Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stall Number 8 #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I don't care where you live, in every household there is that one job/chore everybody dreads.
Around here it's horse stall #8.
By the time someone gives in (me) n does it, it usually has a years poo in it.
( Actually this year Laurie Svendsen's Christmas present to Kathy was cleaning etc all stalls for the 4 days of Christmas 2016. Stall #8 was just a special present I claim.)

Kathy threatened to do it for 2 weeks now.
She had all her shovels etc assembled at the gate.
We all know that's not happening, I mean she would but I can't have that.

Actually I was waiting for the circle drive area to be far enough along so I needed the poo for fill.
Well that day was yesterday.
I spent 4 hours mucking that stall out.

Passers by offered to help, but you know a polite offer when you hear it.
Oh, no that's ok I got it.
Shit I didn't have it at all, that stall takes all the piss outa ya.

There's only one way to do stall #8 n that's with a digging shovel.
You have to jump on that shovel twice for each cut to get to dirt.
By the end of the 4hrs my jumper was getting pretty ragged.

After a bit all the well wishers disappear n it's just you n the job.
I believe there's a metaphor in there.
Lonely shovel full after shovel full, because sooner or later it has to be the last one.

A little more than 4hrs later n I was done.
Tore down my setup, Big Ass Fan n Very Loud Radio playin country music.
Because now it was tractor time.

I set up the job for the least expenditure of energy. 
Which meant toss it out the door not wheel out each cart of poo by hand.
I also picked the shovel that weighed about 1 pound less.

Forgot to mention why stall #8 is so dreaded.
Stalls 1 thru 7 are cleaned within 24 hrs of use, because they are simple indoor outdoor small outdoor.
#8 is Busta, Honey n Wheezers refuge from a real pasture, with very heavy use.

Now the poo goes on for a higher purpose in life.
Lower fill for center of circle drive with 6 inches of dirt topping.
I'll let it rise high to middle because it will settle almost 50%.

Anyway that was my Saturday, just wanted to share. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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