Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'm Bored, Let's Talk About Me. #pezoutlaw #hollywood #americana


When my brothers n I were very young in the late 1950s we used to take bike trips on Grovenberge rd.
We'd take a jar of Kool-Aid n ride to the end of Grovenberge rd n back again.
These trips came to an end when I96 cut off Grovenberge rd pretty much at the point we'd begin at.

I grew up watching westerns on TV n my parents listened to country music.
So of course I broke my collar bone defending a girl in grade school.
One of my better excuses to fight. 

As a child I got in fights n could be disruptive.
Yes one of my teachers did put me in a closet as punishment.
This may have happened more than once, I didn't care, just catcalled into the hallway through a vent.

My neighborhood in the 1950s was rural on the edge of large farms.
I96 was built just behind our house n began the change of everything.
Next we were annexed into the city.

When integration became the law, we were bussed into the inner city to achieve quotas.
This law had a very big impact on my life. 
Rural to city n city ways, which led to drugs. 

I live in the country now n like my folks I listen to country music.
I can't help thinking if I'd stayed in the country some of my life might have been different.
Some people fit better in the country than in the city. 

Country life helps me maintain perspective.
City life n city ways confused my mind.
Creating the need to self medicate.

At 15 I got brought home by the cops drunk.
16 n 17 I smoked weed, did LSD n peyote, shot meth n Heroine.
I spent the next 25 years finding my way back.

In my 40s I had probably the best decade of my life as Pez Outlaw.
Another highpoint was the summer I spent helping Larry Blizzard build the horse arena in 2011.
That 2011 summer was another turning point in my life. 

I think I gained perspective on my life in that summer of 2011.
For a decade I'd meandered writing Pez Outlaw Diary.
After the summer of 2011 I found my true purpose in life.

My 50s to now 65 have been fighting my way back again after Pez Corp destroyed my life.
see Pez Outlaw Diary
I believe that my life's circle will close on a high note with a movie n a book about Pez Outlaw.
What can I say, I'm an optimist.

When I was young n listened to Rock n Roll my dad used to say, There's no Story.
I find Rock n other forms of music agitating, disruptive to my mind.
Country music blends with my life now, I can identify with it.

Reference point.
I started listening to Country music in my summer of 2011. 
By no coincidence, the summer I got my life back on track.
Building things, hard work n country music, soothes the crazy.

I watched a documentary last night about a rich persons life gone wrong.
It kinda shook me up a bit, the old there but by the grace of God go I.
Made me want to pull back for fear of acting out to much.
Then I found this post n it made me feel better.

No matter what happens I need to remember that I wear $12.00 jeans from Family Farm n Home and that I drive a tractor because it's fun.
The lessons I've learned over the last 15yrs must not be forgotten.
Humility in my personal life.
Let others do as they will, focus on the tasks before me.
Frugality in all things, do not waste anything.
Always look at discarded things for what they can or might be.
Above all, try every day to view life in the best light I can.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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