Thursday, January 12, 2017

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Breaking News!
We are no longer just Angry White Males.
We are now also ignorant.

I think the Political class n big money finally got the message last night.
You've ignored us, placated us, n decided what's best for us.
Promise after promise broken.
To that our answer is, We give you Trump. 
Can you hear us now? 
Screw the consequences, we're tired of being sacrificial lambs to your greed for power n money.
If we'd settled for one of your bullshit candidates as usual, things would've continued as usual.

Are you making the kind of money you wish you were or really need to be?
How long has it been since you felt that government was actually listening to you?
Do you feel that government is working for you or do you feel you work for the government?
Do you feel government or big corporations have your best interests at heart or each others?

Do you feel that the government is in the way of your dreams for a brighter future?

These questions are the reality of the poor n middle class.
These questions are why Americans are so angry.

I have to add one thing.
I find it very ironic that the EPA wants to regulate mudd puddles but can't keep lead out of the drinking water in Flint Michigan. 
Airy Fairy Goals n Feather Headed Thinking seem more important than actually doing there job.

I think that's why a lot of Americans have went small.
I'll deal with my world, because I can actually do something there.
An awful lot of us have just given up.

I heard this morning that Franklin Graham is going to rally in every state n try to fire up voters.
Many including Franklin Graham say that this election is the one, that we either change direction or we lose who we are forever.
I'm not a particularly religious person but I have watched Franklin Graham. 
Franklin Graham's work with Samaritan's Purse has been a credit to his name.

I tend to trust Franklin Graham and his motives, he to my eyes has been a selfless person with honorable goals n intentions.
The Problem is that we have had our hearts broken by politicians so many times that we seem to have lost our ability to believe in any of them. 

Which is why you have the Trump/Sanders phenomenon.

Are Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders really the answer to our anger or are they just the symbol of that anger? 

Would Trump or Sanders actually be an improvement? 
We would have clearly let the Political class know how we feel, but would we have bit our nose to spite our face?
I just don't know because unfortunately like you I'm thick in the middle of it n lack the wisdom to know. 

Our betters warn us of the peril, but we do not trust them anymore.
Right now I'm not sure we trust anyone anymore.
We all wish for n yearn for just one honest person who will take office n truly look out for the poor n middle class.
I'm not sure I see that person.

Seriously I do not know where that leaves us.
I had my heart broken in 2012 n it would appear I have still not recovered.

I'm very reluctant to be Charlie Brown again n have Lucy snatch the football away again at the last minute.
No I do not understand the Billionaire phenomena of the last decade, it just seems a little "Let them eat cake".
Anything over 1 Billion dollars just seems obscene and disproportionate.
No I do not trust large Corporations after having my hopes of the American dream crushed by Pez Corporation. see Pez Outlaw Diary
No I do not trust government because at every turn government seems to be playing an adversarial role to We The People.

Franklin, God Love You, but it's going to take some serious preaching to get us to believe again.
Think you got me figured out?
Let me mess with that.
My first vote as a young man was for the Patron Saint Of Lost Causes, George McGovern.

Life's a Crap Shoot

Well it's official.
Americans are really pissed off.
Tired of putting there trust in promises that are not kept.
Tired of being pawns in some big game that they do not understand.
Tired of taking handouts n leftovers n saying thank you.
Tired of being told what's best for us all the while screaming at the top of our lungs what we really want.
Tired of those who live removed from reality lives making the decisions for we who must do the hard things.

Only those leading cushy lives can afford all these asinine ideas.
You live on silk n high count thread cotton, we live in the dirt. 

We are about to make the biggest mistake in our nations history or the smartest thing we as voters have ever done.
I honestly have no idea which it is.
The interesting thing is like you I'm ready to roll the dice n take that chance, because what we've been doing works I'm sure for somebody but that somebody is not us.

Politically left n right we are ready to end the good ole boy way of things.
I agree with the left that wealth has been concentrated into the hands of the few at the expense of the middle class n the poor.
I personally find the extreme wealth of a very few obscene.
Or in more polite words a comic farce.
Who on earth needs more than a Billion Dollars?
Then again after my experience with Pez Corporation destroying the business that took me 2 decades to build, you would expect as much.

When I saw the image of Marco Rubio standing next to Nikki Haley, I thought maybe I was seeing the thing that might be the compromise.
That said, not sure we are going that direction.

What we are about to do is fine, I'm just saying, your eyes are wide open. Right.
I'm willing to roll the dice.

I'm just venting, I hope that you will indulge me.
Feelin kinda pissy this morning.
This post probably wont survive long. 

Pez Outlaw, Anarchist???? 
Maybe just this morning.

It's basic human nature to follow the strong in times of trouble.
For that matter it's in our animal instinct to do so.

Dogs in the wild will pack behind the strongest dog.
Horses will heard behind the strongest Horse.
Humans are animals by nature and no different.

We try to be different and when things are going well we will follow a weak horse that looks n sounds good.
But when we are truly frightened by our world we will seek out a strong horse that looks like he can protect us.

To me that's exactly why this year in politics candidates that in other years would have thrived seem shallow as there speeches to us.
Americans want a true leader, someone who has shown an ability to win n speak his mind.
When you are looking for strength you will forgive a lot, that in other times would have disqualified a candidate.

I'm saying that for as much as we try to distinguish ourselves from the family of animals that we come from during times of fear we revert to our base instincts.
We try to fight it, Hell I try to fight it, but somehow we can't deny the attraction.

