Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Humbly Submit #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Like you have a clue about being humble.

Americans are angry. Oh pushaw. 
No way, tell me it ain't so.

So what are or who are Americans angry at?
Government, what else is new?
Big corporations n the extremely rich. 
OK lets play with that one.

You knew this was probably gonna be about Pez Outlaw, Didn't ya.
I feel that the Pez Outlaw story is a perfect fit to the times n public sentiment.
After all Pez Outlaw is about an individual taking on a major International Corporation.
Pez outlaw is about the American dream, having an idea n pushing it to success.
Pez Outlaw is about Earning each dollar one by one not having wealth handed to you or earning 300 times your employees.
Pez Outlaw is about refusing to knuckle under to powerful forces.
Pez Outlaw is about Fighting n never giving up.

People are angry at Big Corporations, Why not give them a story that encapsulates that anger n fight?
Pez Outlaw is a story of it's time that everybody will be able to relate to.
When people watch Pez Outlaw on the big screen they will be rooting for him to win.
Knowing in there hearts that the very movie they are watching is the proof of his victory.

I've always felt that a lot of movies n TV shows fail because your customers, the viewers don't like, care or empathize with your character.
People are going to like Pez Outlaw, they are going to be entertained by his adventure.
People will respect his fight.

Add to that that Pez Outlaw is a quirky nutty, some would say crazy guy.
Honestly I do not see how the Pez Outlaw story could miss in today's mood.
I've been working for 15 years, for just this moment in time.
My chance to tell the Pez Outlaw story to America.

To me this is the story of a very average middle class person who tried to achieve the American dream. 
I finally figured out how to say this.
Yes I earned 4.5 million dollars in 11 years on a $4,000.00 investment, but in the end I lost $250,000.00 on a half million dollar investment that should have yielded a million, minimum.
I almost lost everything including my home.
The way back was 15 long years.
Here's the thing.
I once heard that you should be careful about the enemies you make because you will most likely see them again on your way down. I made enemies in my journey but Scott McWhinnie was the biggest. 

Scott McWhinnie was the President of Pez USA in the 1990s n he hated me with every fiber of his being.
Scott hated me so much that he matched my bet.
1 million dollars now on the table Scott McWhinnie raise my bet with his Presidency.
When our cards were laid on the table, we both lost. 
Our little game had made Scott vulnerable n he had enemies also.

How does one little farmer from Michigan create so much very personal hatred from a BIG CORPORATION?
Well boys n girls that's precisely our story.
The fight that unfolded over the next 3 years between the farmer n the President of Pez Corporation is our story.
The 15 years of work n refusing to give up that followed that fight is our story. 
Pez Outlaw, Pez Outlaw Diary n Notes From The Asylum is our story.
Jeff's Pez Outlaw story in April 2015 Playboy is our story.
Hollywoods interest in the Pez Outlaw is our story.

This is a truly American story, one that the American people have been waiting for.
Pez Outlaw is a story of n for our time.

Thank you for reading.
Pez Outlaw

If you are a book publisher n you've been amused by Notes From The Asylum, don't worry I've got a real writer Jeff Maysh ready to go. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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