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13.5 Rules #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

An idea is nothing but a lost opportunity without action.

Make all contributions of $19.95 payable to Happy Horse Asylum for the continued care of Pez Outlaw.

Rule #1. believe in your project with every fiber of your being, but you need to do the work.

Rule #2. The project needs to be the thing that excites you,  your idea of fun.

Rule #3. When you take on or start a project,  Do not let up. Push it  until it almost breaks, then push some more. You need to be relentless. Never give up, never give in. If at times you don't feel a little embarrassed by your efforts, you are holding back to much. 

Rule #4.  Open your eyes to the possibility that what you think you were doing, is actually not what you were doing. Projects evolve, you must be able to recognize the change, be open to it. Example, I'm beginning to believe this whole outlaw project was just warmup for Notes From The Asylum.
Rule #5. Turn your deficits into assets. Poor no money, Ah but you have time, use it. Obsessive compulsive, a unique ability to focus like a laser on a project. etc.

Rule #6. Do not allow other peoples opinions of what you are doing to hold you back. You are a unique individual, that uniqueness may be your biggest asset. Try to be like everybody else, to fit in, seek & gain the approval of others, is a one way ticket to mediocrity.

Rule #7. Do things the way you like to do them. Try mimicking others or forcing yourself into habits or patterns that you find unnatural/foreign & you will not succeed. It's your project, from the beginning do it the way you like, otherwise you might as well be working for someone else.

Rule #8. Any project requires a great deal of effort, years & years of tedious work. Day after day, year after year of having faith in yourself. People are gonna think you are nuts. You must believe in yourself before anyone else can possibly believe in you or your project.

Rule #9. You need to hear what others are saying, yet not let it affect your resolve. Criticism is only to test your resolve. Be open to critique that helps the project, but do not let it stop the project. If your resolve is strong enough, you will outlast your last critique.

Rule #10. Trust yourself. If you are wrong you can change it later. Second guessing yourself will only slow progress & kill the uniqueness of your project.

Rule #11. Don't be fragile. If a few harsh words are gonna curl you up with a blankey, you are doomed. Thick skin is required. To be perfectly frank, don't give a hoot in hell what other people think of what you are doing. Only care what you think about what you are doing.

Rule #12. Do not gage the success of your project by the big picture. You need to find small wins along the way. This is going to take a long time.  10 years is nothin.

Rule #13. You are only crazy if you think you are crazy, other than that it's the rest of the world that is goofy. "Normal speak", march to your own drummer. 

Rule #13.5 Never ask someone else if they think you are crazy. BIG, BIG MISTAKE.

Three things surprised me while writing Pez Outlaw Diary.

The first being that in 1998 buying pez for what became the Color Wars I spent $471,950.00 on Pez dispensers. The second surprise was that over an 11 year period of selling Pez I earned $4,530,899.00 in Gross Sales. Then lost it all in the Pez Color Wars. The third thing that surprised me when I realized it was. For approx 3 years by default I ran Pez USA. The reason I say this is for 2 to 3 years most of what Pez USA did was in direct response to what I was doing.

effects of one pivotal moment.
When life handed me my first pivotal choice, I said yes. I saw something & moved on it with everything I could muster. That first pivotal moment for me was in 1994 when I decided to start traveling to Europe buying Pez. Over 70 trips later the hobby had been changed, all hinging on that one decision to go. Decisions accompanied by actions impact events. 

My second pivotal decision to go forward with the Holiday Colors also had a huge impact on myself n the Pez Hobby. This time, not so good.

The third big pivotal decision for me was when I decided to write Pez Outlaw Diary. Everybody told me. Don't write this, just let it go. How do you let something like this go, while you still have breath in your body? People still think I'm crazy to take on a major international corporation like Pez. What are they gonna do, destroy me? To late they already did that.

The 4th pivotal decision I've made is to start writing in Notes From The Asylum.
see below.

I'm very content with the decision I made to take on this fight. To be honest it would have been against my nature to otherwise.

At this point in this life my only redemption will be if they decide to make the Pez Outlaw movie.
If they make the movie, I was justified in the faith of almost 18 years of work.
Unfortunately, if they don't decide to make the movie, then I was nuts.


You may or may not have noticed but since the inception of Notes From The Asylum I have deleted 100s of the posts.

I have a review process based strictly on views.
It used to be that 100 to 150 views n the post got deleted.
Now the bar is at over 250.
I can easily see the day that a post must achieve over 600 views in its first week to stay up.
The reason is simple, I only want well received posts for new viewers.

I would like to get to the point where a post must achieve 1,000 views in a month to stay up.

My hope is to create something worth viewing here at Notes From The Asylum.

I wanted to take a moment to explain.

Thanks for viewing.

Notes From The Asylum has achieved almost 600,000 views

Below are my most viewed posts.

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After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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