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Poverty, Struggle, Life. Forgive me though. this is still my favorite picture ever.
It represents so much.
Did You Know?

Did you know that an insurance company will void the insurance on a barn if your electric fencer is located inside it?
Well Shit add another job to the list of things I gotta do.

Every since the invention of electric fences for farms the fencer has been located in the barn to keep it out of the elements.
Our insurance "Farm Bureau" notified us that we had until the 17th of last month to get Old Sparky outa the barn.

The challenge, find a dry location near the fence with an outlet.
Sounds like a job for Redneckology, The Barrel Book .
Pictures will be required.

Access slot is on outlet but turns to access fencer

Stone-crete, This basically is a country driveway that is not concrete or blacktop.
Dig 4 to 6 inches down, fill with bankrun (1 parts ea sand, clay, stones) top with crushed limestone, 1 inch per year for 3 yrs.
When life is good, all pasture entrances are composed this way also.
N that's where digging in stone-crete comes into play when running wire underground to connect various sections of fence together.

1st effort hooking up Old Sparky in  its new location did not work.
It's a wiring/grounding issue.
I swear Todd n Larry each musta told me at least twice on various times in my life that you can not use a T-post for a ground rod. 
So yup you guessed it I tried using a T-post again.
The reason I suppose I try doing this at least 3 times in 40 years is T-post are on hand, I've always got one handy.
On the other hand, a good ground rod you gotta go buy one, so I keep trying to use Handy ole T-posts.

Why won't T-posts work as ground rods?
1, T-posts are made of a junky kinda metal, not good steel.
2, T-posts are painted, which means that the steel such as it is does not actually touch the dirt as effectively as needed.
Upshot I gotta dig up the old ground rod to put in the new location or buy a new rod.
Either = a pain in my ass. 

To my complete surprise I was able to pull the old 8ft ground rod out of the ground using vice grips, rope n the tractor.
I then hammered it back into the ground at the new location, almost 8ft in ground.
I left 3inches above ground to fasten wires to.

I also dug a 12ft long trench 6inches deep to bury an additional ground wire. 


Talk about the perfect 3 stooges moment.
Yesterday while working on the horse shed I got a 4x4 to the back of the head.
30 mile n hour winds will do that.

The cat has been killing birds in the rafters of the horse arena.
Good as far as it goes but she's not eating them.
Told her I heard it tastes like chicken, she's not buying.

My last post on twitter was on Saturday.
It read, 14 new followers on twitter today.
Well topped that with 200 new followers on twitter in last few days.

Problem was I couldn't see it.
My computer was on strike yesterday.
So I just went outside n worked on the new projects.

Project 1.
Old 24x24 barn. right side of pic. sorry only pic I could find. It's actually taller than it looks. It's sorta in a hole/very low area.

Move old tin barn.
Actually tear it down n rebuild it smaller.
24x24 to 10 by 15 feet.

above 3 pics are rebuilt 10x15 horse shed
Almost done.
You might gather from the pic, I avoid the sun.
The following are pics of the completed Horse shed.
This tin shed is one solid little puppy

The following are pics of 3 horses shed is for.
clockwise Robin Hood aka Jimmy, Tenny n Bo.

At 65 when working outside in the heat I move so slow that I'm almost imperceptible. 
Little Smoke n I call it Ninja pace, we figure if we move slow enough we can walk through anything unscathed.

Project 2.
Put a circle drive where the old tin barn was.
Which requires moving the fence.
So basically both projects are tied together.

The old gray tin barn is the last building from the 1980 n before.
Problem was when I was much younger I didn't realize I was putting it up in a wet mucky area.
The circle drive just gave me a good excuse to move it n rebuild it.

By reducing it from a poor barn of 24x24 to a horse shed of 10x15 I'm able to make it a farely nice building.
At 24x24 the building sucked to look at n truth be told it was a bit shaky.
It really was an eyesore.

I can report that the new horse shed is turning out real nice.
FYI, a horse shed is a smallish building in a pasture that horses go in to rest from heat or escape bad weather.
Horse sheds are open on 1 side that faces east.

Now for the cool stuff.

The original 24x24 building was approx 50 years old.
I got it used in about 1980 from a neighbor n I think it had 2 locations here.
That old tin building will be on it's 4th life when I finish the 10x15 horse shed. 

That kind of thing tickles me.
I love proper recycling through reuse.
Get one more life out of something by seeing it different.

The best part is this.
Inside that old building were 6 pieces of telephone poles used as corners etc.
above 2 pics fence posts for circle drive that were once pole barn pole, before that telephone poles

These poles started life after being trees 75 years ago as telephone poles.
Approx 50 years ago these poles became part of this building.
After 75 years of work n rot there still was 7.5ft of good usable pole left.

Those 75 year old telephone pole are probably on there 4th life now as really good fence posts for the circle drive.
My guess is that they will last at least another 25yrs as fence posts.
That's a century of life n use.

above 3 pics are low area that needs buildup for circle drive.
Dirt n crushed cement fill used for 2foot buildup under drive. will finnish with 4 inches of bank run.

The circle driveway is now at phase 2. Base is completed. Now we wait till fall after ground settles to top with bankrun. Meantime we fill in the low area. In some spots I had to build up approx 3ft.
This project from tearing down old barn, rebuilding n filling hole for circle drive took about 4weeks.
The hole that all the dirt came from.
pic is deceptive. back wall of hole is 4 to 5 feet deep. I will fill hole with horse manure over the next year. Horse manure is unlike any other type manure, it's like processed grass not yucky at all. very organic.

As far as the low area where the old tin barn was that will now be a circle drive.
It's gonna take a lot of buildup to raise its level to that of the drive it becomes a part of.
Not a problem, that's what the tractor n I do.

Pulled out 3 more tree stumps yesterday, that makes 8 removed from circle drive area.
There is one more, not sure I can get that one?
It took the tractor n the truck to get last 3.
Dirt work has begun.

So far this project has an out of pocket cost of $120.00

Bonus pics. New Wild Flowers around the house have started Blooming.
very small fraction of coming blossoms. Now if I can just keep grandkids from picking them to give to there mom or grandma.

At The beginning of last summer I planted the row to the left of Raspberries.
Here's the amazing thing, I planted root.
By late last summer I had berries.

I mowed after pics.
Shoulda done it other way round.
Set it up so I can mow each side of rows.

below 5/21/16

Row to right, 1 year old.
Pots to left, planted last fall.
above. Better pic of 1 year old plants

1 year olds

above 1 year olds, note new plants that are coming up.

new raspberry seedlings, just planted
next to house

new raspberry seedlings, just planted
beside building
row is 40 ft long 
will update pics end of summer

I will update progress with pics mid to late summer.


Poo project, land reclamation.
I talk a lot about working on the tractor hauling horse poo.
Each spring I have to remove all the winter buildup.
Below are pics of where all that poo goes.
The lighter sandy colored area is what was.
The darker crescent of ground at the back is all new.
This whole area starts at 5ft above the low area it covers.

That's it for this spring.
I'll pick it back up next spring.
From here I go back to the old project to the right.

Next project, grapes on south side of warehouse

Thanks to the Best hay crew EVER, Joshua Glew, Heidi Jo Glew, Moriah Newman, Matt Newman, Laurie Svendsen n Kathy Glew
Over 1,000 bales in 2 days.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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