Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Red Carpet #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

My special guest on the Red Carpet premiere of The Pez Outlaw Movie,
Why, because he asked.  

Can you imagine me on the Hollywood Red Carpet at Oscar time?
That would probably be the oddest sight you've ever seen.
Sweat shirts, muddy jeans, old work boots n a bucket hat.

Makes you wonder if they have an entrance for real people?
That whole red carpet thing is La La Land.
Nothing about it relates to the real world I live in.

I saw an advert on one of my pages for rented clothes.
Got me thinkin about Red Carpet loaner clothing.
When did we quit even owning our own clothes.

I'd rather be seen as I am than in someone elses clothes.
To dress up Red Carpet would be a betrayal of my life.
So anyway I hope they have an entrance for real people, because I don't wear a funeral suit for nobody.

Believe it or not this post is based in reality.
Parties (human) involved have won Oscars.
Studio involved has won a shitload of Oscars.

Then again, maybe I'd be banned from visibility.
I think if I were in charge, I'd ban me. 
It would be the wise move.

I'm trying to write a positive post.
Some guy on TV just said "all the whiners on the internet".
Made me feel a bit self conscious.

If I ever have to represent Pez Outlaw in public.
I will try very hard to be true to myself.
Anything that happens with Pez Outlaw no matter how spectacular, will be fleeting.

I have to be able to return to my small life, pride intact.
I'd rather be looked down on by the fancy than ridiculed in my world.
Call on me? n you get me. not the version of me you think looks better.

That should be within the rules?
Like she said.
My Give A Dam's, Busted. 

How long can that Bastard keep his mouth shut? 
Thought I'd say it first. 
Patients vs pressure of Bills = frustration n an ulcer.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary


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