Monday, April 11, 2016

TV Wasteland #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Being in the Asylum I have a bit of time on my hands. 
We watch a lot of TV here at the Asylum.
It also goes without saying I have opinions on whatever you got.
So lets Bitch about TV today.
Why Not!

Criminal Minds
Serial Killer of the week.
Well that made me feel good.

Which brings up a point.
How does a TV show make you feel or in your opinion was that show good for you mentally?
Did the TV show put you in a good place or agitate your mind?

Great show, now old n tired.

No Tony, no show.
It lost it's heart.
Just a bunch of people from other shows I didn't watch.
4 new characters that I could care less about.
Fire them all n hire 2 great actors like Tony n Ziva.

Law n Order to Hospital shows, I'm over it.
Genius shows with really implausible plots, are a wasted hr.

Political dramas to Reality shows, no thanks.
We've got the best political drama/reality show playing out every day on the news. 

I watch most hour long shows in approx 1/2hr.
I fear that I've become to jaded n just plain hard to satisfy

For me a TV show needs 1 thing to make it good.
I need to care n actually like the characters. 

A TV show shouldn't have Really elaborate Mythology or more simply, no gobbledygook.
OH My God, Who Cares.

I like shows where the plot is just a device to allow character driven subplots.
Good characters n good character development.

2 more things I hate on TV.
Showing the predicament then backing up to show how we got here.
I also dislike, long drawn out story lines that cover a season.

So much of network TV is mmmmm, no thanks
I've been watching Barnwood Builders on DIY.
Barnwood Builders is the new Duck Dynasty, with one big difference.
It's not contrived n the guys are actually doing something.
I also love looking at the skeletal structure of Big Wood.

TV, stop pushing the boundaries of horrible things you can shock us with.
That sort of thing is just laziness, write better stories with terrific characters.

I'm a provocateur but even I have limits TV.
There are a lot of places though that even I won't go.
TV, you have desensitized yourself n your viewers to the point that at times I'm Horrified at how far you go.
The grisly depths you've reached on TV are just to much.

I have 2 firm rules about TV.
Involve children in your depravity, I change the channel immediately.
Hurt a dog or any animal, I change the channel immediately.

A year ago I watched all the episodes Of Murder She Wrote n enjoyed it very much.
How about doing Murder She Wrote over with Patricia Arquette as a new Jessica Fletcher.

The Best episodes of Murder She Wrote were the ones that centered on Cabot Cove her hometown.
My favorite character in Cabot Cove was Tom Bosley as Sheriff Amos Tupper.
There is no shame in finding a good character actor who can recreate the Tom Bosley role.

While we're at it let's redo Matlock with David Boreanaz as Matlock.I believe his natural acting style would be well suited to the character.

Shows like Murder She Wrote n Matlock were wonderful for how they used actors currently without a series that people remember fondly.

I'd also like to take a moment to show you something of a parallel.
You might think Matlock n Murder she wrote are just quaint old fogy shows. 
OK, Sherlock prior to it's resurrection by Steven Moffat n Mark Gatiss with Benedict Cumberbatch was a quaint old 1984 series with Jeremy Brett.
Sherlock is the reinvigorated update of very good stories worth a fresh look with good casting.

OH Hell, Why not.
N you kids, get off my lawn.
I get it n I will be 66 in a bit. 
Though might wanna keep in mind, Boomers are the biggest part of the TV viewing audience now. 

In my defense as an old out of touch person.
My Tweets have earned 77,443 impressions over the last 28 days.

I think that's pretty good? 
This post has had 285 views in 1hr n 650 views in 24hrs. 
Possibly my view here has some validity.  

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

by the way, this image would also or possibly be the 1st T-shirt


Pez Outlaw Diary

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yestorow #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw


Just over the Horizon
Scales out of balance
Praying for a cure
Creeping momentum
Walls closing in
Purge the thought

Anxiety levels high
Patience all time low
Tedium creeps in 

Small Bites
All this time
Anothers caution

Livin on Dreams
Paying with promises
Times running out 

Shape reality
Make it palatable 
Send out the mail


The way we view our lives.
Each day we wake to the same given set of facts about our life.
Some days we are weighted down by them, on others we move past.

The facts about our lives don't change day to day.
How we view them does.
What's the magic that makes it different?

Yesterday I was Mr Suck.
Today I'm coming out of it.
Nothing changed except my mood.

I believe there are days each month that I'm unable to find perspective.
Luckily these last in n out 3 days.
But like clockwork each month with the full moon they come.


Tomorrow is a message of hope.
You see I actually don't mind being poor.
It's the debt I don't like.

Everything I do is toward the goal of successfully completing Pez Outlaw.
Once Pez Outlaw has achieved it's goal, I will be happy to go silent.
That message is to parties who may have concerns.

If you choose to go forward.
I am if you choose perfectly willing to go silent.
I only do this to keep Pez Outlaw out there.

Once the goal is attained my purpose here has ended. 

This is BIG.
Notes From the Asylum has passed The Cereal Box Price Guide in views.
That's BIG because The Asylum has been up less than 1/3 the time Cereal has.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shirts n Giggles #pezoutlaw #hollywood #92Crazy #timetraveler

flip a Dime.

Wardrobe, I still have the Suede Work-coat that Pez Outlaw wore all 70 trip to Europe.
I almost turned it into my new work coat around here yesterday.
At the last minute I thought better of the idea.
Thinking that if the movie is made you might want it. 2XL.

