Monday, February 1, 2016

Hollywood or Bust #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I heard a Marx Brothers story about how they set a small fire so the smoke would go under Irving Thalberg's office door, trying to get his attention.I suppose it's not real hard to find the parallel with my actions promoting Pez Outlaw. 

I believe I'm good talking about what I want, just not what's actually happening.
Which by the way is to bad because I think the second thing would be entertaining.

Here we go again.
When I think of Pez Outlaw Goes To Hollywood I always connect imagery of an Abbott n Costello Movie.
Hollywood or Bust Does though remind me of Joshua n I driving all over Europe hunting for Pez n the Pez Warehouses.
Cab drivers leading the way as we followed.
Before we found our destinations we found Shoe Factories.
We found a factory that made a similar product but not Pez.
Finally we set our eyes on the smokestacks in Hungary that towered over OZ.
Slovenia was easy, found Kolinska on the 3rd try.
Kolinska then led straight to Ormoz. 

These trips were Josh n my Abbott n Costello trips.
Definitely Pez Warehouses or Bust. 
Next stop Hollywood for ole Josh n Me.
We'll find it after a few tries, we always do.

When Pez Outlaw is turned into a movie.
I wonder how the story will be told.
Who would play Pez Outlaw?
Though neither matters.
I'd be good with whatever.

Would my world change if a movie was made of Pez Outlaw?
I don't know.
The April Playboy article about Pez Outlaw realistically had zero effect on my life.
Would the effect be different if Pez Outlaw was a movie?

The reason that the Playboy article had no effect beyond the occasional comment that the person in front of me read it is.
I live a life of isolation, Short of the folks that come here to ride horses.
Even then the conversations were very short.
Did you like it? Always Yes. Huh, OK, Good.
Within minute we move on, because you know they came here for horses n the comment was just polite recognition.

Beyond that my life of isolation shielded me from any other ????
I'm sure if Pez Outlaw was a Movie things might get a little weird for a year.
Then again, the only people welcome here are a very select few n all have very good manners.
Outsiders are not welcome. Looky Looo's are shoooed away. I kinda get rude n to the point.

Other than writing here in Notes From The Asylum my life is that of a low level worker here on the farm.
Think of it this way, it'd be like people rushing up on EB from Green Acres like he was some kind of a big deal.
It make for good writing on a half hour comedy like Green Acres, but obserd in the real world.
I'd be willing to bet ya folks would weary of trying to follow old EB while he mows the trails or moves horse manure down the hill.

Pez Outlaw is a very interesting character who lived a decade worth viewing.
Me, I'm just a funny looking old man on a tractor.

I believe what happens to you depends on how you view what's happening.
Things can only affect you if you take them in.

I've seen folks who get all wired tight about Hooo Haaa.
Start thinking that they are a deal.
It does not end well.

Pez Outlaw is the repository for something that happened.
After 15 years I might be his caretaker but I'm a very different person now.
Where Pez Outlaw flew high, I have been humbled.

I will help the various Pez Outlaw Projects in any way I can be useful.
But I will never read the Playboy Article.
I will never read a Pez Outlaw Book after the work of writing it is completed.
I will never go see the Pez Outlaw Movie.
I can't, because I just can not look into Mirrors, it really messes up my mind.
I can only deal with the me I project, I can not deal with the me you perceive.

My brain is a very delicate ecosystem, I've learned how things must go to protect it n I do not mess with that.
The road to who I am today was very difficult, I will not jeopardize all the hard work.

Things needed can be done but must be done a certain way.
Example, I will never talk on a telephone. Kathy will.
I will though talk through facebook.

Travel must be curb to curb, only required stops.
No meals anywhere, except what Kathy hands me.
I need to not be away from my property 1 second longer than absolutely required.
I can't do any of it without Kathy to keep me squared away/for balance.
If you let Kathy help, you will be very happy with the outcome.
Sometimes she has to tell me when I'm messing up.
She does it easily, from others I take it wrong.
You tell her, she smacks me, I'm good.

I can shake other peoples hands but I really would prefer not to.
If handshaking is required, gloves would be nice.

You get me as I am, I do not dress up for anybody.
Meaning I wear sweatshirts n jeans, no exceptions.

Other than that, anything I can do to help.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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