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round here it's Redneck Country #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the people from Czechia, Ukrane, Slovakia & Hungary. I say with deep affection. These crazy buggers are my people.
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The term Redneck gets a really bad rap. As you may have noticed I occasionally promote my blog posts on twitter. What you don't know is that I quite often omit promoting this post because of the negative connotations of the term Redneck. Today I'd like to take that head on.

A Bigot is a Bigot and a Racist is a Racist, so why do folks want to hurt us by incorporating Redneck into that category. Redneck is a way of life to us poor folks, I do not think it's possible to be rich and a Redneck.

Like I said Redneck is a way of life; making do, reuse n re-purposing not recycling. To me recycling is throwing away something that you might be able to make something else out of.

A Redneck waves at his neighbor when he or she drives by your house, it's helping somebody and not expecting to get paid. In the city something breaks and you got a guy, in the country something and I mean anything breaks and I'm that guy. We're gonna zip ty and duct tape that problem into submission. Hose breaks, we don't get a new one, we splice that puppy back together. There's always the way you'd like to fix something and then there's the way that you have to do it because you got no money.

I do a lot of what appears crazy to other folks just to amuse myself.
Yesterday somebody dropped off 4 wheels and 2 axles, endless possibilities.

What's the difference between a Redneck and "You Pick"? A Redneck hides all his losing scratch offs.

That Neck is Red because after 4 days of soul sucking heat I'm feeling very wrung out so I'm gonna take the day off. Definition of a Redneck day off = Feed the horses 6 bales of hay, clean the stalls, dump the poo, water the tanks and buckets, then mow for at least 20 minutes. 4hrs work is a Redneck day off. 

If someone asked you, what's the best present anyone ever gave you? What would that be?
For me it was the Kubota tractor Kathy gave me 6yrs ago.
I had no idea how important my tractor was to me until I had it.

Got an outhouse, check. use it all the time. House came on wheels, you know but we took them off.

I think dirt is fun
My tractor is my off road vehicle.
I love building/contouring my property with horse manure.

I make things just to get by that city folks say I should patent. 
wasn't the point.
I love creating to solve a problem, I hate production beyond need.

I no longer desire to be rich.
I just need enough to take care of a few things.
Then I wanna live my life out in obscurity. 
Money just causes chaos, I haven't carried money in 15yrs, zero. 
Somebody ever robs me, hope he brought some money cause that's the only way he leaves with anything.

I bought 7 used tire chains for $100. Two store bought chains run $200 to $500.
Gave the front paws of my tractor some bite. 
tickles me to the bone every time my girl climbs an icy hill or grips her way through 12 inches of mud.

sick don't get the chores done

duct tape on fingers of my gloves. actually works n makes them better.
If only I could use duct tape to cure Hay Knee.
Don't think I'm not gonna give it a try.
Unlike city folk who buy holey jeans, Hay knee means my legs get cut up.
I hate throwing away good jeans just because the Hay Knee gets to bad.  

I know Duct tape is considered Redneck, but Zip Ties are the new Duct Tape.

you call plummer for backed up sewer, I am the guy covered in poo fixin it.
You got a guy, I am our guy. Well me n ole Josh.

we recycle, yup. it's called making do, reuse, find another purpose for it.

I love Hamburger Helper n The Velveeta Cheesy Skillets versions especially.

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Chicken Bacon Ranch is the best especially if you replace the chicken w/beef.
big night out is crazy bread from Hungry Howie's

Cowboy Copas, Lefty Frizzel, Ernest Tubs, those were cool country names.

my store bought teeth set in a jar. I just don't see the point.
Who'm I tryin to impress?

Just like my old dogs Boomie, Soupy n Rudy, I keep score. 
If you cross the line, you stay there forever with me. 
People tell me through words or actions who they really are, whether they realize it or not.
Not hate, just disregard. You leave my world. Active Hate takes to much energy.
Boomie, Soupy n Rudy grudged.
If you got on there shit list, you stayed there for life.
god I miss those dogs.

