Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Sometime you don't know where you're goin til you get there. 
Clear in the beginning, then it slips away. 

Life is full of unfulfilled aspiration.
Wishes n Hopes Fulfilled to Disappointment.

Was that the end or a new beginning?
Only Time will reveal the answer.

I've been down this road to many times to count.
The Reaper approaches, soon we'll know.

You grow up wishing for small things.
I want to be 16 so I can Drive.

21 so I can drink.

early on you set goals.
I want to be a lawyer.
I want to be a marine.
I want to get sober.
I want not to be so angry.
I wish my mind would clear.

Then life hands you a miracle.
A magic decade beyond anything you dreamed.
Did I earn it, was every footstep I took leading me there?

Failure, Betrayal, Disappointment n sorrow.
Rebirth, The unlikely happens.
New goals demand new talents.

Was everything that came before leading me here? 
Was this the plan all along?

Use the lessons learned from failure.

No mistakes this time, because I'm running out of it.

My destiny it seems is written.
My hope is the possibility of reality.

Be careful about expectations limiting the possible.
Sometimes the choice reveals itself.
But your mind is not prepared to see it.

Crazy is required.
I play the role.

All things led to this moment.
The lessons were preparation.

Life handed me my story.
Acceptance is all that's left.

Drop to 49% n you lose.
Hold steady at 51% n I might make it.
Slippage can be fatal.

I can't save yesterday.
Hopefully I can catch tomorrow.

Will destiny hear my plea?
Like a keeper of time, I try to write my fate.

If reality is only my imagination.
Will I give my story a happy ending?
Will I allow it?

Broken Mind Productions.

As if life wasn't complicated enough.
Vote NO, if you support Proposition #9. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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