Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bum in a Dumpster #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Back in the early 90s I used to dumpster dive for cereal boxes.Once while in an enclosed recycling dumpster some folks innocently opened the hatch to put some material in.
When they lifted the flap in the dumpster there I sat.
I said Hello n they left really quick.
Bum in a dumpster wasn't what they were expecting that Saturday.


I love the following sentiment.
He taught me everything, but not everything he knew.


The Mud's Got Whitecaps.
There's been an ungodly amount of rain this year.
We had An ocean of mud.
When the peaks dry, they look like Whitecaps.

I went into one of the pastures the other day,
The tractor got stuck in soft mud up to the frame.
As always Kathy had to snatch me out with her truck.
Within a week the mud closed, like I'd never been there.

Saw some mice rafting on the runoff.

God I'm in terrible shape this spring.
Sunk 3 posts n man did I pay the next day.
Bought n unloaded material for 2 jobs.
That was it for the day, except chores.

Every year Spring is a shock to my system.
With spring comes projects.
Each project highlights how outa shape I am. 
Even with winter's work load, I still loose ground.

All winter I'm busy.
3 to 4 hours a day outside working.
Thing is it's a different kind of work.
In winter you just hold things together n do chores.

Spring brings projects.
Pasture need cleaned n big repairs are no longer on hold.
Muddy rutts need smoothing n the yard needs mowing.
Oh yeah n I gotta rebuild the mower deck.

We haven't even got to trees, gardens n flowers.
This year I want to plant 6 new fruit trees.
I need to seed 3 to 4 new wild flower patches.
Also need to figure out what I'm doin with the garden this year.

The new raspberries are already in the ground. 
Believe it or not I'm already seeing leaves.
Ripped out n moved 40 ft of bushes
Moved them down hill n replaced with raspberries.

Got new boots, on sale, 2 pair, $44.00
Tellin folks like a kid with new tennies.
Seemed odd on reflection.
Yet, why don't other people get excited by little things.

Just accepted a new follower on twitter.
Prompts me to say, There's weird n then there is WEIRD.
I try to stay within the bounds of good taste.
But there are some really strange things out there. 

This is happening on TV also.
The boundaries of good taste are being pushed, more n more.
I like science fiction, Time travel n Zombie detectives are fun.
But all that's just goofy fun.

What I don't care for are shows about the cannibal of the week.
I don't like shows that feature crimes against children.
Criminal Minds etc are not my cup of tea. 
I can't get that stuff outta my head.

Once a TV show shows you something you can't unring that bell.
IZombi fun TV, Criminal Minds not so much.
Supernatural Fun, reality news shows about grisly murders, not fun.
To each there own I guess. 

It's a shame though.
Great actors.
Terrifically well written characters.
Subject, like Jase say's, No.

Did some good on the ruts today.
Gotta get the ground shaped up so it's possible to mow. 
Neighbors each side of me have already mowed.
Todays post was Goulash of the week.

Just saw this. 
Enjoy all the benefits of online shopping plus free store pickup.
Begs the question.
Were you gonna charge me to come to the store n pick it up?

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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