw guy
see- Pez Outlaw Diary

You're probably not gonna believe it, but this post title is a direct result of somebody buying 60 Ducky covers.
Go figure. 

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

Yesterday I heard that Duck Dynasty was ending after this season.
I went on twitter to get more info.
That was my first mistake, the amount of vitriol against Duck Dynasty was amazing.
The hatred was palpable, I just don't understand it.

Duck Dynasty as represented by the Robertson family could only be described as decent nice people.
The hatred displayed by folks on twitter was very surprising. 
Don't they finally understand that middle America is fed up with being dismissed n vilified as racist etc.
The litany of angry words used to dismiss, discount n invalidate what by the results of the recent election is mind boggling.
This country is not just the East n West coast, the sooner people realize it, the better off we will all be.
Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

Most peculiar, Most peculiar.
Last year I wrote a post called Buck Up Buttercup #pezoutlaw 
Today I hear that a Suck it up Buttercup Bill has been written by an Iowa Lawmaker in the state legislature. 
Coincidence, I don't think so.

I think this bill is in direct result of my recent campaign for President.

Even though my presidential bid was unsuccessful, I think that we set the agenda for the country.
Boilerplate, rhetoric, Blah, Blah, Blah.

I have to be careful with what I say, my twitter account has already been suspended twice.
With recent news that twitter is suspending people for political reasons, I don't want to be caught in the dragnet.

By the way, What is the Alt Right n the Alt Left?
Never heard these phases till this year.
Are they poll tested slurs?

Seems like none of us know who or what we are until we are labeled with a slur by somebody else.

I will not be posting previous 2 paragraphs on twitter, because of you know, Right..

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

I was looking on ebay yesterday n somebody was selling freshly washed used granny panties.
Ok so not the Japanese thing, which we will not talk about, but just did.

Selling used underwear.
I always thought there was an unwritten rule about selling used items n underwear were like paper towels.
Once you use underwear they are dead to anyone else.

My new chore coat 

which I love is used, but underwear, no way am I gonna wear somebody elses.
Secret, I actually don't wear the damn things, haven't for 46 years.
Underwear seem kinda pointless to me.

Seriously dude. TMI, TMI!
You really don't have to share everything.

Excellent example of opposing voices in my head.

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

Walk away from that one Bubba, OK watch me.

The following was an independent post that did not achieve the minimum required views.

Pez Outlaw The Book #pezoutlaw #hollywood

America is ready for a story of the struggle of an individual.
Someone who fights back from the ashes of his dreams.

To me the book would be 1/3 the decade of travel buying n selling Pez / the success. 
Then the middle 1/3 the struggle of the fighting my way back. the phone calls of bill collectors. Selling everything of value, including Kathy's wedding ring to pay bills. 
Coming ever so close to losing our home. 
Then the years of  Writing Pez Outlaw diary n promoting it.

The final 1/3 of the story would be the day jeff contacted me. 
The behind the scenes journey we've been on n then finally the movie within the movie. 
We show me watching them making the movie that people are at that moment watching.

The cry against oppression. 
Pez Outlaws story shows that on a personal level. 
Middle America would love to read n watch a story about someone fighting back. 
Alone, nobody except himself believing that he can do it. 
It's a story of hope, perseverance n belief in ones self.

Who knows how good any of this is.

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.

Yeah right Billy Dog would just watch a Fox in her yard.

When will people learn.
Wild animals are Wild Animals.
Everything is cute until it's not.
Eventually a Wild Animal slips up n trained means nothing.

Just ask those guys that had the Big Cats in Las Vegas.

Roy Horn Tiger Attack - YouTube

Tiger That Mauled Siegfried & Roy Magician Dies at 17
Human stupidity always ends badly for the animal.

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.
Brother Can You Spare Me Some Time? #pezoutlaw #hollywood 

When did I become Uncle Dewey?
Nuf said.

Bubba Dub Dub, 3 Rednecks in a tub.
Slovakia, Pez Outlaw World Premiere, Why Not?
It's not like Notes From The Asylum is reality based.

If there was a Pez Outlaw Movie, would or should there be a big premiere in Slovakia with a personal appearance by Pez Outlaw?

I bring this up because to date approx 1/2 of the views of Notes From The Asylum are from Slovakia. 

You would think that the largest following for Pez Outlaw outside the US would be Hungary since that's where a lot of it took place.

Nope, Slovakia?????
Very puzzling.

Overall Slovakia comes in at approx 1/2 of my views.
A micro view of views say over the last 3 to 6 months is 2x.
About double the views over the last few months have been from Slovakia over US views.

I guess Pez Outlaw is just an obscure country singer whose making it big in Slovakia.
I don't have to understand it, I'm just thankful. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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