Friday, December 4, 2015

Proby aka Po #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Today is my 65th Birthday.
I want to thank everyone on facebook for all there kind words n well wishes.

As far as ages go I think 16, 21 n 65 are the big ones.
I had hoped that before my 65th Birthday the folks in Hollywood might have made an announcement.
Well that didn't happen.

Anyway to the topic of this post.
Last night I had a very long dream n Proby was at my side in the whole thing.
I dreamt that I was back in the shop n Po was at my side.
Funny thing is I left the shop over 20 years ago.

I was walking around talking to everybody I used to work with telling them I'd be 65 soon n retiring.
Proby wasn't just at my side, she was stealing the dream.

I need to tell you something about Po.
Proby has been working on her mind control techniques for 5 years now.
Seriously, Po stares at me n wills me to do things.

I think Proby has expanded her mind control techniques to include entering my dreams, because last nights dream featured Proby.
It was like I had second billing in my own dream.
At one point I was on top of a crowd of people, not a clue why.
Proby came to the edge n I grabbed her front feet so she could climb up also.

If this had been Billy she'd have just flew up there, but no it was Probies dream in my head so she climbed.
I don't remember much more, just that Proby was at my side in the whole dream.
I woke up in a pretty good mood.
No small thing because I've been kinda depressed for a few weeks.

I just don't know what to make of it.
Proby like all Bull Mastiffs is a comfort dog, it's what they excel at.
Mastiffs keep you company so you never feel alone n watch your backside so you never need worry.
But I've never had a Mastiff enter my dreams so strongly.
I think old Po is really perfecting her mind control talent. 

You think I'm joking but I'm not.
If you spent much time around me you'd see how Proby does it.
She just stares at me until I hear her.
Proby really does not bark, not sure she remembers how.

Mastiff's just aren't much on barking.
Mastiff's figure you should know what there thinking without saying it. 

Remember that time Rudy saved pinky from Coyote's?
Not a word, but man did those coyote run like hell.
Rudy came down that hill with pure menace n no doubt.
Those coyote's knew the righteous hand of God was about to smite them.
They gone! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
I was truly grateful Rudy got to live that moment before she passed.

Hell looka that Proby ran my dream last night n now she's taken over today's Post.
Should I be getting nervous.
God, she's good.

Come on folks, Probies post to be at least 200
Yup Guilt, I told you Proby could use mind control over humans. She got her 200 views. 
actually 600 views.

Again thanks to everyone for wishing me well on my Birthday.

Curious about something.
Who is it putting things on my screen saver?
Just noticed following comment on my screen saver, a pic of Rudy.
Upper right corner.
"Even monkeys fall out of trees."
Who's doing that?

Secret time.
Kathy just left for cottage that Ri, Matt n the girls are at.
Here's the thing, I like being alone on my Birthday.
I don't handle Birthdays well, it's easier if I'm alone.
Well that is me n Po.

OK, Time for me, Po, Billy dog, etc to go out n meet the day. A tractor n DIRT will be involved. 

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After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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