Sometimes I think I miss good dogs that are gone more than people. 
There I go tryin to be correct for ya. Of course I miss my old dogs more than people.

In my youth I ran from my roots n who I really was.
From my teens to about age 50 I adopted city ways.
Problem was country kept slipping out around the edges.
I'd be doin a Pez show n get looks from a friend thinking I was being a little hoaky/country. 
In recent years I've dropped all the city n embraced my country roots.
I'm happier than I've ever been. 

There is absolutely no point in hiding from who you are.
I prefer to hang a lantern on my true self.
If folks don't like the real you, there really isn't much point in them, is there.
Being kinda a Hermit helps though.
I really don't need people.

My people come from Farwell Michigan.
My grandfather was the town drunk.
I'm an alcoholic, sober 45 years. 
I no longer run from who I am or where I come from, I embrace it. 

Definitely NOT, Politically Correct

The dependable thing about stupidity is how it loves to repeat itself.
A decade or 2 ago society decided that males should be feminized.
Next thing you know women were fed up n wanting real men for husbands. 

I don't understand why this phenomenon keeps repeating itself. 
Every decade or 2 society decides to destroy the masculinity of a generation of males.
Then oops sorry about that, that's not what we wanted after all. 

What I'm saying here is "Definitely NOT, Politically Correct". 
I apologize for being a traditional male.
Thing is I can't change n don't desire to.

What brings this all up?
I'm gonna blame Brit Hume, FOX's Greta replacement for this post.
Link to Brit Hume segment https://twitter.com/FoxNewsInsider/status/783099343163133952
Sure yank the old guy outa retirement when somebody quits, Don't get me started. 

Anyway Brit Hume has a segment called Campus Crazy.
Yesterday had a piece about 2 Colleges that are reprogramming young males as to how horrid they are.
I'm just sayin to young ladies out there, you think you want this but in 10 years or so you're gonna regret this decision.

Yes, young males are walking hard ons, but they settle down by about age 29.
If you feminize them, they lose there identities.
Take a hard look at women in there 30s n 40s, they like country boys.

Young Liberals love to treat country boys like cavemen until they realize they want a man who knows who he is.
Just seems a woman wants a man who ????? until somethin needs fixin.
Also in dangerous or scary situations all that feminist shit goes away n a man that steps up is desired.

Hate if you want, enjoy n have a good time.
Me, I just do not care, I know who I am.
N yes Kathy just rolled her eyes.

Like I've said over n over.
I'm a Redneck n proud of it.
Leave those young men alone, please don't mess up another generation. 

You hate us until you need us n you always end up needing us.
That dirty nasty awful job that nobody wants to do, Yeah We're The Guys Doing It. 
I literally have been covered in poo, I was the only guy standin there when it needed doin.

Signed, Harmless 65yr old man.
We just say stuff, nobody listens so why not.

Unrelated, New Topic.
this is about twitter

Like everybody else my goal is more eyeballs/followers on twitter.
But for fun.
I never will understand all the 20something young women that don't take one look at my twitter image n run away screaming.


lately I've been getting 5 to 8 twitter followers per day.
All but 2 each day are young women?????

< again pic. ?????

Mind you I'm not complaining. I actually like who I am.
N I need the follows.

You just wouldn't think, but hey, me I'm grateful.
The whole point to my daily endeavors is to go out into the internet like a spider web. So thank you, I don't have to understand why, do I.

Some guys hang out with there bud's for there me time or there world.
I go inside my head n create for me time. 

This post has achieved 600 views in under 24hrs for an A+. 

You know a good one when you write it, you can feel it hitting the points.
Yesterday n the day befores posts only got a C+ each.
My Beard Took A Left #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezout... was an A+.  
Yes I grade my posts. I've deleted almost 100 posts that were Fails, because if I want people to come here n read, better have standards. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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