Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bubba Dub Dub, No Poor In The Tub #pezoutlaw #hollywood

FREE Money, Members Only, Please.
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8 years we the poor n middle class have been waiting for our opportunity to enjoy the interest rate rich have had every day.
2008s housing crash cost a lot of people I know there homes.
Tom, the bank did get there homes.

Personally our home teetered on the edge of foreclosure for years.
Every year or so we'd try to refi in order to reorganize our home debt to a lower payment n interest rate.
Obama n the Banks kept saying how this plan or that was created to alleviate this problem. 
Common sense would have said to allow those of us hanging on by our fingernails to refi so the loans would remain good.
No, 8 years of promises without relief.

Well through sheer grit n "if it hadn't been for" we've hung on n still have our home.
Today interest rates went up from 3.4 to 3.9, also today the FED signaled a rate hike in December, which will get the prime 30yr up over 4.25.
My guess is that once interest rates are at 4.25 - 4.9 We will finally be allowed to refi.
Gee aren't you guys just swell.

Meanwhile the rich n Wall Street folks have had free money for 8 years.
Millionaires n Billionaires have greatly increased there wealth over the last 8yrs on free money from the FED.
Stocks have +Doubled since 2008 on free money from the FED.

The Banks now own a lot of the homes once owned by the middle class.
The rest of us will finally get to refi when rates get to 4.5 or 4.9.
Isn't that just about perfect. 

Yes I'm a bit bitter about this.
Getting through the last 8yrs has been a rough go, especially while watching the rich cash in on Free FED money.
I haven't got an answer for any of this n I don't see anyone as the champion that saves us.
All I know is that when 30yr rates hit approx 4.9 I will finally be allowed to refi my home.
In the back of my mind, I've known this since 2008.

You Know, Thanks Boys, Just Lovely.
I honestly can't find the words to state my resentment of the situation strongly enough.
The FED suckled the rich to obesity n deprived the poor n middle class to starvation. 

Look, I/We are gonna be fine n we are going to make it.
I just couldn't hold back my thoughts when I heard the news this morning about the new 30yr rate of 3.9 n Fed news of the coming rate hike.
Truth is that it was just to predictable. 
I've known for 8yrs that this is exactly how this would all play out.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

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