I also have my entire vintage collection of Phat Farm Polyester shirts.
Again what I wore on every trip to Europe.
Thinking that if the movie is made you might want them. 2XL.
Below are pictures of just some of them. 

a few of them, all are at least 20years old.
yeah lazy, just found ones like mine on ebay so i didn't have to take pics

Someone tried to ridicule me, saying my shirts were just pics from ebay.
You got me I'm lazy, I used pics of shirts like mine from ebay.
A lesson to folks, someone calls you on something, just own it.
What a pointless, petty thing to say.

Do you somehow think you can make Pez Outlaw a fraud because I didn't want to take pictures of my shirts.
Seriously, How lame.
Rather than try to diminish Pez Outlaw n 25 years of work, try doing something noteworthy yourself.
Anyway, Yeah you got me. I used pics of shirts like mine from ebay.

Yesterday I had to lay to rest the last of my jackets.
Back in the 90s I had a bunch of company jackets made for family etc.
So I turned to the pile of leather jackets I bought when I had money for a replacement.
That's how we got here.

During my heyday as Pez Outlaw I had a bit of money.
On one shopping spree I spent over a thousand on leather n suede jackets.
I wore the suede work jacket on almost all my trips to Europe.
The rest of the jackets have just hung in the closet for 20 years.

I knew I'd get around to these leather jackets one day.
So yesterday a good jacket became my new work coat.
Meaning, painting, laying on the ground n scooching under stuff etc.
Fancyish coats going back to what they were meant to be.

I picked the leather jacket that I liked the least.
Even that one probably cost $250.
Damn thing is heavy though.
Like new boots though it will wear in.

Crazy is what m I gonna do with a $300 to $400 jacket?
When all I need is an $80 carhartt.
Those coats'll get wore hard n put up wet.

Billy Dog Alert.

I've been trying to give Billy Dog some rope lately.
Reason is, she's been gettin lucky here n there.
Being in the right place at the right time.
I figure maybe there's a latent instinct tryin to get out.

Thing is Billy moves around so much, she's bound to be in the right place every so often.
Broke clock, twice a day deal.
This being Horse work, I need that energy in the right place sometimes.
Billy really wants to help, so I'm overlooking n waiting for the good.

Billy gets lucky once in a while n I praise the hell out of her.
Then she wants to jump a house.
I'm optimistic though, I think she's got a shot at actually helping.
One thing is certain, it really pisses her off when a horse bonks me.

Weather Report
I had a few rough days there as you may have noticed.

That ole full moon grabbed me by the short n curlies.
You play through the pain n walk it off.
Though a couple of really successful posts came from it.
Secrets  is the fastest growing post I've written.

That intense feeling of impending doom has lifted.
Small solutions peaked over the horizon.
Optimism slowly returns.
The wear n tear is the only regret.

I've been doing this a long time now.
One thing I've learned is to use the pain.
You keep doing the work.
Work with what you have.

#92crazy is meant to be read hashtag 90 to crazy.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Friday, April 8, 2016

#92Crazy #pezoutlaw #hollywood #timetraveler @pezoutlaw

I can't help reflecting on how things have changed this morning.
For me the 1990s were the Roaring 90s.
Travel and Deals at the drop of a hat.
Money was just a tool and easily obtained.

Deals for $10,000.00 were small ball.
I did that as a baseline once a month.
The deals I sought were for $25,000 n $30,000.
Decisions were made in minutes on handshakes.

Now, well now things are different.
My biggest deal back then was for $1/2 to $3/4 million dollars in one year.
Today getting $3,000.00 is very difficult.
Things sure have changed.

My mind still thinks like the 90s but reality won't cooperate, except here.
I really find it difficult to cope with.
I try to do things the way I used to, but today everybody has to think about it.
Unfortunately my bills are not patient.

These things take time, be patient, it's only been a year.
Maybe for you but I've already been patient for 15 years.
I've been so patient that I think I might loose my mind.
You ever feel that pain inside where need n hope crash against each other like giant waves?

So I try another way because I'm nothing if not resourceful and it too is met with process.
I get it, it's the smart way to decide, even if it's a foreign language to me.
Won't pay for last years hay or buy the hay I need today though.
The clash of the way things are done today verses my needs today is stark.

The world around me is at odds with it's very self.
When I need or want, I must be patient while decisions are made.
When the world needs n wants from me, I must act immediately.
Yeah, that's the fun part isn't it.

I'm told that I need to work on being patient.
I've had some product 15 years waiting for it to sell.
With Pez Outlaw I've been working on it also 15 years now.
To me, I've been very patient.

Patience is very much in the eye of the beholder.
If you've come to something recently, you wish the other party to be patient.
As the other party I've been here for over a decade, I thought that was the definition of patience. 
10yrs is what People get for serious crimes, by that standard I've done hard time. 

Look, I'm not gonna go rouge or anything.
I'm gonna be good n wait, but things get kinda sticky out here some times.
So I write about it.
I keep it vague n abstract so all parties on various fronts don't pop a cork but shit I'm goin nuts.

I know in my heart that all this will pass, it always does.
One day I will be on the other side of this struggle n wish it hadn't gotten to me like it has.
That knowledge helps me maintain optimism.
I just wish that day will come soon.

If I could smoke marijuana I'm sure things would be easier.
I'd just get me a Michigan prescription n relive my youth.
2 problems with that though.
It ain't ditch weed nomore brother n I'd probably go nuts.

I know, short trip, BUD!
Oh yeah n Kathy would skin me alive. 
Reality is this.
I enjoy people who view Notes From The Asylum, but I do this for me. 

I can run around in crazy town only so long.
Then I must poke my head out.
She can't do this alone.
Because that's not fare either. 

I will though make crazy pay if it's the last thing I do. 
On that note we end this group therapy session.
Like AA, My name is Pez Outlaw.
Hello @#$ %^&*!?  

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary