Saturday, August 8, 2015

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Dead Peoples Toys = DPTs

I have collected things my entire adult life.
Mind you not well n I definitely lacked direction.
Meaning I collected without focus.
I collected stuff whatever appealed at that moment.

Around 1990 I met Mike Mitros.
We've been friends now, well over 25 years.
I learned the term "Dead Peoples Toys" from him.
DPTs are the things that were collected by the generation that is dying off n no longer buying.

The current crop of toys falling in the DPTs are from the 1950s.
Meaning that Cowboy toys n Space Patrol etc are now losing buyers.
Which means for people like me at 65 years old.
Toys I couldn't afford 20 years ago are beginning to become affordable.

Which brings me to something I just bought.
Still poor so note I paid $10.50 for this item.
I bought it just for the fun of looking at it.
I also thought I would get a useful picture out of it.

Vintage 1954/1955 Ralston Space Patrol, Man from Mars Totem Head Mail order Cereal Premium Mask.  PIece is in good shape for its age, but I believe is missing the nose and has some wear and aging to contend with.  Piece measures 14"  X 8" X 15 1/2" and is a nice displayable size.

1954 Rice Chex Space Patrol Cereal Box = $250 to $350.00

There are pieces missing, but I just don't care.
There's another one mint in mailer for $80-$200.
I just don't care $190.00 worth for perfect.
I want to look at it touch it n play with it.

I'd have killed for this when I was 5 years old.
N guess what this is exactly what mine would've looked like after a day or 2.
Running around with it on my head, the nose n visor never would've made it.
Now it sets to my left n in my dreams. 

Wait just one dog gone minute, did I just pay $10.50 to write this post?
I'm not a professional writer, no shit Sherlock. 
But that's not how it's supposed to go, is it?
I may have just broke some rule or other. 

I might better ask my agent.
Oh yah, I got one.
No idea what his or her name is though.
But I do have an agent. Really! 

this thing has one purpose in life.
to stimulate my mind.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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