Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Just heard another TV commercial for selling your life insurance policy to some corporation.Add to that thought reverse mortgages where you sell the equity in your home but live there till you die.

Till you die on both is my problem.

I hate the idea of being worth more to anybody dead than alive.
I just get squeamish at the idea that my survival has a cheering section that's rooting against me.
Not to mention that I'm basically a tin foil hat kinda guy who looks over his shoulder as it is.

Both life insurance and reverse mortgage guys get a larger payout if I die sooner.
There's a thought that's sure to make you feel good.

I hate the idea that anyone other than Pez Corporation or Scott McWhinnie wishes my death for personal gain.
It just puts such a negative vibe into the Universe at a time in life when I can use all the good Karma I can get.

I think that's why in a lot of ways I prefer being worth negative $150,000.00 on paper and having poor credit.
All the crazy hackers etc are gonna leave me alone.
How do you take out a loan in someones name who has bad credit.

Fraud is another reason why I don't talk on telephones.
Just felt like most people who called wanted something.
My brother Virgil is still pissed at me for refusing to talk on a telephone.
For Pete's sake Virgil, get in your damn car n drive over, I'll talk to you as long as you want, but I really despise telephones.
Wanna know the truth, I'm more or less insulted when someone wants me to talk on a telephone.

It just feels like the whole world wants something or to draw you into there drama.
$19.95 per month for this worthy cause or that.
Reverse Mortgages.
Sell me your life insurance.
How was our service.
Will you take a survey.
Guys driving up to your house selling meat?????
Young guys pulling into your drive outa the blue because there curious about your life.
Honest to God someone invited me to church where the sermon is given from horseback. 
Then you have the personal dramas and issues.
Let's not forget people who offer to promote my ebook for a small fee.
or give me more followers for a fee
or promote my posts for a fee
shine my shoes, walk my dog, block my hat for a fee.
Nope, to hell with all of you. You could never measure the degree of my interest. zero.

Add to the above that this whole cyber crime thing freaks me out.
Gonna go low tech, no tech, soon as I can. 

One little TV commercial n all hell breaks loose. 
Time to turn on Willie's Roadhouse n calm down.

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