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Six-Guns n Groceries #pezoutlaw #hollywood

In 1959 I was a very young 8 years old.
Friday night was a very big night.
Dad got paid n brought home groceries.
It was hamburger night.
Huckleberry Hound n Roy Rogers were on TV.
So Fridays were pretty big nights.

Oh yeah n on Friday nights my 4 brothers n I got our allowance of 25cents each.
You might think that 25 cents isn't very much but actually to our thrifty young minds it was a windfall.
On Saturday morning before cartoons we'd walk down to Pete's store n buy our cartoon watching supplies.
I'd usually buy a 16 ounce Nehi, grape, strawberry or orange for 12 or13 cents depending on my mood.
For another dime I'd get a big bag of BBQ potato chips.
With my final few pennies I'd buy grape gumballs at a penny each.

Interesting sidebar about potato chips in 1959. 
Potato chips were a bigger thing in 1959 central Michigan than you might think today.
Distribution chains n supermarket chains just did not exist yet.
I know this because I had an Uncle that distributed Potato chips to the little community stores like Pete's out of a very small warehouse.
My uncle unloaded the semi into his glorified shed then drove the chips around case by case.

Same thing went for Pizza.
Cassanova's was the only restaurant in a 3 mile area that sold Pizza.
Fast Food really didn't exist in 1959.
The way we had pizza was a Chef Boyardee Pizza mix.
You made the dough, then covered it w/pepperoni sauce n sprinkle cheese.

Our cartoon watching supplies in hand, my brothers n I would head back home for our morning of feasting n visual delight.
Cartoons n Westerns till noon before mom turned us out on the world.
Nobody had to watch us because we watched each other.
We tore all over on our used bikes, without a care in the world.

Fessing up, my brothers n I were like a barely trained pack of dogs.
I remember feeling that my grandparents seemed happier to see the Woodcock grandchildren than the Glew boys.
Small wonder, we were loud, we fought a lot, we argued about everything n there were 5 of us.
While i'm being honest I was probably the worst.
I fought, I was opinionated, nobody could tell me anything, I had to learn it for myself.
So of course grandpa n grandma enjoyed the well mannered Woodcocks more.
My brothers n I were true children of the 50s, Ruff n Reddy to go. 
Ruff n Reddy was one of our cartoons.
Ruff n Reddy
N Don't You Forget IT!
 Quick Draw McGraw as El Kabong
Had to include El Kabong. 
Especially when Kathy had forgotten who he was.
You know, El Kabong?

N how do you forget Wally Gator?

My First cartoon show n the one that started my love of cartoons was Huckleberry Hound.
Huckleberry Hounds Circus in black n white.
We didn't see color TV till the mid 1960s.

Sufferin Succotash!
Last but not least Snagglepuss.
I have to admit though I didn't realize Snagglepuss was pink, Black n White TV you know

Another one of my brothers m my charms for innocent bystanders was.
We didn't just watch TV, we relived our favorite TV adventures in real world. 
Running around shooting each other, screaming to mom, "He won't take his deads".
Television was new when we were children n we embraced it with both arms.
Our TV preferences were shoot em ups n cartoons.

Imagine being a parent n the fight you must settle is why one of your children won't take his deads when shot by another of your children.
All I can think now is that I wish I'd taken more time to enjoy how wonderful those days actually were.
I wish I could go back n relive them. 
I could say I'd bring wisdom back with me.
Hell No, I just wanna go back n play again, my brothers n I had fun, I wanna do that again.

I call this one Six-Guns n Groceries because.
The first part explains the groceries.
Six-Guns comes next.

If you don't buy a young boy toy guns to play with on moral grounds, he will just use a stick n call it a gun.
Little boys like to play with toy guns, efforts to stop it are just fighting the current.
Kids play n parents think to much.

I have no idea why but one year on my Birthday Mom bought all five of us boys toy six-guns.
Because it was my Birthday I got to pick first.
I chose the Roy Rogers 2 holster with 2 guns.
I think though my older brother Virgil pulled one on me cause he picked next n got a really cool single swivel holster.
That thing was a beauty, all brown leather no do das.
A really wide belt n lace down.
Thinking back I now know n realize that swivel holster was the best gun set.
Yeah Virgil had snookered me again.

