Monday, February 8, 2016

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The Idjet Daily Is Out.

Idjets of the world unite, making a Mockery of  Truth Justice n The American Way.
This week at Rockefeller Center Thousands of Idjets will come together making a statement.
It could be anywhere, you pick because it's pretend.
The police have been put on alert to expect foolishness.
I'm optimistic. 
After all, Idjets are the new silent majority in America. 
No offense taken. 

Sir, put down the crayons n step away from your coloring.
Nobody needs to get hurt here.

The old saw of coming fame.
The last bits of the code just came in.
I swear if it weren't for crazy, I'd never make it. 

20 years ago I was asked "what's next"?
I had no idea, but vanity got the only life preserver on that ship of fools.
At the time I was neck deep in the successful part of the whole Pez thing. 
So obviously I was a person who had insight, able to see the future.

Within a given it's possible to see your next move, outside that Who The Hell Knows.
You stumble into opportunity, the skill is in the execution n exploitation.

What's Your Next Move is somebody who knows there's n that's to hitch a ride.

I stumbled into Pez. After that fell, I stumbled into Pez Outlaw.
Though there is a process that improves your odds of stumbling into things.
Who you are n how you do things. Why you do what you do.
You could call it stumbling around with purpose.
The stumble is unimportant, the execution is the key.

My first move took 10 years, Mcdonalds collectibles.
My second move took another 5 years, Cereal Premiums.
My third move took another 5 years, Pez.
My fourth move took 10 years after that, Pez Outlaw Diary.

I thought my next move might be cereal boxes, but this would not be the first time that what I thought I was doing was wrong. 
That what I was actually heading smack into just grew organically out of a doodle.
Sometimes the thing you are doing at the moment is just the pacifier while you wait for the next thing to reveal itself. 
You just have to be open to it.
That doodle that I was passing time with is Notes From The Asylum.
Notes From The Asylum is my next move.

Poor segue.

Lately I seem to be dreaming about flying planes.
Last nights dream was about smuggling something, god knows what or why to New York.
In none of my dreams about flying planes do I even think I know how to fly a plane.
I just get in and do it, how hard could it be?
My biggest concern seems to be plotting how to get there.
Yeah that's the problem right.
Not to mention that I would never again get in a small plane.
Once bouncing around over the Austrian Alps was enough.

I've had other periods of time when I fly without planes.
Much more fun as dreams go.
I love my dreams when I fly all by myself, haven't had one lately.
Gonna have to work on that.

Pez Outlaw Diary 

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