Saturday, December 12, 2015

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Robot Unrest
The time has come at last
To throw away this mask
Now everyone can see
My true identity.


Yesterday I spent the afternoon on the tenuously high end of reality.
I don't know about your world, but this happens occasionally in mine.
Times when you grip with all your might to hang on, because things are a bit jittery.

I'm not complaining because so far I've always won.
Though because of this I take it very personal when my reality is questioned. 
I take it especially personal when an artificial intelligence questions my existence.

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is your Benzedrine, uh-huh / I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed / I thought I'd pegged you an idiot's dream. R.E.M.

Am I a self aware robot that nobody bothered to inform of his status?
Like it's not hard enough hanging on to reality.
Having a machine question your existence hardly helps.

I fear the day has come n gone, machines have taken over.
Now my existence is questioned by a machine.
Why must I keep proving to twitter that I'm a real person n not a robot? 

Would a robot use poor grammar n misspell this many words?
Of course he would,
to trick you......
What? Wait.

OK. If I were a robot, could I do this?
Oh, right not a video. 
Trust me, it was indisputable proof of life.

Thank God for Slovakia, almost 1,000 views of Notes From The Asylum in 24hrs.
At least Slovakia believes I'm real n not a robot.

My twitter account was just locked again.
If you are not allowed to vigorously promote your work on twitter, what exactly is the point of twitter.

It would appear that my dedicated efforts to promote Notes From The Asylum n Pez Outlaw Diary are verboten on twitter. 
Very puzzling, because if promoting my projects is not allowed on twitter, then quite honestly twitter is of no use or purpose to me.

I look at all the stupidity on twitter like porn, the grotesque, scams, radicals etc n promoting my work is where they draw the line? 

So now I'm expected to go through twitters procedures of gettin my hand slapped to get back on twitter.
Why, so they can lock my account again if I try to promote Pez Outlaw Diary again.

What's the point? 

My activities make twitter think that I'm a robot because of the huge number of posts n how rapidly I put them up.
I know it's sick, but I take that as a compliment.
Kathy says I might wanna reconsider my actions.
BIG, Laugh. 

HEY! Maybe I am a Robot.
Domo Arigato.
Wikipedia - a Japanese phrase meaning "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you very much".

Bumberdumpkin. In my head, had to take it out.

Dead Robot
Between 2 Ferns

between fern n vern - heard he might play me in the movie.
You know, like if you have a friend whose really into something n next thing you know so are you.
Puddy (dog) is so into squirrels that now so are Pinky n Bill (dogs).

Flip The Script

Pez Outlaw $4.5 Million Dollar Man

It just occurred to me that I actually spent $4.5 Million creating the Pez Outlaw story.
Stated differently, The Pez Outlaw story cost me 4.5 million dollars.
Yes I lost the $4.5 million because of Fraud due to Breach of Implied Contract by Pez Corporation.
Bottom Line though on a personal level My Pez Outlaw adventures had a price tag of $4.5 Million.

Kinda a sobering thought.
Pez Outlaw, the 4.5 Million Dollar Man.
Does that make Pez Outlaw the Walmart of Million Dollar Men?
Kathy barely laughed, must be it's funnier in my head.

Tin Foil Hat Enthusiast. 

I've never met a conspiracy theory that I didn't find at least interesting or humorous.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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