There is a downside though.
That belt to Virgil's cool six-gun hung around longer than the rest.
That belt went on to become the spanking belt.
Before you get all weird, in the 1950's boys got spanked, it's just the way it was.
That belt did disappear after a bit though, what I'd get spanked for doin it.
I did stuff like that, consequences be damned. 

I started a search for a picture of that gun n holster set of Virgil's, as with all interweb searches I ended up God Knows Where.
Voila Jon's Country Burger, Kathy's first job at 14 years old.
Kathy's first jof as a car hop in 1965 or 66.
Unlike Kathy I had a lot of first jobs n got fired from all of them.
Once for a catsup fight that destroyed the Burger King kitchen. 
I got fired from almost every job I had before I met Kathy, including high school n the Marine Corps.

I was destined to meet Kathy.
My dad used to haul trash for a neighbor of hers when I was young.
A friend of mine dated her when I was 15 n 16.
We just kept crossing paths till it took. 

Yes dad used to haul trash beside working in the shop, 5 boys eat a lot.
Trash was 50cents for a 55 gallon barrel in late 1950s, I used to ride along sometimes.
The dump was a really cool place when I was a kid, people threw away all kinds of good stuff. 

Break New Subject or same one if you're me.

OK interweb. search got me nothing. What TV character said "Curses I tell Ya"?
Anybody who wants to play.

Kathy n I both use it a lot.
I know it came from somewhere in our TV upbringing. 

Unlike today when TV is rationed to children.
With Kathy n I, we were raised by TV.
TV was our babysitter.
Just between us I have no shame or problem with this fact.

Not many people know but TV was ready to go just before WW2.
But because of World War 2 it got pushed off till approx 1947.
I was born in 1951 to the wonders of television, I could not get enough of it.

Personally, I like TV still.
I listen to TV News from 11am til 2pm.
After chores I watch TV from 8pm til 2am.
I enjoy TV n have no shame about it.

A couple years ago I watched every episode of Matlock.
I wanted to see what Kathy's Dad's generation was fixated on or Why.
Right now I'm watching every episode of Murder she Wrote, again to see the why of it n the charm.

TV can be like time travel in this regard. 
How it was done say in 1985.
The tempo, casting n visuals of contemporary programing.
Here's an example, there was way more diversity of casting in the 1970s n 80s than now.
Not to mention fashion, cars, architecture n technology (no cell phones).
I also like to watch the character progression, which is why the first episode n season are a particular treat.

It's hysterical to watch folks hunting for a pay phone which are nonexistent today.
Today cell phones, tablets etc are annoyingly everywhere.
If a person has a hand, a cell phone is in it, like it grew there.
It's interesting to watch people function just fine without a cell phone or it's interruptions.

I do not bother with youtube, netflix, amazon or any other internet programing.
I figure if it's any good it should be or would be on TV.
The rest of it is just to complicated. 
Like Chancey Gardener, I just turn on TV n watch. 
Dish network is as far as I'll go, I love DVR.

Truthfully my age should be almost 150.
I've given myself the life experiences of that long in entertainment.
From Hearst era yellow journalism, to Nickelodeon's, Vaudeville, Silent movies, radio, talkies, to Television.
How the early pioneers all found a new life on TV, from Milton Berle, Burns n Allen, Sid Caesar, Jack Benny, Ed Wynn, Groucho, 3 stooges, Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry n all the shows on TV that originally used older actors from faded movie careers.
Many who experienced movies, vaudeville, radio, then TV.

When I get into a particular act like the Marx brothers or 3 stooges.
I watch all there movies, TV shows n read every Bio I can find. 
Which usually leads to Vaudeville n radio before TV.

I like to immerse myself in the time n try to experience it as though I were there. 

To maybe, MAYBE be a small part in the history of this would be a treat.

I've found this post particularly satisfying.
Thank You for reading.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary


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