Thursday, December 22, 2016

Doin the TP shuffle #pezoutlaw #hollywood

My Bull Mastiff Proby has a thing for TP.
Po likes to unroll the TP into the living room from it's hanger in the bathroom then chew on the end.
Po has no idea what the word NO means.
Love Po to much to explain it to her.
In short my dog TP's our house.

On the other end of the TP scale.
Certain parties are becoming difficult to communicate with.
Sign the papers, Then????????????

I know, I Know people are busy in there world with there own projects.
Though it does make you feel a bit like TP on the holder in the bathroom.
Waiting n waiting for that moment when you are called into service.

I imagine that TP welcomes the attention Proby gives it.
Think about it, the only time TP gets to leave the bathroom is when Proby has a playdate with it.
So I'm guessing TP welcomes Probies idea of fun, anything to get out of the bathroom.

I signed the papers last August.
Since then word has gotten thin.
So I'll just hang out like TP next to the toilet, waiting for Proby n some excitement.

Point being, nuggets of news would be nice.
It seems like all I do is wait.
You've been involved say a year n a half, Not long in your world.

I've been at this over 15 years.
It's like i'm 15yrs into a prison stretch of unknown length.
Any news would be welcome. 

Not going rouge on ya, just going nuts.
Here's the thing though.
I was 40 when I started the Pez Outlaw thing.
I was 50 when the Pez Outlaw thing blew up.
I will be 65 next month.
Time is going by at an alarming pace n time is running out for me. 

OK, maybe going a teensie tiney bit rouge. 
I'm just feeling like TP. 

I'll bite, How bored are you?
Approx 229 posts in Notes From The Asylum in less than a years worth of bored.
Pickin at scabs in my brain Bored. 

For Christ Sakes a post about Toilet Paper Bored.
With a picture of Toilet Paper Bored.
Even if it is a good Post about Toilet Paper. 

Close but not quite pulling your hair out bored.
Truth is it would be thin grabbin.
Walkin around alone sayin knyuck, knyuck, knyuck bored. 

Who's in charge of this whorehouse bored. 
Look I don't mind bein poor.
I just don't like being in debt n poor. 

Just Sayin.
n you know, share the wealth bored. 
Slippage is a Bitch.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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