Monday, July 2, 2018

Maybe Today? #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Pez Outlaw
Yes I watched Sharknado 5 n enjoyed every minute of it.

Every day I get up, have breakfast n think Maybe Today.
Maybe Today, I get news on Pez Outlaw.
Maybe Today, a deal I've been working on comes through.
Maybe Today, something I write get's the BIG WOW.

Maybe Today, some good news.
I don't lay back n wait for an act of God.
I work toward this possible, in one case over a decade.
On others it's grinding away, one brick at a time.

As I may have mentioned, I'm not the most patient person.
Each day I must tuck my dreams away n deal with reality.
Every day I have to push things out of my mind n deal with what's possible.
Projects go from perfect new to gotta do it for zero.

Compromise, do no harm.
Make do, work with what's on hand.
Get that last little bit out of everything.
Of course Larry's work is better, he get to work with new material.

That's what sucks about your fate being in the hands of others.
Worked in the shop, my fate was in Bob's ability to sell.
Created Pez Misfits, only to have the ideas taken by Pez USA.
Hollywood's interested, my fate is in there final decision.

For now I write, thinking my fate is in my words.
Trying to express the perfect thought.
Shit I don't know.
Yet compelled all the same to do it.

This is the only place I can build without compromise.
I can write to my hearts content n not waste Kathy's money.
Here I can find freedom from the constraints of reality.
My only limits are in my own minds ability to create.

I had that in the real world for a time, but that was taken from me.
I spent two decades slowly building to my potential.
Once there, greed n jealous fueled resentment took it all.
I never regained my momentum once it was stolen. 

With Pez Outlaw my focus now is to let him be every-mans story.
One that the reader can identify with.
The struggle n possible success you can achieve in life.
The heartache of having the boot of the powerful on your neck.

The struggle not to submit.
Fighting back with what remains.
Days without purpose, knowledge that time is running out.
The will to continue in isolation of belief.

numbers reveal the truth.

Hard sometimes = Good. 

I'm actually jealous of Big Fish 
Big Fish  is the first post I've written that reached 1,000 views in just 1 day.
As a "writer" I'm confused.
Why did that work?

I can't help but think with proper packaging n broader presentation the Pez Outlaw story is perfect for our times.
The Pez Outlaw story would easily be related to by that very middle class n poor. 
Those who also find themselves victims of today's new normal.
College degrees without jobs, flipping burgers to get by.

The crush we all felt from the collapse of 2008.
You got college loans, I got $250,000.00 of debt from the college of Pez.
Your pain started in 2008, mine started a decade before that.
Pez Outlaw represents every-man n our desire to achieve the American dream.

Now I wait in the Asylum, self-imposed exile.
Hoping to regain my sanity, a ticket back to reality.
A second chance.
Maybe Today n if not, Maybe Tomorrow?

Wanna know why I like Hap n Leonard.
Not because for 3 weeks they've either been duct taped, tied or handcuffed together.
Not because these 2 guys can't seem to catch a break.
No, because the writer had no formal training, he just decided to write. 

My favorite joke to Kathy for 3 weeks now.
Ole Hap n Leonard aren't doin so good.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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