Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Daily Straitjacket #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

It's all a game of tag you're it.

Yesterday, my brain was not having a good day.
A feeling of impending doom was on me for most of the day.
Have I been conditioned over the last 2 decades to think that if anything good happens for me that something bad is coming?

I watch rich successful people n wonder.
They seem comfortable with there success for the most part, almost like it's there right.
Me. 1994 to 1998 I might have been able to believe n live like that. 
Then Pez Corporation pulled the rug out from under me. see Pez Outlaw Diary .
Now, any time life starts feeling good I immediately start worrying that something horrible is about to happen.

My hope is that because I've spent 15 years working on and planning this project, that thing will be different this time.
I have defined goals and expectations. 
Though at times I can't shake the fear that if I succeed a dark hand of impending doom waits.

Here's a big part of the plan.
I have no intention of saving anything from whatever revenue streams come from the Pez Outlaw project.
I fully intend to spend it all immediately.
Pay Bills, improve equipment n facilities.
Basically get on a better footing so our required monetary outlay each month is reduced and hopefully our revenue intake increases modestly. 

I desire a life where ends meet, not excess.
Beyond that I'll give any overflow to the kids.
I want to be worth more alive than dead.

If I can remove the oppression of Bills and secure what we have, that's enough.
Proby dog says. Just live each day in front of you, that's it nothing more nothing less.
Oh yeah n buy 5 Big Red Dogs n name them all Rudy.
Yesterdays Farrier Competition Update.
Smoke n Johnny (horses) got home after dark.
Henry n the other farriers had a good time.
Smokey stood for 4 hours, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off.
Who's a good boy.

My brain is a little tricky today, so we're not gonna go in there.
Some days it's best not to share.


flu shot
After what I've gone through since Christmas, I will be getting a flu shot next fall.
25 years ago I used to have trouble understanding what other guys my age were whining about.
Took me a couple more decades but now I get it.

Farrier comp
Kathy loaded up horses to take to MSU for the Farrier Competition.
For an Amish guy, old Henry sure does get around.
I go less places than he does. Then again, I go less places than a guy at Jackson State Penitentiary.

600 lotto
The Big Lotto is at 600 Million I hear.
People are all a Buzz about Power Ball.
The Horse Chiropractor who never plays, says she might take a $10 Lotto flyer. 
Got an opinion on that.
Sure, a few bucks on the Lotto, why not. That's just fun money, any more is poor judgement.
But even though I won't be buying any lottery tickets, I will play the what if game.
If I won 600 million, I'd buy 5 Big Red Dogs n name every one of them Rudy.

This Post was written under duress. 
So don't believe a word of it. 

Just saw 6 or 8 deer in the backyard. 
Our Horse trails seem to serve as a No Hunting Deer Sanctuary in winter.
The young deer seem to be regrouping after hunting season. 
I don't allow hunting out back, not because I'm necessarily against hunting, I just don't like outsiders traipsing around on my land. 
In short, I don't dislike hunters, I dislike people.


Truth is, The Dogs said "NO Hunters". 
They were adamant on the subject.  They have there reasons.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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