Monday, June 22, 2015

RED ALERT! #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Bad guys. I might be gone 2hrs but Billy n Po are still here. 
What an odd thing to say n you know, Why?
I've heard that Bad guys watch facebook for openings to do evil.
The comment was more a statement of the times we live in, than actual worry.

Yesterday I had to go away for a while, prompting the post.
Leaving the farm is rare n strange for me. 
My habit now is to talk about what's on my mind or what I'm doing.
So I posted about driving the tractor over to Josh's to do the job.

Once I mentioned my impending absence, it got me thinking about this.
We live in strange times where people troll the internet for victims.
Oh you're gonna be gone, cool time to rob you.
Vulnerable emotionally, time to be a little troll.

I really feel bad for people who fall victim to these things.
So far to my amazement, bad people steer clear of me.
Not clear on why that is, but very grateful for it.
After all when you open yourself online you do become vulnerable.

One reason might be that bad people avoid crazy.
Might be like oil n water, OK that works for me.
Another might be purpose.
I Like "friends" n "followers", but I do not crave them.

My purpose here is singular.
I write for me not approval.
I do it in the open as a purge.
I do not fear the truth about myself.

I recognize my n your perceptions are different.
Thing is in my world, I only need mine.
I support you having yours, just keep it to yourself.
Detours to my train of thought serve no useful purpose.

You wanna go on about me in your circle.
That's cool, tare it up, have a good time.
I could care less.
I only have to deal with what stands in front of me.

I refuse to be sucked into foolish.
Your drama is, Your Drama.
There are a lot of strange n weird things, I do not understand.
You know what, I feel no overpowering need to either.

I've reduced my worlds size.
Bad guys try to enter it n they will be met with a very big stick.
Po, Bill n very soon new Rudy look very dimly on things that do not conform.
My Dog's n I like the natural flow, irregular is met sternly.

Old Rudy used to have a Joke.
Rudy used to look at me n say, "We gonna have to dig a hole?"
Old Rudy had a very dark sense of humor.
That one's for Jeff.

My neighbor once said, Jesus man what are you expecting?
Not expecting anything, I just sleep better prepared.
Funny thing, he was the one person Old Rudy really disliked.
Talk about a dog with a grudge. 

My Bull Mastiff's really do not bark, like never.
Old Rudy had only one person that set her off.
Never knew why, figured she had her reasons.

There was not one thing about Old Rudy that I didn't love.
Hopefully New Rudy is just like her.
Till then Bill n Po are gonna have to carry things.
The upshot, Bad Guys need not apply.

Billy Dog update.
Billy is beginning to come into her own.
I really like what she's beginning to show me.
I actually think she's going to be a very good dog.

Billy reminds me of Soupy, but in a better mood. 
I think Billy is the Dog Soupy was in her dreams.
Soupy had a lot of body, mobility issues.

Soup slept 90% of the time.
I watched her dreams of running jumping n playing.
This time as Billy she gets to do it in the real world.
Billy is Soupy's alter ego.

I don't care for your reality, I'll take my fantasies, Thank you very much. 
I believe what I like, it comforts me.
You can keep your reality, it's not all it's cracked up to be. 
In my reality Pez Outlaw becomes a Hollywood Movie. 

Also in my reality my dogs come back to me in another life. 
Very soon Rudy will come back to me n I can't wait. 
I've missed her deeply. 
I'm not gonna play games, this time I'm just gonna call her Rudy.

Funny thing, I knew Boomie wasn't coming back.
Boomie was Rudy's predecessor. 
Boomie was finished with this world.
I knew it was my privileged to share her last time here.

Soupy n Rudy, Oh hell no.
This was not there last time here.
No way they were finished. 
Those 2 knuckleheads had a lot more to do.

A letter to my Big Red Dog (Bull Mastiff)
gone 2 or 3 yrs now.

Rudy I gotta tell you, Billy is finding it very hard to live in your shadow.
You'd have been proud of her last night though.
I let her out to do a run last night when the other guys said something was not right outside.

Billy went straight at the problem with purpose n dedication.
I know you would have thought maybe less barking n quit all the bouncing around, but that aside she did a very good job, with zero hesitation.

Seriously Rudy nobody except Boomie could ever live up to the stealth that was your way of doing things.
Proby is still Po, never was intended that she would ever fill your shoes.
So Billy is going to have to fill in til you return.

Some time in the next year I'm gonna contact a breeder to see if we can find you.
I'm gonna send them a picture of you so they can look at the litter better.
I'll tell them, I want the doggiest female pup you've got, big, dominant n fearless.
Once the breeder spots you, I want them to start calling the puppy Rudy immediately.
I think I'm gonna tell them that I'll pay extra if she gets an extra meal as often as possible.
I'd rather she came here plump n well fed knowing she had all the protein possible for a good start.

New Rudy will have big shoes to fill but with your guidance n some help from Proby I think you will be able to return with ease.
Proby's one job has been to maintain the link of knowledge n pass it on.
The minute New Rudy meets Todd n she barks at him I'll know you made it.
Rudy you never told me, What exactly was the thing you had against Todd anyway?

We retell the story of how you silently saved Pinky that night quite often.
Those coyote's/raccoon's never knew what hit them.
What they did know was that the hand of God was about to touch them through you.
I have honestly never seen anything as beautiful as how quietly you handled that.
Your legend lives on.

Rudy, I was thinking this morning about somebody I'm still pissed at n It reminded me of you n how you held grudges.
Which by the way is gonna be tricky this time around, because we now have a tiny Dachshund Pup who runs things round here now.
Rudy, you're gonna need to let that go this time around, because Mom really loves Puddy.

My hope Rudy is that you will be able to help me square ole Billy away.
I understand that you're gonna need to lay her down a couple of times til she understands the way things are done.
I'll look the other way.
I enjoy Billy but she does need a few rough edges smoothed.

Rudy I can not tell you how many times Proby has asked me when you're coming home.
Proby is getting tired of dogs that make no sense to her. 
Billy might as well be speaking a foreign language.
I just keep telling Proby, soon Po, very soon Rudy will be home again.

Rudy, I miss your companionship deeply. 
I remember working with Larry up on that High Roof of the Arena, to high to be honest.
The thing that comforted me was wherever I was on that roof if I looked over the edge, there you were on the ground waiting for me.
I also remember how every so often you'd start barking n Larry would start laughing n say Todd's here.
note: other than Todd Rudy really never barked. It used to piss Todd off cause he knew she only barked at him.
Good Times, Good Times.

I write this letter to give Rudy's spirit a heads up.
Boomie was a Buddha, her time on earth was done.
I knew that sharing Boomie's last time on Earth with her was a privileged and to accept that she would not be returning.
Rudy on the other hand as fine a dog as she was, was not quite finished, so my prayer is she will return to me.


The other day I spent a couple hours on my back underneath El Diablo studying n fixing.

The very cool n touching part was this.
I hadn't been on my back under the garden tractor long at all, when Po came over n laid on the ground beside my legs.

Po, Proby is my brindle Bull Mastiff. When she laid down next to me to comfort n keep watch for me. It was like all her predecessors had come by for a symbolic visit. In that one instinctive action on her part I could see Soupy, Cheeka n Rudy.

Po touched my heart in that moment with her unconditional love.
She helped me keep my head right just laying there next to my legs.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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