Years ago when I saw a certain politician speak, I said I've seen this before.
I recognized what I saw n heard immediately, I had already lived it.
So I did not fall under the spell.

Now we are where we are.
The times have created the moment.
Professionals are bewildered.
What was is of no value.

People seek a true leader not talk.
How many times are you let down before you reject words.
Groomed to be king, words fed by spoon.
Correct path taken, is no more.

A leader steps forth.
Rough edged n ill mannered.
Honesty even if it's ugly.
You want a voice that will stand defiant.

I will live with the survivor. 

I'm reminded of one of my favorite stories.
Howard Hughes was appearing before Congress.
Hughes was asked, will you make so n so appear befor us n answer questions.
Hughes replied, "No, I don't think I will".
Congress could do nothing because he was Howard Hughes.

What I have always admired about that moment was Howard Hughes strength to power.
Americans have tried strength to power for some time now n it has failed.
To be honest I'm not as surprised as the pundits that America is now turning to it's baser instinct and a strong horse.

When your beliefs are systematically destroyed you turn to instinct.
You are no longer susceptible to the voices you hold responsible for the realization of your fears.

I don't know how this is going to play out, but I do understand why it is happening.

Form dd8-5 

Because if you didn't use the -5, well buddy you need to start over.
You see, if I remember right, you aren't even allowed to lose your mind unless you fill out the right forms.
If you only Knew.

There is a lot of anger n dissatisfaction in America right now.
Which could lead to very bad choices.
It's like you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.  
Again you are going to make bad choices.

In the early part of the last century people in Europe were Angry, Scared n Dissatisfied.
They decided Hitler n Mussolini were the men to lead them out of there troubles.

I'm just saying.
I understand the anger.
I understand the disillusionment.
I understand the fear.

But we can not or at least should not go grocery shopping when we are hungry.
We are bound to make bad choices n the bill will be much higher.

We need to step back. Find some calm, then re-approach the issues with a cleared mind.
A mind not clouded by our anger n frustration at not being listened to.

Trust me, I get it, my frustration n anger caused me to walk away for 6 yrs.
I retreated to the farm, family n my own thoughts.
I scaled back my news intake to approximately 1 hr per day from over 4 hrs.

The current choices though are not the answer, they are only the revelation of how deep the dissatisfaction is.
Send the message, fine, but then step back n choose wisely.
I've narrowed my choices to about 4 that I'm carefully watching.
None of my choices include Mussolini.


One of my friends is an Amish farrier. I've joked with him that one day soon he might become a very popular guy.

My tin foil hat fear is an EM pulse.

I just think people don't know how to do for themselves anymore. My son Josh n I would be ok, which means our entire family would be ok.

My dad was a getter done kinda guy n even though he thought I was not paying attention. I was.

Add to that the fact that on n off since 1970 I've been my own guy. The, I got a guy thing.

It just seems to me the more technology we get dependent on, the less we know about how to actually take care of ourselves.

Josh n I can take it from the ground to the table. if neccessary make whatever we need.

That EM thing would be a really life altering event for this country.

I just think old Henry n his folks are gonna be real popular.

The Legend of Pez Outlaw has even reached The Amish Community.

A day or 2 ago I explained that our farrier is an Amish person named Henry.
Ole Henry n I see eye to eye on a whole lot of things.
I guess you could say we are friends.

For being Amish ole Henry is a very traveled man. He does not drive cars but people drive him all over the place.

Henry was telling me that recently on a long drive there was a person with a tablet of one type or another.
Henry said, hey there's an article out there somewhere on steve glew, can you find it so I can read it.

Well there you go Pez Outlaw has now reached the Amish community.

A better headline would be "Amish Read Playboy".

No offense intended because I'd be willing to bet you Ole Henry had no idea what publication he was reading that Pez Outlaw story came from. The guy next to him just pulled up the Pez Outlaw Story on his tablet thingy.

To Jeff Maysh, Ole Henry liked the story, said it was pretty good. 

OK, OK, hyping Pez Outlaw n Joking aside.
I really respect the Amish community and Ole Henry specifically.
Henry goes out into our world to earn, then takes it back to his world.
My intent with Pez Outlaw is to emulate that work ethic. 
I hope to go out into a foreign to me world and earn, then take those earnings back to my world to secure our future.


One of my favorite foods after Hungry Howie's cheesy bread sticks is the line of Velveeta meals.
My favorites are Bacon n Cheesy Mac. Warning I give them my own names, not there box names.

My least favorite Velveeta meal is the one that has very small noodles the size of rice.
When I'm done eating I always find myself annoyed at the fake rice. I really like Rice.

Which leads to the same statement over n over. Be rice or be a noodle, don't try to be both.
Last night Kathy had had enough, she threw out the fake rice from the box n replaced it with real rice.
It was yummy.
Next, replace the chicken with hamburger.

May cause anal leakage.

That has to be the funniest line I've ever heard to accompany someone trying to sell you something.

Who in there right mind is gonna say, yeah buddy where do I sign up after hearing that?

If your erection last more than 4 hrs, contact a doctor.

Seriously, are you kidding me?

In the 1950s Lucy could not use the word pregnant.
Married folks on tv had to sleep in separate beds and if they were in the same bed, each had to have one foot on the floor at all times.

Now we have anal leakage n erections lasting 4 hrs.

Seriously wasn't there a middle ground somewhere?

Pez Outlaw Theme Park     
Everybody gets a Pez Gun n we all run around shooting candy at each other.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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