Sunday, April 10, 2016

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Just over the Horizon
Scales out of balance
Praying for a cure
Creeping momentum
Walls closing in
Purge the thought

Anxiety levels high
Patience all time low
Tedium creeps in 

Small Bites
All this time
Anothers caution

Livin on Dreams
Paying with promises
Times running out 

Shape reality
Make it palatable 
Send out the mail


The way we view our lives.
Each day we wake to the same given set of facts about our life.
Some days we are weighted down by them, on others we move past.

The facts about our lives don't change day to day.
How we view them does.
What's the magic that makes it different?

Yesterday I was Mr Suck.
Today I'm coming out of it.
Nothing changed except my mood.

I believe there are days each month that I'm unable to find perspective.
Luckily these last in n out 3 days.
But like clockwork each month with the full moon they come.


Tomorrow is a message of hope.
You see I actually don't mind being poor.
It's the debt I don't like.

Everything I do is toward the goal of successfully completing Pez Outlaw.
Once Pez Outlaw has achieved it's goal, I will be happy to go silent.
That message is to parties who may have concerns.

If you choose to go forward.
I am if you choose perfectly willing to go silent.
I only do this to keep Pez Outlaw out there.

Once the goal is attained my purpose here has ended. 

This is BIG.
Notes From the Asylum has passed The Cereal Box Price Guide in views.
That's BIG because The Asylum has been up less than 1/3 the time Cereal has.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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