Sunday, January 1, 2017

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I try to live each day for itself.
I try to think as little as possible, nothing good comes from it.
I try to lead a quiet life. 
I prefer to keep the number of people I have contact with at a minimum.

There are no rules here at the Asylum n an endless supply of crayons.
I could start every sentence with I, if I wanted to.

Do the things each day that need to be done.
Then rest n recreation, TV. 

This is how I pass the time while I await news on The Pez Outlaw Project.
Though I hear that they are all still Ski ing.

You wanna know the second reason I didn't want to win the 1.6 B Lotto.
Had we won the lotto it would have made the last 15 years a waste by invalidating any win for Pez Outlaw.
Which answers the question. Would you rather have 1.6B or Pez Outlaw succeed?
Answer is Pez Outlaw.
I want the last decades sacrifice n work to have meaning.
see Pez Outlaw Diary

The last 5 years or so my thoughts keep returning to Andy Warhol.
We all seem to be acting out our lives on facebook.
Can you imagine what Andy Warhol would have done with facebook if it had been around in his heyday.
Andy Warhol's claim of people getting there 15 minutes of fame n facebook proving it.

In true Andy Warhol fashion I prefer Playing in Public.
I kinda like Warhol's idea of Life as Art, which I think is why my thoughts keep returning to him..

Mentally engaging the possible, Real or not.
Life is so short. Why in God's name would you ever take it serious.

"Notes From The Asylum" is an exercise in Life As Art.
I've been turning the news off earlier every day n tuning to Willies Road House.
It's not that the news is all bad, just Blah.
tedious n tiresome.
Same goes for TV at night, very very few shows worth watching.
ABC blocked it's signal, not sure I care. 
Colony, JLo etc, Jesus Who Cares. 
I've been watching Dr Who since the 1970s, The new guy, Yawn. 
Downton Abby final season, should've ended last year except for Maggie Smith.
Blue Bloods, Hawaiie five O, Why.
To many TV yawn-fests to mention.

TV used to be my leisure activity, now it's Notes from The Asylum.
Top 5 posts this week.

You can stop here, the rest is just an original bad idea for a post.

Just so you know. English Bum, American Bum are North n South.
It would appear I'm done for the day.
The News

.47 cent gas here in Michigan. price war, 1 station. back to $1.50ish today.

5 Iranian hostages released in exchange for 7 criminals n waives of prosecution on a dozen more.
4 new hostages taken in Iraq.

A $12,000.00 purse????

Hilary n Bernie show.
Trump n Cruz show.


14 degree high last 2 days, 15 mph winds.
Makes chores real fun.


New year. Flu, Kidney stone, lower back pain. now pinched nerve in hip n wonky knee.
Figure I'm gettin it all outa the way then smooth sailing rest of year.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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