Friday, June 9, 2017

Grab Your Tin Foil Hat #timetraveler #pezoutlaw #hollywood #NFTA

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Last night I got to thinking.If I went back to 1976, I'd have to ask Kathy where I worked.
You see during this time period I moved around within my trade a bit.
I just could not bare working in the shop again.
So the realistic solution would be to just go back to 1998.
Once there I would cancel all plans to create n buy the Misfit Pez From Pez Corporation. 
I would take the $250,000 cash on hand n build the Horse Arena 12 years earlier.

Avoiding near bankruptcy n 18 years in the wilderness.
The restoration of almost 18 years would be enough.
Regrettably if I went back in time n changed the last 18 years, we would not be here talking today. 
I would though happily make that trade.

The premise is this.
Say it was possible to travel back in time to a younger you but with the experience you have now.
So my 65 year old brain would be in my 19 year old body in 1970.
This would lead to many dilemmas.

First off I don't give a shit about all the rules of time travel argued on Dr Who n Big Bang Theory.
Throw them out from the git, if I'm gonna do this, my rules.
So my thoughts here will not be constrained by "agreed upon rules of time travel".
My dilemmas will all be personal.

The thought of time traveling back to a younger me crosses my mind a lot.
I'd love the chance to live my life better.
One, I was a very angry trouble young man.
I'd love to share that part of my life as a better person.

Would I go back to my early teens n be a better student n not drop out of High school?
Would I go back to the day I met Kathy n be a better man from day one?
Would I go back to 1998 n not buy the 1/2 million in Pez from Pez Corporation?
To me, these are my choices.

Teenager no way in hell, plus I'd have to wait to long to meet Kathy.
Although I do run some of the conversations I'd have with my mother.
If I went back in time there are 2 people who'd believe me my mother n Kathy.
Other'n that being a teenager again, Hell No.

To short a time.
Only impacting one pivotal point seems a waste.
Plus Kathy deserves more.

The old switcheroo.
Not the day I met Kathy but after Moriah was born.
Those first years good n bad are to key to who we are n the longevity of our relationship.
Plus I would do nothing that might alter my family.

So we get to the conversation.
Kathy gets home from the hospital after having Moriah n I tell her that I'm from the future.
Honestly, I think I could get her to believe me, because for one she's not stupid.
The difference in the brain of the person that was standing before her would be like night n day.

Once Kathy was on board we'd slowly start the changes.
I wouldn't tell anyone else.
Though I would tell Virgil to keep his eyes out for Microsoft n Apple.
Virgil liked stocks.

The changes.
We had goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, sheep n a few cows.
All gone or never entered into.
Get Kathy to Horses STAT.

Kathy's knowledge n joy of horses is now n would have been back then if I could do a do over, Key to our lives.
All the money we wasted in other directions would be put into building a Horse Arenas as soon as possible.
I would support all her dreams n quests for knowledge. 
On this she was especially right, plus it gives her joy.

We had sight hounds n about every other breed.
Skip all that n get Mastiffs n a Dachshund. 
Save a lot of unnecessary aggravation.

Ok that taken care of we get to me, the shop n my obsessions.
I'd leave the shop as soon as I could but not as soon as I'd most likely like. 
In this go round I left the shop in 1994.
This would be the worst part, having to go back n work in the shop for even 1 more day.

My obsessions.
I bought everything from comics, 78 records, toys, McDonalds, etc.
Skip it all.
All roads led to Pez, so get to it right away.

If I'd just bought $10 a week of current Pez starting in 1975, we'd have gotten to the point quicker.
1994 was the start date is 15 years x 52 weeks x $10 a week = $7,800 worth of pez to launch things.
By then Kathy's Horse world would already be a key player.
So the pez thing could be just another player.

4 years later In 1998.
instead of spending 3/4 of a million on pez, 1/2 million specifically on Misfits etc.
1/2 million was debt n earnings from buy leaving 1/4 million for Kathy's Horse projects.
Buildings, equipment, driveways etc. Like I will now if they make the Pez Outlaw movie.

Other than that.
Kathy would have had a more loving, stable n supportive partner for 20 more years of our lives together. 
That would be the best part.

You ask people, If you could go back in time n change anything, would you?
The noble answer is always, not a thing.
What Bull shit.
I'd change a hell of a lot.

Kathy really didn't wanna hear this.
Fare enough.
Kathy said Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. 
No way, this is the topic today.

Think of it this way.
You could be watching a kitten play with string.
Or I could write this n you read it.
Probably equal wastes of time.

I write about what plagues my mind.
By writing it, I purge it. 
Freeing my mind to meander forth.
AH, sweet freedom.

Kathy said "What's the deal with Zombies"?
I told her that they're funny. OH!
Hap n Leonard still not doin so good.
Bones in the crawl space? 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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