Thursday, August 4, 2016

OH, Hell No! #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

The year of my birth was 1951 in Michigan, Pez Outlaw was born in Canada in 1992.
Let's take the Way-Back Machine to about 1992.
Truthfully that's about when my pez journey began and the year Pez Outlaw was born.
Pez Outlaw was born out of the same Bootlegging tradition of importing product from Canada that was a, no no? 
If it was good enough for old Joe Kennedy, it's good enough for Pez Outlaw.

I was still working in the shop n we were still living in the old house.
My trips to Canada buying Pez had just begun.

This story is mostly about the old house we used to live in for 20 years up by the road.
The old house was the most God awful wreck of a nightmare you ever would wish on someone.
We'll just leave it at that.

After 1992 the Pez money started rolling in, so we bought us a brand new house that rolled up on wheels.
Once the new house got here, we took the wheels off n put her on the brand new basement.
Which gave us the new problem of how to get rid of the old house.

The Fire Department offered to burn her down n use it for training.
Done, Have fun guys.
Kathy n I took off, hitting the road no doubt to sell pez.

Everybody seemed quite puzzle that Kathy n I did not care to be here to say goodbye to the old house.
A big ole, Hell No! 
We told them, that old house was a nightmare, good riddens.

When we got home a few days later, the old house was gone.
I heard it was a really cool fire, they started it n put it out may times before they ended it.
A good time was had by all.
We called Miller n in a half a day, he had her buried.

That was about 25 years ago.
The new problem is our house that came on wheels.
I'm hoping to do something on that with the Movie n Book money.

This post was an attempt at pointing out a transition point in Kathy n my life. 
I think we got one more in us, hopefully.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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